Red Wine Equal To Gymming – Is It Really True?

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Some Surprising Facts About Red Wine

  • The tradition of bumping glasses for cheers originated in Greece, where it was done with the glass of red wine by the host to prove that the red wine doesn’t contain any kind of poison in it, and it is safe for guests.
  • In ancient Rome, if the husband finds his wife having red wine, he was allowed to kill her by law.
  • It is proved that red wine can help the drinker in improving his/her sex life.
  • China ranks the top among other countries in the consumption of red wine.
  • The art of red wine making was introduced by the Monks in the Middle Ages.
  • The names of the wines generally are related with the grapes they are made of or the location the grapes are derived from.
  • You can also derive the geographical origin of the red wine from the color it contains.
  • Women get quickly drunk by red wine than men as they contain a higher fat ratio to water.
  • There is no relation between consumption of red wine and weight gain.

Red Wine Equal To Gymming

Red Wine – An Introduction

Red Wine came into existence in the Middle Ages, which is made with the help of dark black or say dark colored variety of grapes. As it is a composition of various dark shades of black grapes, the color of the wine also varies from intense violet to brick red or brown. As the it is made using the skin of the grapes also, it contains the extraction of flavor and color components. The juice obtained from purple grapes is greenish white in color, and the red color of the wine comes from the anthocyanins process that comes from the skin of the grapes.

The red wine is the prime option for the girls who are facing any kind of stress. No doubt the drink comes from the family of alcohol, it contains a good number of health benefits too, that makes it separate from other alcoholic drinks. Having an occasional glass of it would provide you with required nutrients in adequate quantity that would also be beneficial for weight loss.

Red Wine And Gym – The Secret Relation They Carry

Love having red wine! There is good news for you here!

Yes, this news would certainly give you a joyful hope, that having a glass of red wine gives you similar health benefits as compared to workouts at gym. The reason behind this surprising truth is that red wine consists of a compound known as resveratrol, that gives your health benefits that are similar to those obtained through exercises or gym workouts. It helps in improving the physical performance of the drinker, improves the function of the heart, and also strengthens the muscles, which are some of the common results obtained after a session of the gym.

Apart from this, red wine also comes with various other health benefits that make it better than hard workouts at the gym.

Red Wine – Health Benefits

Apart from decreasing the waistline, other health benefits of drinking wine include protection against dementia, cancer, aging, and much more. Let’s know the benefits in depth.

1. Helps In Lowering The Cholesterol Levels

Red wine is made from Tempranillo red grapes that are high in fiber. This is quite helpful in cutting off the bad cholesterol in the body. It helps in decreasing the LDL, popularly known as the bad cholesterol from the body. When the bad cholesterol gets deposited in bulk quantity in the arterial walls, they start forming plaque, due to which the arteries become stiff and the blood pressure increases that leads to conditions like heart attack. Hence, red wine helps in reducing the bad cholesterol levels for a healthy heart.

Let’s get here the details of the benefits of whiskey.

2. For The Protection Of Your Heart

Red wine is beneficial not only for reducing your cholesterol levels, but also in dealing tactfully with the blood vessels. Yes, it includes an element named polyphenols, which is the form of an anti-oxidant which helps in maintaining the flexibility of the blood vessels. It also reduces the chances of developing unwanted clots that may damage the heart. Hence, have a glass of red wine to keep your heart healthy and happy.

3. Helpful In Controlling The Blood Sugar

The red wine is made along with the skin of the grapes, which is a good source of resveratrol. This compound helps in the regulation of blood sugar, that makes it a plus point for the patients of diabetes. Apart from this, resveratrol is also helpful in the stimulation of insulin secretion that activates the protein levels for proper regulation of glucose. Thus, it helps in controlling the blood sugar levels in the body.

4. A Booster To The Brain

Just as resveratrol is helpful in controlling the sugar levels in the blood, it is also helpful in boosting the brain. Yes, red wine also helps in increasing your memory too. The element helps in the formation of a protein named beta-amyloid that is a prime element in the plaque that is located in the brains of the people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Hence, it also helps in keeping your brain healthy.

