Green Smoothies Benefits – Are They Actually Healthy?

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Is the hot summer, causing you irritation! Have tried those lovely ice-creams, fruit juices, and all sorts of eatables that would give you a relief, but failed? Why not give the green smoothies a trial! For a fact, green smoothies are powerful.

Yes, the healthy green smoothies benefits not only include a respite from the hot climate but also give you amazing health benefits like blood sugar regulation, detoxification, weight loss, etc. The green smoothies are a combination of fruit and green veggies, and consuming them in breakfast would give you a nutritious and healthy start in the morning. Consuming nearly four cups of green smoothie helps in improving your digestion and would also reduce your hankering for junk food. Consume green smoothie on a regular basis and you would surely find enhancement in your health, energy and mental precision.

Green smoothies are powerful; This image talks about the benefits of green smoothies

Green Smoothies Benefits

1. Lose Weight Naturally

Do you want to lose weight without any kind of medications and hard to perform the workouts! Green smoothie is the best ingredient to lose weight naturally. The green smoothies are rich sources of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. Replacing the heavy meals with green smoothies would surely limit those extra calories. Along with this, green smoothies include fruits in it, which are rich sources of fiber. Apart from this, green smoothies also retune your taste bud, as a result, your tummy starts to crave for healthy foods, which limits the intake of junk food in your meals.

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2. Increases The Amount Of Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet

Having a glass of green smoothies in your diet would increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your meals. Having leafy vegetables prevents you from problems like cancer and similar hazardous disorders. Has pineapple, banana, mango or strawberry, the fruits would always be accompanied with green leafy veggies like spinach, kale, etc. Hence, the smoothie would not only give you amazing taste, but would also give your required nutrients for a healthy day.

3. Green Smoothies Benefits Helps Your Body In Detoxifying

Green smoothies have always been a good ingredient to detoxify the body organs. The smoothies are filled with chlorophyll, a master ingredient for detoxifying, which also helps in alkalization of body functions. It also removes the unwanted toxins from the body in a natural way.  The initial drinks may sound boring for you, but as you continue with the drink, you would feel better and more vivacious.

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4. Helps In Getting Rid Of Toxins Or Say Acidic Effects

Green smoothies benefits carry a feature of anti-inflammation. The green leafy vegetables help you to restore the minerals, as well as helping in the elimination of toxic effects coming from acidic meals. Having meals heavy in saturated fats would rise several inflammatory diseases like arthritis, cancer, etc. These inflammatory effects are reversed by including green vegetables in the smoothie. So, next time you think of a smoothie, add green veggies to make it healthier.

5. Green Smoothies Benefits Improves Your Digestion System

As you include spinach, kale or any such green vegetable in the smoothie, it becomes rich in fiber, which helps in flushing the colon and keep your systems moving smoothly. Along with fiber, they are also rich in enzymes with can be digested easily. It also succors in the accumulation of better nutrients. The blending of the green leaves opens up all the nutrients, giving your body quick results.

6. For Clean And Clear Skin

Fruits and green vegetables have always given wondrous advantages to the skin. Including them in the diet gives you radiant skin with utmost clarity in it. The smoothies have fiber in them, which are capable to remove the toxins from the body over kidneys, colon and liver, banning the removal from the skin. The body detoxes through the skin only when your kidney and colon does not work properly. So, help your body detoxify by other means gifting you with a glowing skin.

7. Mental Stability And Attention

Just replace the morning caffeine with a green smoothie for a few days. Did you find any change mentally? Yes, having green smoothie instead of hot coffee or tea in the morning gives you abundant energy and alertness to keep you refreshed throughout the day. It also reduces any kind of nervousness you might be facing. The smoothies contain a good portion of Vitamin B and potassium, which provides your nervous system complete nourishment and also allows a smooth and stable functioning.

8. A Complete Package Of Antioxidants

Green smoothies gift you with antioxidants and phytonutrients. Both the elements are helpful in protecting you from any diseases or illness. It also carries healing properties and works as a shield to protect the DNA from getting damaged from any free radicals. The elements also provide you with a good energy level to keep your body healthy and fit to a great level.

9. Energy Booster

Smoothies come with minerals and vitamins, which are easy to digest. This result to abundantly supply of energy. Smoothies help in quick digestion resulting in clearance of colons, which helps the body to absorb all the required nutrients from the food. As a result, the cells of your body are provided with utmost energy and strength they were looking for. It also includes Vitamin B and magnesium, which also help in boosting the energy and metabolism.

10. Increases The Intake Of Nutrients In Your Diet

Green smoothies are completely packed with various nutrients. Carry any of the ingredients for making a yummy smoothie, and you shall give your tummy nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K, Vitamin B, Vitamin K and folate. It also includes minerals like iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, etc. Blending of the fruits and vegetables would break the cells the plants contain and improve your digestive system.

11. Makes Your Immune System Strong

Increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables help your body in remaining fit and healthy for a long time. The minerals, antioxidants and vitamins it includes in your daily nutrition, along with other compounds help your body to fight and protest against the diseases. This means, it makes your immune system strong enough to fight against any sickness. When citrus fruits, ginger and cranberries are included in the smoothies, it helps in boosting your immune system too.

