11 Proven Benefits of Fish Oil That You Didn’t Know!

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There are many foods that offer various health benefits for humans, but you will find it tough to get something that is as beneficial as fish oil. It is basically a form of fatty acid that is extracted from tissues of various oily fish species.  The proven benefits of fish oil in ingredients like DHA and EPA, which are commonly called the omega-3 fatty acids.

How to Consume Fish Oil?

To get the multiple fish oil benefits, you can choose from various means.

  • Eating fresh fish like salmon, mackerel and herring etc.
  • Consuming fish oil supplements.
  • Taking fish oil pills.

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Let’s Know Fish Oil Benefits For Health!

Proven benefits of fish oil

1. Healthy Cholesterol Levels

People are quite conscious about cholesterol these days. However, it is important for any individual to have healthy cholesterol levels in the body. In taking fish oil can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels in your body. It is one of the major fish oil benefits.

2. Enhanced Bone Health

Having healthy bones is important for adults, more so for elderly women. Strong bone can help evade ailments like osteoporosis. Apart from taking calcium supplements, you should eat oily fish or take fish oil capsules to develop stronger bones. Studies have shown intake of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid helps balance calcium levels in the human body. In particular, a study conducted in 2012 by the university of Bristol has corroborated this claim.

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3. Fight Ageing

Aging is something no one can escape, man or woman! Yet people leave no stone unturned to combat the signs of aging. While you may resort to using all those OTC skin care products or apply botox to look younger, consuming the right kind of foods is also important to fight signs of aging. Studies have hinted at a link between fish oil and health.

4. Enhance Weight Loss Process

Obesity is one major health problem that has become a menace for the medical community. Literally, it affects every age group and finding a sure fire way to stop it seems tough. While trying various diets and exercises can help, it is also prudent to try using fish oil for weight loss. Combining exercise and fish oil can be quite beneficial, as per a study carried out by researchers at the University of South Australia. You can also take fish oil supplements for weight loss.

5. Enhances Brain Functions

With age, the effects of ageing set in and they are not limited to your skin alone! The impact falls on the brain and nervous system as well. The studies have indicated the benefits of taking fish oil for brain functions. Elderly people who take fish oil or supplements suffer less from the condition known as brain shrinking. It helps people cope with cognitive decline and memory loss related conditions. It is also possible that using fish oil in diet can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease in elderly people.

6. Heart Health Benefits

Heart problems crop up as people age and millions of women and men cope with myriads of cardiac disorders and conditions nowadays. They can experience fish oil benefits by eating oily fish species or taking supplements. Studies have shown the intake of Omega 3 fatty acids on a regular basis can help people combat the onset of cardiovascular conditions and ailments. It has been corroborated by the American heart Association as well. Preliminary trials have shown using the fish oil can thwart atherosclerosis in coronary disease affected a lot.

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7. Immunity Benefits

If you are thinking what are the fish oil benefits apart from aiding weight loss and improving brain functions, be aware there are much more! One of the most important benefits of fish oil pills is that these helps to enhance immunity level. When your immunity gets a boost you are less likely to fall prey to ailments like flu, coughs and cold. You will cope better with respiratory infections as well.

8. Protects Against Inflammation Related Conditions

Inflammations related conditions like arthritis affect a lot of people nowadays. Apart from using medications and treatments, you can resort to eating oily fish. The benefits of fish oil supplements extend to fighting inflammatory ailments as well. It is also effective in bringing relief from myriads of gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, and Celiac disease, etc. When you start taking a fish oil supplement, the need to use NSAIDs to get relief from inflammatory conditions reduce, studies have indicated. Australia-based University of Newcastle and Royal Adelaide Hospital has reported the positive effect of fish oil on arthritis patients.

9. Useful for Fighting Stress and Depression

A number of studies have shown using the fish oil can be beneficial in battling bouts of depression and anxiety. With billions of people coping with such conditions nowadays, using the fish oil can be advantageous. Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine researchers has said in a research publication named “Fish Oils and Bipolar Disorder: A Promising but Untested Treatment” fish oil can be good for mood boosting. People who eat fish tend to suffer less from negativity and anxiety, as it has been seen.

10. Boosts Eye Health

With age, a lot of people become subjected to vision related problems. Eating fish oil can help them in battling eye related degenerative ailments better. A study report suggests that consuming an omega-3 fatty acid supplement can reduce symptoms of dry eyes. While Omega-3 supplements are generally considered safe if we consume them in balanced quantity. Since fish oil contains two Omega-3 fatty acids it is considered as a good option to treat dry eyes issue.

11. Treats ADHD

A section of kids nowadays gets afflicted with ADHD, which make the parents worried. Giving fish to such kids can help them cope with attention deficit related problems and they may see improvements in concentration.

Side Effects of Fish Oil

While eating fish oil can be advantageous and the link between fish oil and weight loss has been established you need to be aware of side effects too. You should not replace vegetable oils with fish oil entirely because eating vegetable oil also brings health benefits. Fish oil side effects can take place mostly when you consume it in excess amounts. The purity of fish oil that you consume also needs to be evaluated. Some deep water fish species contain elevated levels of mercury and eating them can lead to health issues. You should buy fish oil supplements after adequate research to be on the safe side.

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