Diwali Sweets : Top 10 Easy Diwali Sweets Recipes!

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You will be hard pressed to find another festive occasion in India that has a magnitude like Diwali. The festival of lights brings cheer to lives of the elite and mass alike. It is a time for celebration and Diwali cheers up the mood of the kids and adults. Apart from indulging in oodles of fun and lighting up crackers, Diwali is also the time to gorge on somesumptuous dishes. The type of dishes cooked in Indian households in Diwali varies from one state to another. However, people in nearly all states prepare some yummy desserts and sweet dishes during Diwali.

Sweets recipes

Below listed are some such Diwali recipes that can satisfy people with a sweet tooth. These are easy sweet recipes that anyone can make at home:

1. Rava Kheer

People prepare various types of kheer in Diwali or other festive seasons. Rava Kheer takes little time to prepare and it is among the easy diwali sweets recipes.

You will need ingredients like a liter of full cream milk, half cup semolina, dry fruits, half cup sugar, green cardamoms and saffron.

How to Make?

  • At first, you need to roast the semolina or Rawa a little.
  • Then pour in the milk and boil on low heat.
  • Simmer and stir the mix to evade scorching.
  • Add the other ingredients slowly into it.
  • Cook for a few more minutes. Serve when it is cold after meals.

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2. Badam Halwa

This is one awesome Sweet that you can make for Diwali or any festive event. While this diwali sweet dish makes you crave for more, keep in mind the dish is quite calorie heavy.

You will require ingredients like soaked ground almonds, poppy seeds (milk soaked), khoya, milk, sugar, saffron strands, green cardamoms and ghee. Use only as much as sugar as you really need.

How to Make?

  • At first, you need to strain and then grind the poppy seeds.
  • Mix it with the milk, cardamom and almonds well in a blender.
  • Cook this mix on simmering heat.
  • As it becomes thick, pour in saffron, sugar and Khoya.
  • When it becomes even thicker, add the ghee.
  • After a few minutes, put off the flame.
  • Serve the halwa while it is still hot.

3. Shahi Tukda

This may not be among the most commonplace sweets you have tasted in Diwali but Shahi Tukda will definitely make your guests happy in festive days.

You will require bread slices, refined oil, sugar, milk, saffron, raisins and cashew nuts as ingredients.

How to Make?

  • At first, you will need to fry the bread slices in oil using a pan. Set the slices aside.
  • In another pan mix saffron and sugar with milk.
  • Next, add the cashew nuts and raisins and blend well.
  • Heat the mixture up till it becomes thickened.
  • Now, keep the toasted bread on a plate and pour the mix over it.
  • Serve the dish hot.

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4. Mysore Pak

This dish originally belongs to Karnataka but over time it has gained popularity as a Diwali dessert too. One nice thing is that it can be made with few ingredients and quickly.

The main ingredients needed to cook this dish are 2 cups of ghee, and water, sugar and chick pea flour/besan- 1 cup each.

How to Make?

  • You have to sift the besan first and set it aside.
  • Boil the sugar in water and simmer till it becomes thickened.
  • Then mix the besan slowly with it.
  • Now, add the ghee gradually to the mix.
  • The hue will change and the same is true of its texture.
  • As it turns brown, divide into diamond shaped pieces using a knife and set aside to dry.

5. Coconut Til Ladoo

This Diwali dish is ideal for sweet lovers and its taste and flavour is simply matchless. This is among very few sweet dishes in Indian cuisine that are made without sugar. This is ideal for the calorie conscious lot as well.

The ingredients are white sesame seeds, chopped dates and grated coconut. For 2 cups of sesame seeds, take 1 cup coconut and dates.

How to Make?

  • At first, you will need to chop the dates finely.
  • Now, dry roast the sesame seeds until it turns light golden.
  • Now add the grated coconut on a wok and stir it well.
  • Grind the sesame seeds and then mix it with chopped dates and coconut powder.
  • Using palms make balls of the mixture. If necessary, roll each ball in some coconut powder.