5. Helps In Fighting Against Cold

Does cold catch you frequently! Red wine can help you to a great extent in getting relief from it. The anti-oxidants in red wine helpful in fighting against infections leading to cold and fever. It is also beneficial in breathing problems that arise due to blockage of nose during cold. It also helps in the protection of the cells from the harmful effects of the free radicals that can also lead to dangerous diseases like cancer and other similar ones. Anti-oxidants have also proved to be beneficial in the protection against breast cancer to a great extent.

6. Stopping The Spreading Of Cancer

Having even a single glass of red wine three to four times in a week serves you with a good quantity of resveratrol compound, that has proved to be useful in controlling various cancers. It leads to hindering the growth of any kind of cancer cells in human beings. Resveratrol has proved to be active in inhibiting the activity of cancer feeding proteins that helps in limiting the growth of the cancer cells.

7. Helps In Getting That Desired Slim Look

This is the prime reason why red wine is widely consumed. Resveratrol along with piceatannol, a body chemical compound, helps in reducing the growth of the fat cells in the body. piceatannol also helps in blocking the paths of the immature cell fats, that decreases the chances of its maturity, growth and development. Hence, it helps in getting rid of those extra fats that is deposited mainly on the waist, giving you that desired slim look.

8. Oral Benefits

Looking for that pearl like perfect teeth set! Have some red wine and you shall obtain desired results within a short period. Yes, it makes the enamel strong, that helps in the protection against tooth decay and also hinders the growth of bacteria in the mouth. It also serves you with polyphenols that reduce the gum inflammation and also helps in the prevention against various gum diseases.

9. For Sound Sleep

Dealing with any kind of stress that is creating a problem with your sleep at night! Here is the best trick to deal with this problem. Red wine is rich in melatonin, that would help you in obtaining a sound sleep at night. However, this is not a solution for people facing frequent or daily sleeping problems. So, is your sleep running away from you! Try having some wine instead of milk and have a peaceful sleep.

10. For Glowing Skin

As mentioned above, red wine includes various helpful anti-oxidants that are helpful for various health problems in our body. One of them is aging. It helps in fighting against the early signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, etc. Along with this, it also keeps your bones stronger. So, want to have that healthy and glowing skin by avoiding premature aging! Have some red wine.

Hence, red wine is not only beneficial for various health problems, but is also beneficial for a number of skin problems too. Combining red wine with your dinner, or in the form of any kind of sausage would add some exotic taste to your recipe, as well as, would also increase its positive effects on your health.

Red Wine – Word Of Caution

No doubt it comes with several positive effects to the health, but it also has few side effects that should be known before consuming it. Just as resveratrol, an ingredient of red wine, is beneficial for various health issues, it is also harmful at times, giving your health negative effects.

Resveratrol contains anticoagulation properties that may hinder the property of the blood platelets, that play a vital role in the process of blood clotting. Thus, when red wine is consumed by the people who are prescribed with blood thinners, the harmful effects can lead to chances of excess bleeding. It is also harmful to the individuals who are having dosages of medicines for high cholesterol. Most of the medicines for controlling cholesterol levels come with statins, that carry the process of metabolism in the similar way the resveratrol does in the liver with the enzymes. Hence, to avoid drug interactions, it is recommended to visit your doctor before including red wine in our diets.

Another negative effect of consuming red wine is the chances of the development of breast cancer. Yes, you have heard it right. No doubt red wine helps in controlling and avoiding the spread of cancer, it still may promote the occurrence of breast cancer due to the presence of cell receptors and estrogen receptors in it. When it comes to pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is both beneficial and harmful, and hence, it is better to consult your doctor before picking up the glass of red wine and harming your fetus or newborn.

Red wine is mostly the choice of women when they are into a state of stress or depression. Some women also love to have a glass of red wine after completing a complete day with hard work. It helps them in various ways, but when it is taken in a limited quantity. Just as other food items or beverages give health disorders when consumed beyond the limit, it also gifts you with similar negative effects if consumed more than moderate quantity.

So, next time you wish to have a glass of red wine, make sure you are also maintaining a balanced diet with a limited quantity of wine glass to avail maximum health benefits from it.

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