12. To Make Your Bones Healthy And Resilient

The green smoothies benefits come as a rich ingredient of minerals, and calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are important among them. All these nutrients are obtained in a good quantity from the smoothie, which hold a vital role in the building of the bones. They help the bones to maintain their stout and remain healthy.

Along with all these, green smoothies benefits for health  like lowering high cholesterol, reducing high blood pressure, supporting the gut health, helps in keeping the skin, hair and nails healthy and clear, reduces cravings, prevention from chronic diseases and therapeutic benefits, protects vision, help in seasonal allergies, and much more.

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Debates Related to the Side Effects of Green Smoothies

No doubt green smoothies are filled with various health benefits, but in the same way, it also has few side effects that should be known before you start consuming it on a regular basis. There are various confusions related to the intake of green smoothies, among which some are as below.

1. Green Smoothies Contain Sugar In Bulk

Green smoothies are a mixture of fruits and green leafy veggies. Hence, it provides you with a large amount of calorie, which later turns into carbohydrates, especially when sweet fruits are included in it. The sweet fruits are rich in sugars, and hence, including such smoothies in your daily diet is surely harmful. It is also recommended to have natural sugar instead of adding sugar to the smoothie, which would be preferred for the patients of obesity and diabetes too.

2. Does Eating Salad Reduce More Calories Or Having Green Smoothies?

Both the salads and the green smoothies come with an equal number of calories with it. However, some think that having salads would reduce more calories as the process of chewing burns it. But the fact is that, the green smoothies give you calories, which are already broken and hence, would get digested quickly as compared to the salads. It is also recommended to keep and active lifestyle along with the green smoothies for quick results in reducing calories indirectly reducing weight.

3. Green Smoothies Have Carbohydrates. Don’t They Increase Weight?

Yes, it is true that green smoothies have a good number of carbohydrates in them. However, people have a myth that the carbohydrates increase the weight of the body. Instead, calories are responsible for increasing the body weight. When it comes to carbohydrates, the smoothies contain carbohydrates that are good, and hence, they gift you with all the good elements for a healthy day. Green smoothie is included in a low-carb diet, which helps in reducing the weight.

4. What Should Be Ratio Of Fruits And Veggies In The Green Smoothie?

On a general basis, there is no proper ratio available for fruits and vegetables, while making your favorite green smoothie. You can increase the quantity of fruits or veggies depending on the flavor you prefer. However, if you are having some kind of disorder, the ratio might be affected. The people having diabetes should include fruits and veggies that are low in carb as increase in the carb levels would increase the sugar level, which would be a problem for them. Similarly, if you are looking for weight loss smoothies, make sure your ratio for fruits and green leafy veggies is 60:40, which would keep your tummy avoiding heavy meals. The people suffering from blood pressure problems should also avoid sugar rich smoothies.

5. Does Green Smoothie Have Any Adverse Effect On Your Teeth?

The sugars in the fruits you use to make your smoothie get blended. As a result, they don’t get in contact with your teeth at all, neither they lead to tooth decay also. But green smoothie also includes nuts in them, which can lead to dental disorders. To avoid such problems, it is highly recommended to maintain regular dental care. The smoothies contain good elements like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which boost the strength of your teeth, but poor dental care might damage them leading to dental problems.

There are also many more debatable questions related to the green smoothies benefits, which need good clarification. There are people around who feel chewing salads would give them more benefits, while the fact is that blending the ingredients for a healthy smoothie would certainly be more beneficial as the elements would get easily digested and the body would absorb more nutrients as compared to the salads. Green smoothies are the best way to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet for a healthy reward.

Sources For A Healthy Green Smoothie

As everyone knows, green smoothies are made by blending fruits and green vegetables for a healthy start of the day. However, apart from all these ingredients, there are few other ingredients too, which would add some taste to your smoothie, as well as, would also provide you with some extra nutrients.

  • Add some oats to your green smoothie, which would help in the removal of bad cholesterol and also would reduce the cholesterol level in your body. the fiber it provides you with also would keep hunger far away from you.
  • Nuts are also added to the green smoothies, which would add some fiber, antioxidant and Vitamin E to your drink. This would really work well on your fatty acids and reduce the chances of heart attacks.
  • Flax seeds are added to the smoothies for the people who have complains of heart problems. The omega fatty acids it contains also brings fiber along with it, protecting you from heart problems.
  • Adding a good source of flavonoids to your smoothie would surely help you in reducing the blood pressure. The antioxidants present in blueberries would give a purplish blush to your drink reducing the pressure related problems.
  • Similar to blueberries, citrus is also beneficial to maintain a healthy heart. It contains Vitamin C and fiber, which are beneficial antioxidants for your heart.
  • This might shock you, but adding some dark chocolate to your smoothie would not do you any harm. It contains a rich amount of phenols, which protect from clogging arteries. You can also have dark chocolate even if you are using green smoothies to reduce your weight.

Thus we have seen green smoothies benefits. So, what are you waiting for! Try your favorite green smoothie recipe and bequest yourself a healthy and delicious morning for a wonderful and fit day.

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