Kitchen Tips : 7 Handy Tips in Kitchen That You Will Certainly Love!

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Kitchen is the most happening place in every household. Most of us often misjudge the importance of the kitchen at home. This is the place where we cook the food to feed our family and guests. This place is considered sacred since cook is considered as a holy activity in scriptures. With some handy kitchen tips, you can enjoy doing this activity.

Kitchen is a manufacturing unit which uses a lot of critical equipment to produce the world’s mouthwatering dishes. It savours the tongue and satisfies the stomach. Kitchen involves a lot of work and all of them have strict rules and step by step procedure. Thus, suggesting that there could be a number of kitchen tips & tricks to make the work easy. The shortcuts will be really handy and below are the super 7 kitchen tips and easy hacks that will definitely save loads of your time.

You will love to find here some cooking tips that will save, time, money and effort…

7 Handy Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Tips

1. How to Determine if The Eggs are Fresh or Rotten?

Love eggs? Surely we too. But not to forget it is a perishable thing. It is very tough to identify the rotten eggs from the whole stock. Obviously, one can’t smell or break the same to determine. The easy hack to this would be to dip each egg into a glass of water. The one that floats completely should be considered bad and thrown out to the dustbin. The half floated should be consumed in no time and the immersed one can be considered fresh and safe to eat.

2. How to Prolong The Life of Vegetables

Yes! We do have a lot of technology like refrigerators that keep the vegetables fresh for a long time. However what in case there are power cuts? The goods inside the fridge will perish in the absence of needed moisture and cold. The following hack will save your wallet. Fridge naturally keeps the moisture levels higher to maintain freshness; however, the excess may rot the veggies. If you line the fridge bottom with an absorbent tissue paper or newspaper it will soak the excess moisture. You can change the newspaper once in a while.

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3. How to Prevent Salt Lumping?

This is the most common problem observed in every household – lumping of the salt! The phenomenon is mostly observed in areas near the sea or water or even during rainy season when there the climate is mostly moist.

Salt, the most important ingredient of any dish tends to lump in the container over a period of time. This is because of the chemical properties of the same. If you add small amount of rice into the container it will absorb the excess moisture and will keep lumping reaction away.

4. How to Deal With Burnt The Gravy?

Did you just missed to slow down the flame and it spoilt the curry? It happens. This incident is quiet common and can be very annoying due to the strong smell. Do not throw the gravy out of anger! Rather stir a teaspoon of peanut butter for each cup of the burnt gravy. The burning smell will ward off in no time. You can use the same for the serve and loved ones will have no idea of it being burnt.

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5. How to Get Rid of The Container Odor

We often use food containers those contained some other product to store the food and grains. This is a nice and economic idea to use used container. However these containers being porous often retain the odor of the packed food. Even after thorough washing the smell keeps its roots. You can easily tackle this by placing a newspaper inside and replace the lid. Rinse it with water before the next use, and the container will be left with no smell at all!

6. How to Shine The Steel?

Steel vessels or utensils are the most used and accordingly are the ones which get very dirty. Food often sticks to the surface and leave the stains behind. It can be pretty annoying for the sight. An easy hack to this is to rub the dirty spots with cotton soaked with alcohol. The shine will return back and your smile too!

7. How to Get Rid of Bugs and Insects in The Kitchen?

Bugs and insects are there everywhere. They are a big problem and create a menace in the kitchen. They spoil the grains and pose a great health risk. Use of pesticides to kill the insects can be harmful to you as well due to chemicals. But you can get some relief using the organic means. Hide some bay leaf amidst the grain containers. The natural chemistry will keep the bugs well out of the contours.

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Hope you have enjoyed reading these 7 simple but useful kitchen tips & tricks that will surely save you lot of time and energy. Cooking will become more fun and enjoyable activity if you inculcate these everyday hacks in your daily routine.

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