6. Beetroot Halwa

Made with beet, this sweet dish is tasty as well as nutritious. The reddish hue makes it attention grabbing as well.

To make this Diwali dish, you will require grated beetroots, sugar, milk, ghee, cardamom powder, Cashew nuts.

How to Make?

  • At first, you will need to fry the beetroot on low heat in a deep pan.
  • Then, add the milk and raise the flame a bit.
  • When the mixture thickens, add sugar and mix everything well.
  • When the mixture is glossy add the ghee.
  • After a few minutes, sprinkle the nuts on top and serve hot. You may also fry the nuts separately in ghee before sprinkling on top.

7. Kalakand

This is another popular sweet dish found in many Indian states. However, it serves very well as a Diwali sweet for offering to guests and family in the festive days.

The major ingredients are Milk powder, Condensed milk, grated paneer. You will also need Pistachios and Cardamom powder. Using sugar is purely optional.

How to Make?

  • At first, you will need to dip the paneer in hot water for a few minutes. Then drain the water and squeeze it well.
  • Grind the paneer in a blender.
  • Now mix the grated paneer with all ingredients except pistachio in a bowl.
  • Heat the ghee on a non-stick pan. Pour the mix on it and simmer for a few minutes.
  • Pour the mix on a greased plate and wait till it cools.
  • Then cut into square shapes using a knife. Serve when it is cold.
  • Before serving keep a pistachio on top of each piece.

8. Nei Urundai

Nei urundai is a special laddu that serves well as Diwali dessert. It is made with moong dal instead of cottage cheese or besan.

You will need to take half cup moong daal, 2 spoons of ghee, a few cashew nuts, cardamoms and sugar to make these diwali sweets.

How to Make?

  • Using a mixer grinder, grind the moong daal well.
  • In the same way, make sugar powder. Crush the elaichi well.
  • Heat the ghee in a pan and fry the cashew nuts and break them into small parts.
  • Now, take all dry powder items in a big bowl and mix them well.
  • Then add the melted ghee in it and add the cashew bits too.
  • When your hands can bear the heat, start making balls.
  • Serve when they are cold.

9. Badam Kheer

This is another awesome kheer recipe that is ideal for serving to people in Diwali. It tastes and great and has a nice flavour too, owing to usage of cardamom and saffron.

You will need to take ingredients like quarter cup almonds, 2.5 cup milk, cardamom, saffron, quarter cup sugar and ghee.

How to Make?

  • At first, you need to soak the saffron in milk and boil on low heat.
  • Boil the almonds separately in water and drain the water.
  • Peel the almonds and then set a few aside for garnishing.
  • Take the rest of the peeled almonds, grind with a small amount of milk to form a creamy paste.
  • Mix the ground almond paste, soaked saffron with sugar. Mix until you get the right consistency on low heat. Keep stirring in between.
  • Now, fry the almonds kept aside.
  • Add them to the kheer while the heat is on.
  • Put off the flame and let the kheer cool down.

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10. Chocolate Sandesh

This is a variation of the Sandesh that is popular in West Bengal. You may amaze the guests in Diwali by serving this delicious sweet dish.

To cook this dish, you will need fresh cottage cheese worth 350- grams. This can be made at home from a liter of milk. You will also need to use 2 spoons of dark cocoa and 5 spoons of sugar.

How to Make?

  • Take the cottage cheese and crumble it using a mixer grinder.
  • Mix it with the sugar and cocoa powder and ensure it becomes smooth.
  • Now, add this on a frying pan and stir fry on low heat.
  • After some time, you will see the consistency has changed. It will be molten and smooth.
  • Stir fry for some more time and the mixture will turn sticky.
  • When you see the mixture has no oil or fat, put off the flame.
  • Now place the Sandesh mixture on a large plate.
  • Make small balls from the mixture and flatten them using palms.
  • You may place a few sliced almonds on top of each Sandesh.
  • Serve when they are cool and solid.

Make this Diwali all the more special with these delectable sweets that are easy to make and yummy to taste. Try them and leave your comments below!

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