Cooking Methods for Cancer Prevention That Everyone Should be Aware of!

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  1. Sadia says:

    Hello Naina,

    I am the patient of tuberculous according to a doctor due to a lymph node in axillary.Due to tuberculosis medicine me feeling weakness and low B.P ,Need meal after 3 hours for remain active.during medication of tuberculosis, I drink water it gives me the bitter taste.
    My second grandmother and her daughter also had chest cancer.I remain frightened every time due to a node. Doctor say me just have tuberculosis but me not have symptoms of tuberculosis like a cough and something other.
    Can you explain all things?

    • Amu says:

      Hello Sadia, May I know where do you live?? Get a biopsy done ASAP as a lymph node can be something to know more about. My mother in law was having very mild cough now and then and she used to get light blood stains in her spitting. But when we went to doctor after 6months she was with Lung cancer 4th stage. We are giving her Ayurveda medicine as of now. She is in India.

    • anwsha mondal says:

      Cancar is the very dangerous
      Things.Because my grandfather died for cancer

  2. Anonymous says:

    Useful information. ..,,THANKS

  3. RPShrivastava says:

    Vegetables such as potato onion and bitter gourd to be cooked with skin. Madam how is it possible for onion the outer of which is peeled well before cooking or eating raw. Kindly clarify.

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