Unbeatable Jaggery Benefits That You Didn’t Know Before!

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We normally tend to have a sweet tooth for desserts and sweets.  Too many sweets mean consuming a lot of refined sugar which is not advisable. Hence let us switch to the healthier option, jaggery. Jaggery also called as gur in Hindi is prepared from raw, concentrated sugar cane juice. It is an unrefined sugar which is made by boiling the sugar cane juice till it solidifies and then put into the blocks. Jaggery can also be made from other sources like the coconut sap and date palm. But most probably jaggery is made from the sugar cane juice. Hence let us know what could be the jaggery benefits .

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Jaggery is considered as the closest substitute of sugar and healthy too which do not provide empty calories like sugar but have health benefits. Since jaggery is available in powder, solid and liquid form, its gaining its popularity in terms of healthy usage instead of sugar. Now what could be the nutritional facts of jaggery?

 Jaggery Benefits That You Must Know!
Jaggery Benefits That You Must Know!

Jaggery Nutritional Facts

Jaggery is not processed chemically; hence it is free from any chemical agents that are used in manufacturing sugar. It contains natural mineral salts that are present in decreased quantities in sugar. 10 grams of jaggery provides about 38 calories and contains about 97 percent sugar. Jaggery retains some minerals than sugar. Like it contains Calcium, Magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and sodium. Apart from these, it also contains manganese and selenium in trace amounts.

With impressive nutritional facts available for jaggery, it also contains a number of health benefits.

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Jaggery Benefits For Health

1. Jaggery Prevents Constipation

We tend to eat jaggery after the meals. Why? Jaggery tends to relieve and prevents constipation by stimulating the bowel movements. It also activates digestive enzymes and thus enhances proper digestion of food.

2. Jaggery Prevents From Anemia

The dark colour seen in jaggery is due to the high iron content present in it. It always suggested especially for women to consume jaggery regularly as this could prevent iron deficiency anemia and prevents weakness and tiredness.

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3. Jaggery Improves The Immune System

Jaggery contains antioxidants and consists of zinc and selenium that prevents free radical damage and increases the resistance against immunity. It is an age old remedy to cure cold and cough. You can try jaggery ladoos that will help in treating cold and cough.

4. Jaggery Purifies Blood

Jaggery acts as a purifying agent and helps in the cleansing of our blood. It contains Calcium, zinc and phosphorus which acts as cleansing agent and help in treating rheumatoid disorders and any bile disorders.

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5. Jaggery Beneficial for Hair

Jaggery is a rich source of iron which can be eaten with Vitamin C rich foods like amla and lemon juice. This improves the absorption of iron in the body. It is a good method of getting long, shiny and black hair.

Apart from all the jaggery benefits  for health, jaggery is also beneficial for weight loss.

6. Jaggery Essential for Weight Loss

Jaggery, being high in nutrient content, facilitates easy digestion of food and also flushes out the toxins from the body. It contains potassium that helps in controlling the water retention in our body. The nutrients present in jaggery help in improving the metabolism and maintain the electrolyte balance.  Thus if you dream for a well -toned body, do have jaggery in your diet.

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However, you cannot say all goody goody things about Jaggery. It is essential that we consume jaggery in moderation, as it is slightly higher in calories as it contains 4 kcals per gram. Especially people who are diabetic and on weight loss regime, it is necessary to monitor the consumption of jaggery as it can lead to weight gain and fluctuations in blood sugar level.

Hence with all the precautions kept in mind, we can definitely opt for jaggery as a healthy substitute for sugar.

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