Makeup Brushes Guide : 5 Make Up Brushes Your Vanity Kit Needs!

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Worried about the patchy and blotched make up?  Relax! We have got a handy Makeup brushes guide that your make up kit needs.  Make up brushes are a total must have when it comes to flawless makeup. Make up brushes, when used appropriately and for the correct purpose, can be  best friends with your makeup and if used the other way round, can become your make-up’s worst foe.

You can achieve any look that you want with the help of correct brushes. Whether you want to get an air brushed look with your foundation, to conceal effortlessly, to contour like a pro, to shape up and colour your lips, to blend your eye shadow brushes are all what you need! The makeup brushes and their uses are many, use our makeup brushes guide, as it will certainly help you achieve that movie star- like make up look. Promise!

Makeup Brushes Guide

Lets have a look at 5 absolute must have Makeup Brushes that your make up box  must have.

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Makeup Brushes Guide : 5 Must Have Make up Brushes

1. The Basic Foundation Brush (Large Sized, Flat and Firm)

As a clean painting needs a clean and flawless canvas, your makeup needs an equivalently spick and span base. As the name suggests, the basic foundation Brush serves its duty of spreading and easily applying the foundation that is one of the most crucial product for the base of your makeup.

Foundation makeup brush

Whether you are a user of a mouse, or a liquid foundation or a soufflé, the foundations brush ensures that you get uniform coverage. The velvety texture that your skin achieves without giving your face a caked up look is what the Basic foundation brush does. Products that do not blend easily with fingertips can be easily tackled with this brush. Easily mixing your foundation with your concealer and primer, giving luminous, natural looking skin in the end, the foundation brush makes the makeup light top wear and long lasting too.

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2. The Eyebrow Brush(Angled Thin Firm Head and Spoolie Brush)

Eyebrows are one feature of the face that is the most important one, because Eyebrows shape your face and give it the desired frame. Thus, this amazing two in one brush has its own deserved place in your kit as it solves issues like shaping the eyebrows, filling and blending the empty spaces where the eyebrow growth is sparse, applying eyebrow setting gel with its precisely angled side and combing your eyebrow hair from the spooley side, to ensure proper shaping. To maintain its firmness it is often found to be made in synthetic bristles. It is also used to give your lower lash line, definition in application of liquid powder and cream products.

Eyebrow makeup brush

Don’t miss to learn how to do eyebrows at home and master this trick with the little practice.

3. The Eye Shadow Brush (Flat Shaped, Small ,Dense and Compact)

The eyes are considered to be the first and the most important feature on our face that grab any onlooker’s attention. The eye shadow brush fulfils the primary and basic function of packing on any color product on the eye lids. Both cream and powder based eye shadows, can be used to be applied on to your eyelids, with the help of an Eye shadow brush. When using a shimmer, metallic or Matte eye shadow, this small and condensed design of this brush effectively helps you to apply the eye shadow, from the lash line to the crease in a way no less than that of an expert. It is customized as a replica of your fingertips, to give you a smooth. When you pick up a product dust off the excess, and smoothly swipe on the lid.

Eyeshadow makeup brush

Please click here for detail tutorial, if you are looking for the eye makeup tutorial to look like a diva on your special day,

4. The Lip Brush (Small, Angled Firm Bristles)

The lip brushes often go unnoticed and are not conceived as that important a tool for your make up kit. Though you may know how to get the pigment in your lips directly from a tube or a lipstick, the precision and detailing with which the brush fills in the color is remarkable. The lip brush helps to give a perfect and non shaky smooth outlining thereby preventing your lipstick from bleeding out of your lip line.

Lip makeup brush

A lipstick brush allows you to layer shades, and aids you in keeping control of the amount of pigment you want on your lips, thereby giving you a variety in lip colors and shades. The lips brush should have a set of soft and gentle bristles, so as to not to hurt your lips. Moreover, they keep the application of lipsticks clean and hygienic.

Let’s see how to choose lipstick colors for your skin type…

5. The Blush Brush (Big and Round With Soft Bristles)

Any makeup is incomplete until it does not show a natural pink blush on your face. The blush brush is the perfect tool you need to add that rosy touch to the apple of your cheeks. A good blush brush will allow you to pick up the right amount of product without much effort and spreads and blends the stain or powder based blush on your cheeks effortlessly.

Blush makeup brush

Not only for adding tint, but the Blush brush is also used for highlighting your cheeks as well as blending the contouring strokes. It also helps in evenly spreading bronzers on your skin, without making it look patchy. The design of the brush helps you to maneuver the handling easily and achieve a sculpted look.

To ensure you get complete advantage of the makeup brushes guide, you need to keep makeup brushes properly and maintain their shape. Also make sure you keep them clean and hygienic.

We tend to set free the shopaholic in us, and splurge blindly on buying makeup of the most top end brands, but hardly do we give a thought to the importance of investing in good Quality and functional makeup brushes guide .

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So ladies! Use these power tools in the form of these makeup brushes guide, and achieve a studio like makeup look. With constant practice, you will get accustomed to using these make up brushes for your everyday makeup also. Flaunt that flawless air brushed look with these wonderful makeup brushes!

Which make up brushes does your Vanity kit entail? You wish to add more to the? Let us know your thoughts on make- up brushes through your valuable comments!

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