Eyeliner Styles : How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeliners?

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Are you one of those girls who cannot walk out without your eyeliner? If yes, then this article is meant for you because we will be discussing how to apply different eyeliner styles. Eyeliners are one of the multitasking makeup product and can give your eyes completely different look. Do you have small eyes? Want to make your eyes look more elongated? We have answers for all because there are indefinite possibilities. It can provide many different eyeliner styles for all your peepers.

Old black eyeliner is without a doubt one of the must have item that you can utilise in many ways. But if you feel bored with same thin and thick ways of lining the eyes, let us help you with cool tips for applying black eyeliner in different ways.

Different Eyeliner Styles

Eyeliner Styles

In this article, we present to you different eyeliner styles for the start.

1. Winged Eyeliner

  • One of the classic and evergreen style of applying eyeliner is winged eyeliner.
  • While applying your favourite black eyeliner, make a curve from the middle of the eyelid to the end.
  • Thicker the curve, more dramatic the look is.

2. Semi-Outlined Eyeliner

  • To recreate the semi-outlined look, you can use gel based eyeliner and a thin angled brush.
  • Trace the lash line with black eyeliner moving the liner towards the corner to make a winged style.
  • Using the combination of brush and gel liner, draw a thin line from the outer part of winged eye till half the point of the bottom lashline.

3. A Kitten-Eye

  • Since, it’s not a complete cat eye, use a gel-based eyeliner in coffee colour (perfect for night or day) to create the dapper kitten eye.
  • Apply liner close to your upper lash line.
  • Extend the tail out gently into a cat eye. Do not curl your eyelids and also skip using the mascara to allow liner pop to set the kitten eye look.

4. Flicked Eyeliner

  • One of the best and the easiest style of all that can be used by everyone is flicked eyeliner.
  • Simply apply a black eyeliner from the middle of the lids to the outer corner and flick it upwards.
  • Fill the corners to make it sharp.

5. Smudge Eyeliner

  • This style is not your usual style but one of the simplest style to carry for a small gathering.
  • Take a Kajal pencil and start lining the lashes of both the sides. Blend it out in an almond shape below the lash line using a smudge brush.
  • Apply a little amount of gold or silver shadow on your lids, inner and outer corners of your eyes.

6. Retro Eyeliner

  • If you want to try out the style of the classic era and get an everlasting personality into your personal style, experiment with retro eyeliner style.
  • Apply a liquid eyeliner to the upper eyelash line and apply multiple coats until the end. Let it dry.
  • Now, draw the flick and connect the flick with the liner.
  • Apply coats of mascara on your upper lashes to give more volume and Voila, there is your retro style.

7. A Cat-Eye

  • Most of the celebrities and runway models prefer cat eye style because it looks chic and amazing. The cat eye style suits both small and big eyes.
  • Start by applying a thick line of your black eyeliner and then fill the corner of the eyes with tiny movements to give feathered effect.
  • Curl the lashes and complete the look with final touch towards the outer corners.

8. Fishtail Eyeliner

  • Fishtail is a latest and creative liner style. Fishtail style has turned out to be a big hit be it with hair or eyes.
  • Start by applying a thin layer of black eyeliner to upper lash line and lower lash line till the corner of your eyes.
  • Draw out two flicks from the upper eyelid. One of the flick needs to higher and the another one should be more horizontal and smooth. Fill them in to complete the unique fish tail look.

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9. Outer “V” Liner

  • V-liner look is an edgy as well as minimal look.
  • Take a flat tip brush and apply the black gel based eyeliner on the three-quarters of the outer side of the top lash line.
  • Extend the liner to the outer edge of the bottom lash line before the middle. Easy to apply and carry as well.

10. 60’s Eyeliner

  • During 60’s eyes used to express more than the words and it was all due to the heavy eyeliners that gave a lot of volume to the style.
  • To apply 60’s liner style, start from the middle of the lid and draw a thick line towards the end of the eyebrow.
  • Apply more layers of the liner one by one making a pointy flick towards the edge.
  • Apply the volumizing mascara on your lashes or you can simply use the fake lashes. Let it dry for a while and apply multiple coats of the Mascara to complete the 60’s look.

 11.  Smoky Eye

  • Going for a party? Wear a smokey look and we bet you would not go unnoticed.
  • Use black kajal pencil and line the top and bottom eyelash lines.
  • Keep the inner corner free of eyeliner.
  • Apply black shadow on the outer corner of the eyes and blend into the thick and faded wings towards the tail of the eyebrows.
  • Pop some highlighter for the final feline look.

12. White Liner

  • Many girls get confused about applying a white liner to their eyes.
  • The trendy liner really opens up your eyes and make them look bigger and brighter.
  • Apply the white liner on your lower lash line to give a wider looking eyes. It tends to give your eyes well rested feel as well.

13. Glitter Eyeliner

  • If you want to try something flashy and glittery, get a glitter eyeliner and play with your eyes.
  • Apply it just the way you apply normal eyeliner to your eyes.
  • The chic look will pump up the eyes and transform you into a dancing diva. Remember to avoid flashy jewellery with this look. 

14. Coloured Liner

  • Though black is a favourite colour for everyone but sometimes you want to bring out your fun part out.
  • Kick your boring black liner look and game up with bright and contrasting layers.
  • Add colours to your cat eye makeup with some neon or sky blue layers with shiny black eyeliner. A perfect path to look Gorgeous!

15. Thin Minimal Black Liner

  • Sometimes you don’t need too much layering, just a thin line can do the magic makeover.
  • All you need to do is to apply the thin line of black eyeliner on your upper lid and you are good to go.
  • This style can be used on the regular basis when you are getting ready for work and don’t have much time to give for grooming.

All these eyeliner styles are easy to apply and can be mastered after a couple of trials at home with the help of right products and professional tutorials. Nowadays makeup professionals are taking up challenges to create bolder and newer styles. The different eyeliner styles are quite helpful for the ladies who need to apply makeup frequently or who attend the special function.

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