Health Benefits of Ginger That You Won’t Believe!

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The zingy taste of ginger and its treasure trove of medicinal properties have always made it an essential part of Indian and Asian cuisines. This herb is highly recognized as a wonder herb that is time tested for its numerous benefits. Health benefits of ginger are accepted worldwide across different cultures. This root or rhizome of a ginger plant can be used as powdered, dried, juice, or in the form of oil to avail ginger benefits.

Medicinal uses of ginger are complemented effectively by its aromatic taste and special flavor that it adds to every cooked meal. Ayurveda and Indians strongly believe in health benefits of ginger, especially during harsh winters.

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Ginger health benefits are induced by its high content of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. The nutrient contents of ginger include capsaicin, beta-carotene, curcumin, gingerols, salicylate, and caffeic acid. Here, we are giving you 10 facts proving what ginger is good for or 10 striking reasons to include this miraculous herb in your daily life.

Top 10 Benefits of Ginger


Although ginger is best trusted for curing nausea and digestive problems, you can’t limit this multifaceted herb to these benefits only. So, if you want to know what ginger is good for, we are giving its best-known benefits below:

Ginger Benefits: It’s Great for Digestion

Relieving gastrointestinal distress is one of the best medicinal uses of ginger. Many recent studies have proven this ability of ginger to reduce gastric contractions and improve bile production. It also helps to control inflammation by improving absorption of food in your body. It breaks down proteins in the body for easy digestion.

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Ginger Tea Benefits in Respiratory Problems

Ginger tea benefits in common cold and cough are highly acclaimed. Intake of this wonderful tea early in the morning helps to reduce congestion caused by cold. It helps to expand the lungs, thus, relieving phlegm and suppressing mucus. Even the patients of asthma can include ginger tea in their daily routine to keep their respiratory problems at bay.

Ginger Improves Immunity and Stamina

In many ways, ginger helps to alleviate some serious health hazards. It helps to improve immunity by fighting bacterial infections. You can take a small piece of ginger daily to ward off the risk of stroke. Ginger is rich in antioxidants that help to reduce fat deposits from arteries.

Uses for Ginger in Fighting Colorectal Cancer

Studies suggest that gingerols compound in ginger helps to fight colorectal cancer. It slows down the growth of or kills the cells causing this type of cancer. The antioxidants in this herb are excellent to prevent cancer in any part of the body.

Uses for Ginger in Relief from Joint Pain

Ginger has a high dose of analgesic and inflammatory compounds that help to relieve arthritis in older age. Use ginger oil to massage your joints or simply add it to your bath.

Ginger Helps to Reduce Pain

Properties of ginger as a potent painkiller are also the time tested. From headache, stomach ache to menstrual cramps, ginger benefits you in several ways. It reduces the synthesis of prostaglandin that in turn helps to relieve pain including severe migraine. For migraine, use fresh ginger paste to apply on your forehead.

Ginger is Exceptional for Relieving Nausea and Vomiting

For any kind or cause of nausea and vomiting, ginger works like a wonder drug. If you suffer from motion sickness or sea sickness, prefer ginger than relying upon over the counter drugs. Just sip a brewing cup of ginger tea before commencing your journey. Even in case pregnancy, it helps to cure nausea. Ginger juice benefits post-operative or post-chemotherapy nausea as well. But here the word of caution says that consult your doctor before taking ginger as sometimes it is associated with clotting of blood in post-operative conditions.

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Ginger Helps to Normalize Blood Circulation

Medicinal uses of ginger also include its ability to regulate blood flow in your body. This herb has a rich storehouse of nutrients like magnesium, zinc, and chromium. All these nutrients help to control blood circulation, thus, preventing fever, undue sweating, and chills.

Ginger is Excellent to Fight Morning Sickness

This herb has been time tested to reduce symptoms of morning sickness in pregnant women. Ginger has immense carminative properties that keep this morning sickness at bay. But if you are pregnant, it is always advisable to ask your doctor before including ginger in your diet. You can avail fresh ginger juice benefits but only in moderate quantity to relieve this problem.

Ginger Helps to Relieve Excessive Stress

The aromatic taste of ginger, when combined with its strong healing properties, makes it an amazing remedy for daily stress as well. Use ginger in any form. Make ginger tea, squeeze fresh ginger juice or apply ginger oil. There are so many ways in which it can reduce tension from your body and mind.

These are miraculous and medically proven benefits of ginger. Ginger nutrition values also vote in its favor. So, why wait? This super herb is easily available at most of your nearby stores. Just keep it stored in your kitchen and it may come handy to treat many health problems due to the inimitable ginger nutrition values.

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful herb that is. I have been taking in ginger as part of my diet and didn’t know it’s benefits until I read this. Honestly, it does wonders and it has helped me in relieving pains in my body.
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  2. Thank you Vatsala Singhania for sharing an amazing home remedy. Typically, ginger, onion widely used in south Asia vastly in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Now, it is scientifically identified that these has huge herbal benefits when it is case of skin related issue. One thing I want to clear i.e. Did you examine this yourself?


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