To undo diabetes, the most powerful way is natural

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A person with prediabetes will find that their blood sugar is higher than the normal range. But there are ways you can undo diabetes naturally. All you need is some effort on your part!

First, make sure that all nutritional needs are met, then start exercising regularly. You’ll be able to reduce cravings and increase energy levels over time. This will help motivate yourself even further into a healthier lifestyle after just one month of consistency in working out.

Here is a weight loss story of two people. One who found success and one that has failed miserably at times. But he always comes back stronger than before to try again until victory is his.

The first one was Mark. He weighed over 450 pounds with high cholesterol levels. His doctor informed him that he would eventually contract heart problems. Perhaps because he drank too much. To add to his woes, he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

John, the second subject in consideration, had type 2 diabetes. If anything, it was his lifestyle to be blamed. Moreover, the kind of work was becoming mundane and very stressful. Acting on the doctor’s advice, he went in for a complete overhaul of himself. He got a new job, joined a skating and volleyball club, began practising meditation. John started to look forward to life like never before. His diabetes then started to take a backseat. Eventually, with a proper diet, medication, exercise, and mental wellbeing observed consistently, John became diabetes-free.

What is Diabetes? Before you learn how to undo diabetes

Imagine a world where you cannot measure your blood sugar. It sounds like something from science fiction. But diabetes affects the lives of over 30 million Americans and another 100 million worldwide! In this day in age, there are many different types for managing High Blood Sugar or HbA1c levels through diet/exercise intervention programs. Some common names that people with diabetes may use include: prediabetes; type 1 & 2 -juvenile-onset (juvenile), maturity-onset; gestational (*gynaecological) DM Type I Diabetes Mellitus, Adult Onset-Non Keto Induced Hyperglycemia

Can you undo diabetes naturally?

Scientists have not yet found a way to cure or reverse Type 1 Diabetes, but there is hope! A person can still live with the condition without taking insulin if their blood sugar levels remain under control for six months. In fact-a, type 2 diabetics may find themselves healthier after losing weight. Exercising helps reduce inflammation that undoes diabetic conditions in your body.

Ways to potentially undo prediabetes

Swapping out high-sugar and trans fat foods for healthier alternatives is a great way to avoid type 2 diabetes. The National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive Kidneys (NIDDK) has recommended that we eat low-fat diets. Reduced calories help in weight loss. You should also pay close attention to what kind of fats are on these dishes. They can make matters worse rather than better. Try cutting them down by half as well so this doesn’t harm things such as heart disease.

Eating fewer carbs; Start to undo diabetes

A low-carb eating plan is the best option for some people with prediabetes. One such diet includes 40–45% of calories coming from carbs. Such diet plans can help reduce blood sugar levels in those with diabetes. The approach is suitable even for those at risk of developing it because their beta cells aren’t running as efficiently. Such a condition could be due to age or genetics (it’s an inherited condition).

Sleep well to undo diabetes

In one study, people with diabetes who insufficiently slept experienced higher blood sugar levels than those getting enough rest. It is also connected to what you’re eating before bedtime. Research shows that sleep deprivation may impair our ability to process food correctly, a causative for weight gain.  

Exercise well to undo diabetes

It’s never too late to get active! Regular exercise, such as walking, can help prevent or reverse prediabetes and insulin resistance. If someone is typically inactive, they should start by taking a 5–10 minute walk on most days of the week. Gradually begin to brisk walk for up to 30 minutes. Get up and move around at least once an hour rather than sitting in one place for long periods. It will also help reduce the risks associated with being overweight.

Losing excess weight; Have a get lost diabetes attitude

10-14 pounds is a lot less than 200! The researchers found that people with prediabetes with just 10 percent weight loss rarely developed Type 2 diabetes over time. If you’re overweight or obese, losing just 5–7 pounds can help you play safe.

Stop smoking; Undo diabetes the smoking gun

Smokers who smoke 20 or more cigarettes per day have up to 40% higher risk of developing diabetes than non-smokers. The association is vital for people with type 2 nicotine-related illnesses such as heart disease and stroke. According to studies done by Harvard Medical School researchers coming in contact with tar from other sources like burning wood can rundown insulin efficacy. The findings indicate many different possible solutions for making better use of our resources while preventing new illnesses.

Moderate drinking; Further moderate it to undo diabetes

The ADA recommends that people with diabetes or prediabetes drink alcohol to moderate it. Moderate drinking can increase blood sugar levels too much for some individuals who have this disease. Drinking can cause people with diabetes to suffer from symptoms, such as headaches and confusion due to high glucose levels.

Reduce stress; Live stress-free, live diabetes-free

People with diabetes often have high blood sugar levels because their bodies release cortisol and adrenaline in response to stress. This can lead not only to prediabetes but also to type 2 -or onward if they’re suffering from ongoing anxiety. Making time for rest will help you better manage your emotions. Learning more about this disease might give some relief, at least emotionally!

Consult a nutritionist

Medical nutrition therapy can help someone lower their blood sugar levels. It will also help meet other goals such as losing weight or reducing high blood pressure by altering what they eat. 

When to consult a doctor

A simple screening test from the CDC can determine if you’re at risk for prediabetes. If your results show an elevated level, it may be wise to consult a doctor.


The good news is that there are ways you can help manage your prediabetes and even prevent it from progressing.

Some lifestyle changes, such as staying active or eating healthier foods, may be enough for some people with early-stage diabetes. But the critical thing they need to remember here is to be diligent about sticking with these practices long-term.

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