12 Health Benefits of Coconut Water that You Didn’t Know!

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Who does not love to sip on some coconut water on a sunny day? Coconut water hands down is the next best thirst quencher after a glass of sparkling cold water. But did you also know that coconut water is not just a refreshing drink, but also a healthy drink? Surprised? What is the health benefits of coconut water, you may ask. Do not be surprised with the answer you get!

Not only is coconut water an affordable drink, it is also replete with properties that will do wonders to your health and body! Read on to know more about the many benefits of coconut water. The list is not a mere half a dozen benefits, for this drink that has been touted to be replete in minerals can be used to even treat several ailments!

12 Coconut Water Health Benefits

health benefits of coconut water

1. Coconut Water Boosts Immunity

Known as Noelani, in the tropical islands of Hawaii, which means Dews from Heaven, this drink lives up to its name. It is an elixir that will boost your immunity. Coconut water has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiprotozoal properties thanks to Lauric acid that is found in high percentages in this drink.
Drinking this drink on a regular basis translates to helping your body in guarding itself against microbial attacks and thereby strengthening your immune system. Pregnant women are often suggested that they drink coconut water as it helps keep infections at bay!

2. Coconut Water Helps in Weight Loss

While some may think that coconut water is only popular in the Indian subcontinent, you will be surprised to know that this healthy drink is now the talk of the town in most countries, and for good reason. Apart from the many health benefits this drink offers, it also helps aid in weight loss! Wondering how? The answer is simple! The fat content in coconut water is almost nil, so you can safely gulp down generous quantities of the drink, without worrying about piling up pounds. Also being a rich drink, it suppresses hunger pangs, and therefore you are less likely to binge on junk.

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3. Coconut Water Improves Digestion

If you watched the blockbuster Piku and relate to it at some level, then coconut water is a drink you should try. Being high on fibre, coconut water is no less than a wonder drink for those who suffer from frequent episodes of constipation. It also aids in reducing incidents of acid reflux and prevents indigestion, when consumed regularly. Many users will also claim that they feel less bloated and relief from other symptoms of indigestion.

4. Coconut Water Reduces Blood Pressure

We all know that it is when the electrolyte levels in the body are disrupted, it causes a spike in blood pressure. Coconut water is rich in vital minerals that together help in stabilizing and fostering an optimum balance of electrolytes in the body, and thereby regulating blood pressure in a natural way.

5. Natural Hydrating Agent

Many sports persons will agree that coconut water makes a great substitute for water and other energy drinks after a rigorous workout. An intensive workout makes the body lose mineral-rich fluids, that water alone cannot replace. Nutritionists claim that a glass of coconut water contains 294 mg of potassium and just 25 mg of sodium. It also replenishes the body with 5mg of natural sugar per serving, making it a healthier energy drink than off the shelf energy fluids.

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6. Improves brain and nervous system functioning

Potassium in coconut water helps the brain and nervous system function optimally. One serving of this wonder drink has a whopping 13% potassium, that covers your daily dosage of this vital mineral.

7. Compatible with human blood

Now this one may come as a surprise, but studies do suggest that coconut oil can be used safely as an intravenous fluid as it is isotonic to human plasma. Many developing countries use this drink to save lives!

8. Keeps Several Diseases at Bay

The health benefits of coconut water are known worldwide. Its ability to keep several diseases in check has been seconded by both doctors and nutritionists. A drop in magnesium levels in the body can lead to life-threatening health ailments like diabetes, osteoporosis and even asthma. A glass of coconut water with breakfast supplements your body with approximately 15% of your daily magnesium needs. Doctors also vouch for coconut water being an effective natural treatment for kidney stones.

9. Natural Skin Care With Coconut Water

The benefits of drinking coconut water are not limited to only health. This refreshing drink can also do wonder in treating acne and other skin conditions. Even a stubborn case of acne can be treated effectively by combining coconut water with turmeric and red sandalwood. A face pack made of the mentioned ingredients will help clear up your skin and bring a glow to your face.

10. Coconut Water Fights Hair Loss

It is one of the great benefits of coconut water. If you suffer from dull and frizzy hair, save up some of your drink for your hair! You heard it right, do not gulp down your glass of coconut water, instead massage it into your head. Your tresses will become more manageable and soft. The lauric acid present in coconut water will address hair loss issues and prevent breakage.

11. Makes Your Bones Stronger

Coconut water is rich in potassium, magnesium and copper. But did you know that this cooling drink has high doses of calcium? This helps in making your bones stronger and also helps in foetus growth if you are an expectant mother!

12. Relieves Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps are generally caused by a deficiency of potassium. We already discussed that coconut water is rich in potassium. If you are suffering from muscle cramps and are looking for an instant relief, gulp down a glass of coconut water! Simple, as that!

Apart from the above-mentioned health benefits, coconut water also helps in removing skin tan. Promotes hair growth improves cardiovascular health and boosts metabolism of the body.  The nutritional value of coconut water is very high and has no side effects associated with regular consumption.  Please find below, coconut water, nutrition facts, that will back up our claims!

Now that you know how coconut water can change the way you look and feel, try it today!

Nutrient Value Chart of Coconut Water and Percentage of RDA

Nutrient Value Chart of Coconut Water and Percentage of RDA
Nutrient Value Chart of Coconut Water and Percentage of RDA

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