How To Apply Makeup: A Makeup Guide For Beginners!

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Make-up is used to enhance the beauty or the appearance of the front aspect (face) of any individual. Similarly, cosmetics are made and intended to alter the impression of the face and appearance of the body. Various cosmetics are made to apply to the Face, Hair and the body because basically you look good.

They are made from a combination of different chemical compounds; some are derived from natural sources like coconut oil and some being the synthesis or the artificial. Cosmetics also include eyeshadows, skin cleansers, lipstick, mascara, foundation, boy lotions, conditioner, and shampoo. Some hairstyling products include gel, hairspray, cologne, perfume etc. These cosmetics, when applied over the face, are referred to as make-up or makeup. There are many tutorials which include makeup for beginners and advanced makeup.

Makeup For Beginners

Cosmetics are intended to be used for the application to the body (human) for cleansing, promoting attractiveness, beautifying or altering the body’s functions. The makeup for beginners includes basic products with few tricks. In this article, we are going to understand and discover few techniques of makeup, simple make-up tips and step by step guide for makeup for beginners.

History Of Cosmetics

  • We will not go into detailing but we will share the early major developments of the makeup. This makeup includes the following products:
  • Kohl is used by the (ancient) Egypt as a protective layer of the eye.
  • Castor Oil is also used by Egypt in the ancient time as a protective layer for lips or used as a balm.
  • The Romans described the skin creams which were made of beeswax, rose water and olive oil.
  • In the 19th century, Vaseline and the product lanolin came into existence.

Makeup For Beginners (Tutorial)

Makeup for Beginners, don’t get bewildered by the thousands of products on the shelves of cosmetics. There are many products in the makeup kit that needs to be carried out and people get fussy about such products.

If you are completely ready to not to waste the money, space or unessential items then this article might help you. We have added up the must-have items in this article and you need to have our selects below:

You need to carry a good moisturizer, Primer, Concealer, Foundation, Eyebrow Pomade and Spoolie Brush, Eyeliner and Mascara, Nude and Red Lipstick, Brushes and Tools. You also need to have Blush and Highlighter, Eyeshadow palette and Makeup Wipes.

Makeup tutorial for beginners includes the balance between the glowing skin and the foundation application. If applied naturally, then the makeup tips give flawless makeup look.

How To Apply Makeup Step By Step For Beginners?

The big question here is how to apply makeup for beginners? The beginner’s makeup guide is given below:

1. Preparing The Face

Preparing The Face For Makeup

It is necessary to start with cleaning the face thoroughly. It is essential to start with a clean palette and removes any kind of makeup that might have from the earlier day. The skin looks patchy if the makeup is applied over old makeup. The Cleansing helps the skin from getting clogged in and irritated. You can also use a good remover or baby oil to get rid of all the residues. Keeping makeup all the day can block the pores and generate blemishes and wrinkles.

Wash the face thoroughly with a good cleanser which is mild and keep massaging to get rid of the bacteria and dead skin. Finish this procedure by applying a moisturizer to any skin type.

2. Apply Primer To The Face

How To Apply Primer To The Face?

Before you add any type of makeup to the skin, apply primer to enhance the appearance of the makeup and improve the durability. The Primer helps the makeup to stay on the skin all the day. The Primer helps absorb and smudge it completely. This is more effective during a run or any physical activity which causes sweat and makeup to wear off.

3. Apply Foundation Evenly

How To Apply Foundation?

The third step is to put on a coat of Foundation. The foundations are usually applied in a similar manner. There are various types of foundation like liquid, cream, or powder foundations. These complexions are used to create an even complexion or an even base for the remaining makeup. Use the foundation which matches your skin tone and it should not be lighter or darker. Later brush or moist the beauty sponge to put into application over the face, neck, and earlobes evenly.

The Foundation should match your natural skin tone or color. The Foundation should be a lighter tone.

4. Apply The Concealer

How To Apply The Concealer?

The main motive of a concealer is to even out the uneven skin, hide the blemishes or under-eye or dark circles. You can use a concealer one shade lighter to your skin tone to brighten the dark areas, acne, and dark spots. You can blend the edges of the concealer so that it performs in a seamless manner.

5. Settling The Concealer And Foundation With Powder

Settling The Makeup

If you want that your makeup should last long and you should have a crease-free type of makeup then the settling powder holds the foundation as well as a concealer. You need to simply dab the powder after the application of the concealer and foundation. Remember, this step is optional.

