Cold Treatments : Effective Top 10 Home Remedies for Cold!

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Winter, summer or any other season, common cold is indeed a common problem. Typical symptoms of common cold would be a running nose, with a slight headache and a warmer body temperature. In essence, the common cold is a sign of the body fighting a mild or a serious infection. Today in this article, I am going to tell you a few very effective home remedies for cold.

Every day you get exposed to a lot of bacteria and viruses from the environment and the immune system constantly works to eliminate the same. However, at times the immune system will not be able to cope up with the microbial load and will result in flu. Flu is nothing but the common cold. The main infectious agent for flu is the influenza virus. Antibiotics available in the market are good enough to tackle it and are indeed the easiest solution. In this pursuit, it is quite obvious that you will develop a resistance to the particular antibiotic and the same would go ineffective in battling the virus in long run. This is not good news at all! So how can you avoid this? Offcourse, by resorting to organic medicines. These are harmless and effective natural medicines that you can prepare at home.

Let’s see what are the home remedies for cold.

Home remedies for cold

Much before the existence of medicines, there existed brilliant home remedies for common cold. These are natural medicines and are more sustainable. Scroll below to find the most common home remedies for cold.

10 Home Remedies For Cold

1. Steam up The Whole Tract

This is one of the traditional ways of battling the cold. During the period, phlegm and mucus will block the whole nasal passage and cause a heavy congestion in the chest. This induces cough which is indeed painful. In this grave situation, the home remedy is to steam up the whole nasal tract with steam. Steam humidifies the affected areas and eliminates the infection. Adding a drop of eucalyptus oil or a vapour rub into the steaming water will generate medicinal fumes. Inhaling those fumes to a certain extent will clear all blocks and also flush the viruses out of the body. Repeating the same 2-3 times is recommended for faster recovery.

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2. The Secret Ingredient Soup

Warm Soup for Cold and Cough

Soups are an integral part of the diet during cold and are advised by all medical practitioners. However, a secret ingredient addition will make it more awesome! Garlic is considered a superfood that helps improve the immune system. During cold, it will be great to add a few pieces of garlic into your favourite soup. Garlic has compounds like allicin, which is considered to be a natural antibiotic that helps fight flu symptoms and infection. A daily intake will help you recover sooner and you can be on your feet up again.

3. Ginger Wonder for Cold

Ginger for Treating Cold

Ginger is also considered one of the healers during cold. Ginger contains chemical compounds that are antibacterial and antifungal in nature. These compounds help build immunity and also eliminate infection from the body. During cold, raw ginger intake will help in clearing the respiratory tract avoid cough. Add a pinch of salt or combine the same with a bit of honey as desired. Ginger tea will be an awesome idea too!

4. Bring Out That Phlegm

Removing Phlegm from the body

Phlegm fills up the respiratory tract and can cause a severe cough. A dry cough is too painful to handle. At initial stages of infection, the phlegm will form and sit wherever possible. It is during this time that you take an appropriate action to throw it out. Drinking hot water and other fluids will keep the phlegm from drying and can be easily removed from the body. This will in turn help in removing the viruses from the system. The congestion will reduce and add relief to your body.

5. Spice It Up

Consuming Spices

As mentioned earlier, common cold will affect the whole respiratory system and will cause severe congestion. An easy home hack will be to add a little more spice to the food that you eat. The spices will increase the body internal temperature and help fight the infection. Cold will vanish within a few days for sure!

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6. Famous Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup for Cold and Cough

This is an age old home remedy available for common cold and its symptoms. The soup typically contains a lot of antioxidants and natural antibiotics which in tandem help the body eliminate the infection. Adding garlic to the same will be a great idea! Other vegetables can also be added to increase the medicinal value of the soup. The rich protein content in chicken will help regain strength and aid a faster recovery.

7. Prevent The Sore Throat

How to prevent the sore throat

Common cold often leads to soreness in throat and eventually continues as throat infection. This is a typical example of secondary infection. Try the below home remedy to counteract the same. Gargling with Luke warm water mixed with rock salt/salt will kill the bacteria or virus planning to reside permanently. The salt will basically create an alkaline environment which is indeed lethal to the microorganisms.

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8. Turmeric to The Rescue

Using Turmeric for Cold and Cough

Turmeric is a natural herb that contains a compound called curcumin. This component is known for its anti-viral properties. Turmeric is also associated with some volatile oils which work in synergy to create a therapeutic shield for common cold. The most common form to intake turmeric is when mixed with milk. The turmeric milk will curb down all symptoms of cold by boosting up the immune system.

9. Go Herbal

Herbal Remedies for Treating Cold

Herbal tea has proved its worth when it comes to fighting cold. The herbal extracts contain various medicinal values that help curbing down the infection to a great extent. High quantities of antioxidants, flavonoids and other ingredients boost up the immune system to fight the infection from within.

10. Cocktail Drink for Cold

Cocktail drink for cold

Bring in all the common ingredients like lemon, honey, cinnamon and ginger and make a medicinal cocktail. Minus the taste, the mixture will be a great medicine for common cold. If tolerated, this will be one of the best home remedies for cold.

Common cold is a sign of infection and your immune system should be strong enough to tackle the same. In case it doesn’t, the above 10 super home remedies for cold will help. Natural medicines are always a better choice as it is free from side effects and will keep the body immune for a longer period of time.

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