Healthy Foods That is Good For The Heart!

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  1. Linda Peters says:

    Its always the combination or variety of foods that works rather than a solo food. Your plate should be filled with fruits, vegetables, preferably in the raw state and whole grains. A few permutations and combinations in the heart healthy foods can make a big difference for the cardiovascular health. Healthy Foods That is Good For The Heart! There are many healthy food Fish, Berries, Nuts, Flaxseeds, Beans Leafy, Green Vegetables,Tomatoes,Onions ,Tofu etc for good health . I have been able to follow the above rules for this post .Thank you …

  2. Martin Larson says:

    The Healthy Heart Foods, Thanks Anita. I have a question from some of my on studies. What happened to the research ongoing with the grape muscadine that had the phytochemicals that helped with Catechins- Lower triglyycrides, EIIagic acid- blocked NF-kB, Anthocyanins- Combat mutations, Resveratrol- Activates sirtuins
    Last studies heard of and information 2005 unless I’ve missed it. There was hope in Heart, cancer, Immune, longevity and brain function. Enjoyed your article Anita, Just wondering what happened on those studies since starting them.

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