6. Spread The Highlighter And Apply It Smoothly

How To Spread The Highlighter?

After the application of the foundation and the concealer, it is likely that the face looks flat and the color of the skin looks uniform. If you want to provide a depth, then you can create illusion using chicks’ shadows and highlighter. You need to apply the highlighter using the following steps:

Make a 3 shape on the cheekbones, in the eyebrows, and till the forehead for the flawless highlight.

To apply the highlighter, you can the fingers or a small brush highlighter.

7. Apply To Contour

How To Do The Contour?

You need to do the contouring which is a few shades darker than the actual skin. The contouring is done to the face areas which you don’t want to get highlighted. You should do contouring on the hollow side of the cheekbones, sides of the bones, and beneath the jawline. Contouring can also be done to make the forehead become visibly smaller and the face looks thinner. Once the contour is done you can add bronze brush to the contoured part.

8. Little Blushing

How To Apply blush?

The Final step is adding blush to the cheeks. Apply blush to the cheeks to the part whenever you smile. Don’t just add too much blush as it would be too heavy.

9. Darken The Eyebrows

How to Darken The Eyebrows?

This step is optional and is generally recommended for those who do not have thick eyebrows. It is the step which is done for the fullness of the eyebrows. You need to select the color of the brow pencil with your hair color. You should apply in the same direction as the hair growth.

These are the simple makeup tips and can be done easily at home. These steps are meant for makeup for beginners. Similarly, we will see eye makeup details below:


1. Add Your Eye-Makeup

How to apply eyeshadow primer?

You need to apply eye-shadow primer which helps stay the eyeshadows longer. If it is not applied then the eyeshadow fades and becomes sticky. You can use fingertips to apply smoothly. Use powder to blend the perfect base.

2. Apply Eyeshadow

How To Apply Eyeshadow?

Your first color of the eyeshadow should not go beyond your eyebrows. It should not extend off the lid. You should choose the color and blend it well to make it look subtle. You can use multicolor but make sure you blend it well.

3. Put In The Eyeliner

How To Apply Eyeliner?

Before applying the eyeliner you need to choose the liner with your natural hair color. Try to make the liner dark if suits you. Apply liner with a tight- lines for the eyes. Create a dotted line so that it helps to apply in proper shape. Always use- waterproof products.

4. Bring It To A Conclusion With Mascara

How To Apply Mascara?

The eye-makeup is complete with the help of Mascara. Dip the Mascara in the container and rub the extra part which is not needed before the application. Avoid using the Mascara with two coats as it takes away the natural look.

Application Of Lipstick

The Final of the Makeup for Beginners is the application of Lipstick. Let’s check this out below:

1. Smooth Your Lips

Smooth Your Lips

Make sure you moisturize the lips before applying color to the lips. You can use balm, sealer or a primer. This will help your lips look smoother and make the lip color last longer.

2. Apply Your Favorite Lipstick

Apply Your Favorite Lipstick

Choose your Lip Color with a natural nude look or bright hue for any bold appearance. Always start from the center and end it towards outwards. Apply the Lip Color evenly and add a tissue paper at the end for finishing the look.

The Final Step for the Make-up for Beginners is to Finish-off the Look. With the Face’ Eye and Lips Make-up the look is complete. You can use the q-tipped dip to rectify the mistakes. Once you have checked, apply a setting spray and hold the bottle away from 8-12 inches. Once you applied the spray then you should be relaxed as your makeup is going to stay longer!

Questions Related To Makeup For Beginners

1. How can I do make-up at Home?

Ans. The simple makeup trick for the makeup application at Home is Foundation, Concealer, Curling the lashes, Eyeshadows, Mascara, Eyebrows, Cheeks, Lips.

2. How to apply a primer?

Ans. Apply primers in the center face and use it in circular motions to blend it completely. The motion should be in one direction only.

3. Is Make-up good for the skin?

Ans. Make-up is not good for the skin but is not really harmful. You should always check the ingredients before buying any product. Sometimes, Make-up can also cause acne if not removed and cleaned at night. But you should always have a good skin care routine which will help the skin remain supple and soft.

4. What should be the regular skin care routine?

Ans. You should always have a good toner, cleanser, and moisturizer. Always cleanse the face with a good cleanser. Then Apply toner with a cotton ball all over the face. Use a hydrating moisturizer that keeps the skin smooth and clear.

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