Food Myths and Facts That You Must Know…

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3 Responses

  1. Mohandas varier says:

    Good findings.Please give your findings regularly.

  2. TS Muraleedharan says:

    An interesting and timely write-up. Is there any seasonal preference for particular fruits and particular foods items?

    May be, something could be highlighted about the possible pesticide content of fruits etc available in the market these days. That will be greatly useful to the reader.

  3. Anita Varier says:

    Thank you. It is always effective , economical and healthy to have seasonal foods rather than having non seasonal foods that have many additives for better shelf life. Where we should prefer watermelon, musk melon , cucumber during summer to compensate for the fluid losses, we should pick up oranges, grapes, carrots and green peas which will enhance our immune system during winters.
    We will try our best to touch upon the topic on pesticide content in fruits.

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