Amazing Guava Juice Benefits That Everyone Should be Aware of!

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Guava is the king of winter fruits, with various health and skin benefits. Popularly known as Amrood, the fruit is often oversighted due to its hard texture and tough seeds. But the various assets it carries would for surely encourage you to have it in your regular diet. Not as a processed item, but having it raw, is recommended to avoid the extra sugar it may carry in jams jellies. The diet conscious youth are aware of the guava juice benefits and hence, prefer to go for it rather than having it as a fresh fruit.

Thinking what is guava juice good for? The guava juice consists of natural sugar, Minerals and Vitamins which prove to be beneficial in several ways. Let’s have a look at the treasures hidden in Guava juice benefits.

Nutrients Obtained from Guava Juice or Raw Guava

Guava Juice Benefits

1. Rich Source of Vitamin C

Guava juice contains Vitamin C in high quantity. The guava juice has the capability to hinder the growth of cancer cells. Yes, it’s true. It best for prostate cancer, oral cancer and breast cancer as proved by various studies. They are much more effective than the various chemical medicines recommended by the doctors. The lycopene in the guava juice helps to fight against the prostate cancer and breast cancer with its powerful antioxidants.

The guava juice contains Vitamin C four times more than that of oranges and hence boosts your immune system to fight the procreation of radicals. The free radicals are the basic causes of cancer and heart diseases and guava juice works well on them.

So, include guava juice or guava in your diet and keep your body healthy and free from cancer.

2. Fiber for Strong Digestive System

Guavas are the best for giving fiber to your body. Fiber is the best source when you are trying to control the sugar levels in your body. It also helps best for the people who are over-weight or obese. The fruit or juice contains a lesser number of digestive carbohydrates and zero amount of cholesterol. It controls the metabolism and helps to improve your digestive system.

Fiber through guava juice also helps in controlling diabetes. It lessens the chances of spikes and lowers the amount of insulin in the body along with the glucose level which helps your body to consume the sugar easily. The guava juice benefits also works for the people who have a regular complaint of constipation and controls the high blood pressure.

3. Copper for Thyroid Problems

Guava is also considered as a good source of copper nutrients. Copper helps to regulate the metabolism related to thyroid. It controls the production of hormone and its absorption in the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland looks after regulating the functions of the organs and the hormones. Hence, it helps your body to balance your health in several ways.

4. Rich Source of Potassium

The Potassium in guava is beneficial in weight loss and helps to burn the excess fat and building the muscles mass. The guava juice also helps to regulate the blood circulation in the body, and also in controlling the blood pressure. The potassium also helps as an antioxidant to control the aging problems.

Apart from all these Guava juice benefits, it also helps in controlling the disorders like diarrhea and dysentery by toning the digestive system and working on the infections.

5. Guava and Vitamin A

Guavas contain Vitamin A which are very beneficial for a healthy vision. It reduces the display of cataracts and the macular degeneration which are helpful to give you a clear vision. It works the best for degraded eyesight by improving it.

The guava when used as a face mask, gives amazing results to fight against premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles and any skin disorders. The Guava juice benefits also work for giving your hair fine growth and maintaining its shine and healthiness.

6. Folate and Magnesium

The guava juice is also rich in the folate and magnesium level it includes. The magnesium is the best nutrient to deal with the muscles and the nervous system of the body. After completing a stress full day of hard work, a glass of guava juice would surely get your muscles, nervous system and stress level to a relaxed level. It is a best and natural energy booster.

While talking about the folate it contains, it is helpful in increasing the fertility. Folate is a mineral which works on the fertility level of a body. The intake of guava juice would directly affect the fertility level in the human body and help it to increase its counts.

Apart from all the above guava nutrition facts, guava juice is also rich in basic ingredients like proteins, water, ash, different levels of fats, omega 3, various Vitamins and minerals etc. Use if raw or red ripe, it carries equal substance in it which helps your body in several ways.

Health Benefits of Guava as a Fruit or in the Form of Juice

  • Guava is the best to improve the immune system of the body. It also helps in the protection your immune system from any kind of infections or pathogens.
  • It lowers the growth of cancer cells in your body. It works the best for breast cancer, oral cancer and prostate cancer.
  • It helps in regulating the sugar levels in your body, and hence, controls the diabetes level.
  • Works effectively on the people having hypertension. It works on the blood pressure, adverse cholesterol and the triglycerides.
  • Guava juice has a direct effect on the digestive system of the human body. Due to this, it works effectively on the constipation problems and helps to digest the ingested intake whether it is chewed or whole.
  • Similar to the carrots, guava juice also is the best for getting a healthy eyesight. It works well for the eyesight which is degraded.
  • Guava is a rich source of folic acid and Vitamin B9. These nutrients are highly recommended to the women who are pregnant. It helps the infant to develop a strong nervous system protecting it from any nervous disorders.
  • Although the guava has a hard texture, which is hard to eat for few, the guava juice is also a good fighter of tooth related problems. It cures the swollen gums, oral ulcers, kills germs and other infections, toothaches etc.
  • The guava juice benefits help to regain the lost freshness to the body and deals with the stress level also. It boosts the energy level after a long hard-working day.
  • Guavas also contain niacin and pyridoxine which are good sources for the brain development. It helps in exhilarating the cognitive functions of the brain and helps the nerves to relax. This leads to proper blood circulation in the brain and rest of the body.
  • Guava helps in shedding down the extra calories in your body. It increases the body metabolism and also controls the appetite. For people using guava for weight loss, have it as a raw fruit.
  • The guava contains iron which is helpful for cold and cough. Take it as a fruit, juice or use the leaves of guava, to get rid of viral infections in the respiratory system, mucus, lungs and throat.

Guava Juice Benefits For Skin

  • The pink guava contains lycopene which is a protecting shield against the UV rays and the pollution in the air.
  • The rich Vitamins in the guava fights against wrinkles and fine lines very dramatically. It is also the best to repair the damaged DNA cells of the face, helping them to increase and develop.
  • Guava when mixed with other organic ingredients help in toning the skin and giving it a beautifying touch.
  • Guava juice is also a remedy for the skin having acne, dark spots and under eye dark circles. The water in the guava helps in hydrating your skin for a glorious natural looking face.
  • The guava juice is also the best treatment for skin problems like spider veins, irritation, redness, splotches, blackheads, rosacea and much more in an organic manner.

Henceforth, guava helps in a productive manner to heal several problems. There are several types of guavas available in the market like Chinese Guava, Apple Guava, Mountain Guava, Strawberry Guava, Lemon Guava, Green apple Guava, Granny smith Guava and much more. Hence, you should select them according to the problem you are going to deal with. Guava – a small fruit with various features! Why not benefit with it avoiding the harsh chemicals for a natural therapy!

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