How to Get Rid of Lizards Using Effective Home Remedies?

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Lizards, they definitely play an important role in the reptile food chain. They do help in tidying up a lot of smaller bugs. But, anytime you spot a lizard in the house, you feel disgusted and fear. You often hear shrieks and howls with everyone running for their dear lives. You just can’t figure out how to get rid of lizards!

You look for weapons with a difficult mission to eliminate it or chase it with the hope that you won’t see it anytime soon. Their size lets them sneak into any of your room vents, cupboards and lots of other possibilities.

Sadly, very often than not the pesky reptile wins the battle. You are left wondering in your battle fatigue if there are any effective ways on how to get rid of lizards at home.

How To Get Rid Of Lizards?

How To Get Rid Of Lizards?

Here a Lizard, there a lizard, everywhere is the lizards. Lizards can easily make themselves at home in your home or in your backyard. Many things invite these reptiles and make them unwanted guests who cannot be coaxed out.

If you are wondering how to get rid of lizards safely without using chemicals and harmful sprays, the answer is of course yes.

There are numerous home remedies for lizards, that is, on how to get rid of lizards and prevent them from coming back. Of course, killing them is not an option. We just want them to be happy at any other place other than our home and backyard!

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How To Get Rid Of Lizards In The House?

1. Block Entry Points

One of the best ways to avoid lizards is to not give them any chance to be your visitor. Look for every corner or an opening in your house. Don’t forget the wall fissures. A small hole is just about enough for the lizards to enter. These spots are the lizard’s favorite route to pay you a visit. Spackling pastes are found to be very effective in sealing the wall holes. Adhesives can be helpful in closing other points.

2. Keep The House Clean

Nothing works better than keeping your house clean. Dirt always attracts insects and more importantly, lizards. Research has in fact shown children develop wheezing problems due to the presence of lizards and cockroaches. A clean home not only provides a healthy environment for us to live, it also helps drive away bugs.

3. Avoid Food Sources

Left-over food items on dining tables have proved to be an inviting factor for the lizards. These lizards look for opportunities to taste the food and feed themselves. They like doing this at the nights. Use an effective sanitizer to clean the left-over food. Put away food that is lying around open or the best thing to do would be to close them tight with a lid.

4. Using Pepper Spray

Pepper Sprays never fails anyone. They are an effective deterrent that needs to be kept handy at all times. Pepper Sprays tend to cause a burning sensation that can cause the lizards to scuttle away. You might want to a little chilli powder to the mix to make it even for effective. You can also prevent lizard movement by spraying it around potential lizard spots.

5. Use Eggshells

Egg smell is something the lizards are not comfortable with. Don’t throw away the empty egg shells; place them around the corners or on window shelves or cupboards.

6. Coffee Powder

Tobacco and coffee powder make a heady mix for the lizards. I can’t imagine anyone standing nausea it can cause, let alone these lizards. Make smaller balls out of the mix and place them around the house. On smelling the balls, the lizards will run away.

7. Garlic

Garlic consumption is quite healthy for human beings. But when it comes to lizards, garlic smell can be nasty. Placing garlic pieces in strategic positions can drive the lizard’s miles away.

8. Naphthalene Balls

This is again an age-old trick to chase away bugs. Most often I have seen naphthalene balls places in cupboards and shelves underneath clothes. They act a very important deterrent to driving away bugs in general.

9. Window Screens

Fix screens in windows and doors so that they cannot gain easy entry inside your house. It also keeps the bugs and insects out which are the major food source for the lizard.

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How To Get Rid Of Lizards In Yard?

1. No Standing Water

Standing water means breeding place for insects which means more food for lizards which means more lizards. Remove any stagnant water from baths, old tires, etc and reduce the food source for the lizard.

2. Keep It A Bare Minimum

Manicure your garden regularly and trim the bushes especially those near windows and doors. They make a very good hiding place for our unwanted friends.

3. Net-It

Using lizard netting over shrubs and plants bar their entry into their favorite hiding places and they go away dejected. It may not be a permanent solution but it will bring an infestation under control.

4. Lights Out

Some night lights in the yard attract bugs which are the staple of lizards. Try using yellow lights or lights with sodium vapor.

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5. Peacock Feathers

Decorate your yard with peacock feathers. Lizards instinctively are afraid of large birds (naturally being their snack) and keep away from those places.

6. Tabasco Sauce And Water

Mix the Tabasco sauce with water and spray around lizards infested areas. They hate the taste and avoid the area.

7. Lid-It

If you have a trash can in your yard, make sure that the lid is on tight. Clear it frequently or it will start attracting the unsolicited guest.

8. Lizard Repellent Plants

There are many plants which can get rid of lizards and keep them from coming near the house where they are planted. Some of them are Peppermint, rue, eucalyptus, pencil tree, and Japanese mint. They can be kept both indoor and outdoor.

Did You Know?  Some Interesting Lizard Facts…

  • Lizards have been around for nearly 200 million years!
  • There are over 6000 species of lizard in the world. They are present everywhere except Antarctica.
  • They are cold-blooded reptiles and some lizard species can live up to 50 years!
  • Lizards smell through their tongues to detect food, enemies or mates!
  • Some lizards store major part of their body fat in their tail.
  • The lizard can live without its tail. In fact, it can cut its own tail in event of danger and re-grow it later!
  • Majority of the lizards eat insects and are playing a vital role in controlling the insect population.
  • Lizards have multiple abilities. Some can climb well and run fast while most of them can swim or even glide.
  • The largest lizard is the Komodo dragon which grows up to 11 feet in length and is very strong.
  • Lizards do not have vocal chords except for Gecko Lizard.
  • They can move their eyeballs in two different directions at the same time.

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Frequently Asked Questions on How to Get Rid of Lizards

1. Why do lizards prefer to stay inside a house?

Lizards cannot control their body temperature. Hence adjusting to cold and hot days may be tough for them. Houses generally have regulated temperatures and are a safe and comfortable haven for these beings.

2. Are Lizards poisonous?

Out of the 6000 or so species of lizards, only two are venomous; the Gila monster and the beaded lizard which lives in the deserts of Arizona and Mexico.

3. Do lizards bite?

Lizards can bite if caught off guard in pure self-defense. Do not attempt to catch a lizard with your bare hands. Lizard’s bites can be uncomfortable though not venomous or harmful.  You can look out for warning signs like hissing or open their mouth wide as signs of aggression.

4. Do lizards shed their skin?

Yes. Lizards do shed their skins but unlike snakes, they do it in patches.

I guess you are now armed with the knowledge on how to get rid of lizards in simple harmless ways. Like I always say, home remedies are the best way of addressing most of the problems. Nature has given us all the antidotes. We just need to know them and use them effectively. Hope the only shrieks we hear in your house are of sheer joy and not due to spotting a lizard!

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