Top 11 Energy Boosting Foods That You Should Know!

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Energy boosting foods, know any?

Know what time it is though? It is 4 o’ clock, the time when students crawl back to their ‘shelters’, when working parents return from their daily chaos of putting up with Roger/Emily, those annoying office scanners that just won’t shut up about the importance of 17th Century Oil Paintings in their RVs done by his/her once mattering family members.

We daresay that after all this you have no desire to know about the energy boosting foods! But here is where things get really out of our united clumsy hands, as working natural machines we need some good nutrients to keep it going, because even though hitting 4 in the clock may hint end of your today’s shift but that doesn’t mean that your job is over, not for a student and certainly not for parents.

Energy Boosting Foods

So the thing most easily ditched and forgotten here is each individual’s health, making do with whatever you can whip up in the kitchen or getting a take-away, maybe some instant foods and caffeine based substitutes are really not what hold up your inner health and energy bar in the long run.

Which is seriously a troubling matter because over time that lack of proper energy, gaps up and fast food by-product garbage starts to build up inside our body, which very easily to imagine, leads to all sorts of future ailments to our retirement vacation plans which apparently we all have…

Did you aware about the amazing health health benefits of seed?  We will tell you here in detail about 7 super seeds…

“Hey honey let’s save money to go to the Bahamas, after we are 90,000 years old!”


The point is very simple in today’s so fast style of living and so many responsibilities to take care of, it seems almost laughable to even stop and think about a proper healthy diet to keep our energy levels going all naturally and smoothly, and we understand being very hard working internet writers ourselves…sort of!

So here are some great energy boosting foods and are easy to locate in your grocery store and are high as nuts when it comes to releasing natural energy into your bloodstream (and by some foods we meant 11 precisely!).

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11 Best Energy Boosting Foods

1. Bananas


  • Bananas are one of nature’s Gatorades, they are full of energy, natural sick amount of energy that instantly give you an energy booster like you are high on sugar or something, comprised of only natural sugars like glucose, fructose and sucrose plus fibers, that right there is the blueprint of natural energy!
  • Mix them with some peanut butter or walnuts or take them with milk and people…feel the magic, one of the best energy boosting foods!

2. Oranges


The unofficial king of fruits, oranges are insanely high in Vitamin C, folate and potassium. It sorts of balances out the energy levels over time instead of giving you a quick sugar booster. Take one whole and then keep one with you for late, because they are tasty as crazy!

3. Spinach


  • Spinach is truly one mad energy booster of nature, so much so, that the world famous Popeye cartoon is based around this vegetable.
  • A huge releaser of iron in our body, one bowl of spinach salad and you are all right to go for the rest of your day!
  • One of many strong natural foods that give you energy hike!

4. Apples

Apples are famous for that proverb, an apple a day keeps the lawyers away, maybe it was that, we don’t know but it had something to do with health and this proverb sorta takes the first prize in our heads.


Yes apple are high in fibers, they take longer to digest and thus they keep you up more than any fruit mentioned here, take some cheese with apples as well for some seriously tasty and high power energy pick-me-ups!

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5. Honey


  • One large spoonful of Honey is a magic energy supplement and nutritional drink that is all natural and tasty without any side effects!
  • Honey is a great fuel for those who workout and need to build up mass so you can easily imagine how much of energy booster Honey can be!
  • A natural sweet and tasty food that gives you energy for the day!

6. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are super high in Carbohydrates (energy containers), are loaded with beta carotene (Vitamin As) and Vitamin Cs, easily distinguishable as serious energy packs!


Here is one cool idea, instead of regular potatoes, try sweet potatoes to make French fries by either oil or baking, they are healthier!

7. Salmon


  • Salmon is one sick storage of Omega 3 fatty acids, don’t mind the words fatty here, they are not what you are thinking here, fatty acids reduce your cholesterol levels and lowers your heart disease risks!
  • But here is the kick of this, they also contain a staggering amount of protein, niacin, Vitamin B6 and riboflavin, all of them help your body convert foods into raw energy that you eat!
  • Some salmon and brown rice and here is a meal that is delicious and energy mine!
  • One of the natural sea food that gives you energy, tasty delicious energy!

8. Yogurt

Yogurt are natural antacids, they are super good for your stomach related conditions plus they are full of energy as well, duh, rich in magnesium which is important for the release of energy inside us, they also contain a hefty dose of calcium inside them, calcium just like dogs are the best friend of men, calcium is the best friend of women!


A friend that doesn’t ruin your drapes while you are out!

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9. Eggs

They contain the highest amount of whole proteins, more than any food, a whopping 97% of that protein is soaked in directly inside your body!


Two to three eggs alone can provide a total of 30% of your daily need of protein, not only that, eggs also have amino acids in them that are helpful in building muscle tissues, it doesn’t matter how you eat them, they are truly an everyone’s everything when it comes to health!

10. Ginger Tea

Instead of coffee, we advice Ginger Tea! First it does not interrupt your inner clock, increases your heart rate and restlessness.


Ginger tea contains antioxidants and natural nutrients that give super boost and unlike caffeine, they are safe and sound. Just some ginger juice, lemon juice and throw them in the tea mix and yummy health is ready for the day!

11. Nuts

All sorts of nuts like peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts and hazelnuts are high in magnesium and fibers, which is easy to see that they make some really good energy boosting foods plus they are easy to carry around and consume anytime and anywhere!


Here we are done now with some amazing natural energy boosting foods to destroy that mid-day slump and keep you in a good mood and energy level, remember that its in your hand to practice a good health for the sake of your loved ones for whom you have decided to do all the best of you!

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