A wealth of health power packed in these nuts!

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Walnuts are really good for the brain and brawn. In a study, walnut consumption was shown to improve cognitive function in older adults with normal cognition or mild cognitive impairment. Walnuts also have high protein content which is great for building muscle mass! Truly a wealth of health source.
The benefits of Walnuts include that it is a tasty snack that can help you maintain your health!

State of age-A wealth of Health declining phase.

Discussing the adverse effects of ageing on your body is not a topic that most people would enjoy talking about. It turns out, though, this can have serious consequences for both mental and physical health in later life as we age.

In fact our cells undergo an extensive amount of structural change with time; eventually becoming damaged by free radicals which cause oxidative stress – leading to neuroinflammation- or cell death! This list goes beyond Alzheimer’s disease but also includes other disorders such as Parkinson’s etcetera due just from increased risk factors like smoking cigarettes throughout one’s lifetime.

Benefits of Walnuts. A wealth of health inside.

Clinical trials involving humans suggest a connection with better cognitive performance and memory. In a parallel study involving two different centres, one in Barcelona, Spain and Loma Linda, California, the findings varied though. At both places, the subjects were randomly assigned walnut enriched foods on a scale of 30-60g/d. At the end of the timeline, the subjects were examined through neurocognitive tests including repeated structural and functional brain magnetic resonance imaging.

The findings of the Loma Linda facility in California were less impressive than their Barcelonian counterparts. 636 patients, over 2- years of walnut supplementation, showed no noticeable cognitive influence. The same walnut enriched supplements showed more cognitive promise though in the Spaniards. The spike in cognitive functioning among the Spanish subjects was particularly noted in individuals with the least education and the economically disadvantaged.

A health of wealth for your brain building.

Resembling a human brain in shape they are rich in DHA, a type of Omega-3 fatty acid. Now the efficacy of DHA is all too well known when it comes to protecting the brain well-being in newborns. Credible scientific mouthpieces are stating that expectant mothers who get enough DHA are highly likely to deliver smart babies in the making. Universally people connect walnut consumption for improved cognitive functioning and slowing down or preventing ameliorate age-related cognitive decline.

A wealth of health for your body.

Like the brain being the universe of thoughts, a single walnut is a miniaturised storehouse of essential healthy fats, fibres, vitamins and body precious minerals. It has the highest concentration of antioxidants even more than any other nut. The papery skin of walnuts is glazed with vitamin E, melatonin and plant compounds called Polyphenols.

A wealth of health for proper heart functioning.

Eating a walnut, a day is a good practice as one preliminary study proved its potency at preventing oxidative damage of bad LDL Cholesterol which a fat-refined meal couldn’t do by itself. As per the observations of medical institutes of repute each gram of alpha-linolenic acid has what it takes to reduce the chance of one dying from heart disease by 10%.

Decreases inflammation. To be proven. Most likely.

The amino acid arginine among with magnesium and Alpha-Linolenic acid is considered to have anti-inflammatory properties. In future if proven, Walnut supplements could soon become a major staple of alternate medicine in treating inflammation-induced diseases, Type-2 diabetes and Cancer to name a few.

Promotes a healthy Gut. Not just a gut feeling.

One’s gut has to host beneficial bacteria for a healthy gut lining which is a major contributor to overall good health. AN imbalance in the gut causes inflammation in different parts of the body thereby throwing an open invitation to future fatalities like cancer and heart disease. Consumption of 43 grams of walnuts daily keeps the gut in good shape. It increases a type of bacteria that produces butyrate a fat ingredient that nourishes the gut.

Cholesterol balanced. Naturally.

Eating Walnuts reduces Cholesterol, it’s a no brainer. The catch here is that walnut eaters also receive a health bonus in terms of reduced apolipoprotein-B, a major risk factor that compounds to a heart attack in the long run.

Male reproductive system. Good form and shape. Maintained.

In a pilot study involving 117 young men being given 75 grams of walnuts daily for three months, the findings were conclusive. The tests showed improved sperm shape, mobility and vitality with men, not on a similar diet. Nevertheless, further tests need to be conducted for full-fledged scientific validation.

Reverse blood pressure. Without undue pressure.

High blood pressure plays a major role in the manifestation of heart disease and stroke. Studies involving walnuts alone or other nuts wherein more than half being walnuts have shown a marked decrease by 0.65mmHg in diastolic blood pressure than people who were not on a similar diet. Now a small decrease in blood pressure also goes a long way in controlling the incidence of heart disease with passing age.

Curbs appetite. Weight control by default.

Studies around the world have shown that consuming walnut smoothies have a positive impact on brain regions dedicated to resisting food temptations. Now Walnuts are rich in calories but on the flip side, the energy absorbed from them is 21% lower than expected based on their nutrients.


The bottom line is Walnuts are good for everyone not just the old. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other essentials it is a healthy lifesaver in many ways. Given the mild, earthy and tangy flavour of the nut, it might not have many takers all the time. So, if its rancid taste plays spoilsport with your taste buds a little creativity will make you want it more.

Indulge in the following
Sprinkle it on leafy green salads
Ground and make a fine paste of it to be applied as a coating on fish or chicken
Roast and chop to garnish pasta and vegetables
A spoonful could be served atop oatmeal or Yogurt
Scout the net. Add to the list. The many ways you can eat to keep from becoming nuts. Walnuts.

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