Learn How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner in Just 8 Steps!

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Eyeliner has been used by women since time immemorial to define and darken their eyes. Over the years the styles and patterns of an eyeliner have changed immensely and the newer ones are not only easier to apply but also waterproof and darker. Liquid eyeliner can be darker and sleeker in application than the pencil or crayon version. These are smoother and the inky paint of liquid eyeliner gives a darker look defining your eyes in the most exotic way. These are smoother and more defined than the gel ones but one needs practise to make it perfect.  The beginners can find it terrifying and are afraid of trying it out for fear of ruining or smudging their eyes. But once mastered, a liquid eyeliner can be very easy to apply and a preferable option. The following points guide you step by step on how to apply liquid eyeliner with perfection.

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner?

How to apply liquid eyeliner

1. Choose Your Liquid Eyeliner


After the initial decision of choosing liquid eyeliner over the pencil one, it is next important to choose between the felt tip type and the dip-brush kinds. While the felt tip ones are easier to apply as they glide easily across the lash line, the dip-brush ones are preferred by those who prefer the inky paint. The felt tip ones are preloaded with eyeliner liquid and one has to smoothly press and glide. The dip-brush kinds are just like nail polishes in which the brush is given separately and has to be dipped in the inky black liquid every time.

2. Prepare The Eyelids


Eyeliner has to be applied after the eye shadow and before the mascara. One could go in for an eyelid premier as it helps the eyeliner and the eye shadow to stick to the eyelid for longer durations. After the application of the eyelid premier, apply the shadow and next step is to put the eyeliner.

3. The Right Position

A steady and unwavering hand is important in applying the perfect stroke. For this one should keep the elbow steady on a table and the hand on the cheek. Uneven eyeliner can ruin the entire application and will leave dark smudges even if you try to remove and redo it again. It is necessary to get it perfect at the first attempt. It is a good idea to try liquid eyeliner on a normal day to practice application skills in order to avoid smudging on an important occasion. If the liner does go astray, you could clean it immediately with a wet tissue and then use a concealer to hide the smudges if any.

4. Dots or Dashes


Whether a beginner or an experienced applicant, there is no harm to start with a row of dots or dashes instead of applying a single line at once. This reduces the chances of wavy or uneven eyeliner especially if you are too shaky with the liquid eyeliner.

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5. Start at The Middle


It is also a good idea to start at the middle of the eye rather than from the edge or beginning. Doing this will give you a better idea about the eye shape and you will be able to glide more confidently. When lining, it is a good idea to hold the skin from the outer edge of the eye tighter to make it appear more smooth and taut. This even surface of the eyelid helps in easy application.

6. Connecting The Dots


Next step involves connecting the dots or dashes to make it look like a single line. One should avoid doing it in a single stroke and join 2 dots or dashes at a time.

7. Smoothen It Out


The next step is to smooth and even out the line for any possible gaps or spaces left in between. The brush should not be overloaded with liquid as this would create a messy stroke. Even it out at the brim of the container or at the back of your hand or a tissue before you begin an application.

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8. Tail part


The eyeliner looks incomplete if not extended a little. A small tail-like extension should be added to give the eyeliner a continuous and complete look. One can opt for a small extension only to give it a natural look or extend it further to make it look classic and cat-like. A winged eyeliner or a cat-tailed one largely depends on personal preference.

It is also important to pick up the right brush and liquid eyeliner that you are comfortable with. Choosing the right tool makes you win half of the battle. This liquid eyeliner tutorial is a foolproof method of having the perfect eyeliner every time. Not only does this tutorial list the easy ways of applying liquid eyeliner, it also gives some handy liquid eyeliner tips which help you get the perfect look easily.

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