Great Health Benefits of Cracked Wheat or Bulgur Wheat!

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Broken Wheat popularly known as Dalia or Bulgur wheat is a cereal and forms a staple diet for many people. Bulgur is a super food which is easily digestible, has low glycemic index and has very low calories. A variety of dishes can be prepared using Bulgur such as upma, pulav and kheer which are tasty as well as contribute to the well-being of the person. Let’s talk about cracked wheat benefits for health in this article.

Origin of Dalia – A Brief History

Cracked Wheat Benefits  or Bulgur Wheat

It is amazing to know that the process of making wheat into Dalia or broken wheat originated some 4000 years back. It is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean region and soon became an integral part of the Eastern cuisine. In 2800 B.C, it was declared to be one of the sacred crops. Since then it owes its history to several regions such as Egyptian, Roman and Babylonian civilizations.

Dalia has been referred to by several names such as ‘Dagan’ and ‘Arisah’. However, it is popularly known as Bulgur wheat or broken wheat across the world. The ancient cooking method of Bulgur involved several steps. First the wheat was cooked in large pots, then sun-dried for several days and finally, the kernels were cracked into different sizes. However, today modern method includes large scale commercial production which is mostly done by machines. There are still some villages in Asian countries which follow the traditional old process of preparing Dalia.

Dalia has a high nutritional value. The best cracked wheat should have the bran, endosperm and the seed. It is considered to be a whole grain and is extremely beneficial for the health. It has a high content of fiber which is required in the body. It is also considered as a complete meal. Rich content of nutrients make it a perfect fit as an ideal breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an evening snack dish. It is rich in essential minerals such as Potassium, Zinc, Iron and complex carbohydrates and has a very low-fat content.

Cracked Wheat Benefits for Health

We now know how broken wheat is manufactured and its nutritional value. Hence it is easy to guess how important it is for our health and what can be its health benefits. Here we discuss some of the broken wheat or cracked wheat benefits for health.

1. Cracked Wheat Benefits for Weight Loss

Everyone wants to shed the extra calories these days. Weight loss regime should be strictly followed as overweight may lead to several diseases and heart problems. Hence diet is an important part of weight loss routine.

Broken wheat has a lot of fibers and a high amount protein in it which makes it a perfect diet for people who want to lose weight. It is very low in fat and carbohydrates. Include broken wheat in your daily diet and it keeps you full easily even if you consume a just 1/3rd cup of broken wheat.

2. Broken Wheat Reduces Asthma

Asthma is a common problem these days. Apart from adults, even children are facing severe issues in breathing due to asthma. The broken wheat is extremely beneficial to reduce the risk of Asthma. It is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E which reduces the narrow airways and protects the respiratory system. It is also ideal for bronchitis.

If your kid is suffering from asthma, it is better to give him/her broken wheat dishes. It will cut the risk of asthma by almost 50% and ease breathing.

3. Broken Wheat Reduces High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a severe medical condition and is responsible for several diseases including a cardiac arrest in the gravest situation. Therefore high blood pressure should always be under check. It has been found that broken wheat or Dalia is ideal for people who have ideal blood pressure. It is zero in cholesterol and has very low fat. Eating Dalia every day will help in thinning of the blood and helps the heart to perform the cardiovascular functions effectively.

4. Broken Wheat Helps to Prevent Cancer

Broken wheat is known to prevent cancer. It has a high content of insoluble fiber which is known to reduce the risk of cancer. It is extremely beneficial for women as it reduces the occurrence of breast cancer. It also prevents lump formation in the body. Eating broken wheat regularly reduces the risk of cancer by almost 80%. It is recommended to have 2 cups of broken wheat daily for women to prevent breast cancer after menopause.

5. Cracked Wheat Benefits Prevents Stones

Gallstones have become common these days. It is painful and needs to be operated in most of the cases. Eating Dalia regularly helps in the movement of food and the insoluble fibers present in it reduce the chances of gallstone occurrences. It lowers the secretion of the bile pigment bilirubin and the insulin secretion in the body is used effectively.

6. Broken Wheat Relieves Constipation

Broken wheat is made up of bran which is very effective to flush out the toxins from the body. It also helps in the bowel movement and cleans the digestive tract completely. It prevents conditions like nausea, bloated abdomen and gas. Broken wheat is extremely beneficial for people suffering from constipation, indigestion and other stomach and intestine related diseases.

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7. Cracked Wheat Brings Diabetes Under Control

Broken wheat is a power packed cereal which has all the essential vitamins and minerals. It also has a very low glycemic index. Moreover, it is extremely low in fats and carbohydrates which make it an ideal food for people suffering from diabetes especially Type -2 diabetes.

As it contains complex carbohydrates, therefore it takes a time to break down which is good for diabetic people. The sudden drop in blood sugar level or sudden increase in the same is extremely harmful to diabetic people.

Broken wheat is considered great supplement for patients suffering from diabetes. You need to consult your dietitian before planning to include broken wheat into your food if you are a diabetic.

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8. Broken Wheat’s Anti-inflammatory Nature

Dalia has anti-inflammatory properties and hence is very useful in chronic inflammation as well. It has a large amount of Betaine which is known to reduce inflammation. It, therefore, protects you from several diseases. Eat Dalia regularly if you have any major inflammation linked to diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes or other coronary diseases.


A packet of broken wheat or Dalia can be extremely beneficial for the body. It is easily available in the market. Make a habit to eat this wonderful food at least 3-4 times in a day to stay healthy and free from all diseases. Ideally, it has no taste or a flat wheat taste, but when cooked with vegetables it not only tastes good but also provides the required nutrients to the body. Try Dalia today and feel the difference yourself!!

Hope you found this cracked wheat benefits article useful. For any suggestions or feedback, please share the same in the comments section below.

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