8 Basic Reasons for Hair Loss That Everyone Should Aware Of!

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Regaining the lost hair back is one hell of a problem and a time investing and patience-demanding task in itself. Today endless treatments, medical and chemical are available to help people facing the problem of hair fall. But at the end of the day it is the time-tested reliability and faith we have on DIY Homemade Hair Masks and other remedies to prevent and stop Hair Loss that helps us to handle hair loss and pump up the speed of hair growth. We are here at your service to get you right out of this dilemma of how to get rid of this mind boggling issue of hair loss. But first, let us have a quick look, in the first place as, reasons for Hair Loss.

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It is each and every person’s desire to have healthy and well-nourished hair. A fabulous, hale and hearty mane adds to the charm and appeal to anybody’s personality, and Hair Loss is a major roadblock to achieving this purpose.

Reasons for Hair Loss

Knowing the reason for Hair Loss and finding the reason why is Hair Loss happening is the first step towards treating it. Proper diagnosis is essential for Hair Loss in order to give the right treatment.

Basic reasons for hair loss

1. Stress

The most dreaded yet the most common reasons for hair loss is stress. Whether on the personal level or the professional level, stress has the most deadly effect on our system and well being. And whether on the physical level. if you had the flu, a surgery or even a road accident and on the emotional level i.e. if you are tensed about an upcoming interview or exam or even if you are a part of a strained relationship, get ready to shed your hair because the life cycle that your hair follows of Growth-Rest-Shedding gets pushed forcibly because of stress, thereby resulting in Hair Loss.

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2. Genetic Bane

Have you ever said to your friend in a conversation “I have my dad’s hair” meaning you possess hair structure and growth patterns similar to that of your Father. Here the role of Genetics enters for Hair Loss. Genes are a majorly important to decide whether you should be blessed or not with good quantity and quality of hair.

3. Hormonal Imbalance

Under or overproduction of Estrogen, may lead to Hair Loss in women and testosterone in men, and imbalance of other such hormones in the body may lead to excessive Hair Loss. Hair Loss in women may also be experienced when undergoing pregnancy, as the body goes through numerous changes on a physical an emotional platform, thereby affecting the stress levels and resulting in Hair Loss.

4. Excessive Styling

6 out of 10 women undergo Hair Loss due to a flood of chemicals, styling products and sprays, hot irons, chemical treatments. In the process of walking on the fashion path, all of these reasons also become the reasons of the weakening of roots and stoppage of hair follicles growth. Eventually, what happens is damaged and dry hair that easily breaks from the scalp, in short, Hair Loss.

Hair damaging hairstyles and accessories like tugging your rubber band with the force out of your hair causes hair breakage. Use of pins that lack smooth ball tipped surface and do not have a spongy texture where the hair would be clipped in, also lead to hair breakage. Scrunchies and rubber bands should be worn in different parts of the scalp. Too much combing and brushing in dried and wet hair leads to Hair Loss.

5. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Hair Loss is guaranteed if you do not take the necessary diet according to your body type. In order to prevent Hair Loss. Essential nutrients like Potassium, Minerals, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins A, C, has D and E and even some amount of Fats and other nutrients should form the core of your diet. Hair Loss in women can also happen if the menstrual cycle is disturbed and irregular. Physical exertion and movement and exercise are almost gone out of the window, with today’s sedentary work life. Deficiency of certain nutrients can cause Hair Loss.

6. Side Effect of Diseases or Medication

Hair Loss can happen as a side effect of Hypothyroidism, Anaemia, Steroid Injections or medication processes like Chemotherapy or during other illnesses. When certain drugs are introduced in the body, a number of changes are bound to happen. These changes harm the regular working of all systems thereby leading to Hair Loss.

7. Age

Half women of the world go berserk when they hear the word “Age”. Teenagers face the problem of Hair Loss due to the numerous changes the body exhibits in the form of physical, mental, emotional and hormonal. Puberty years are the most formative yet fragile years of a person’s life. Thus, all the mental fatigue results in circumstances that invite Hair Loss. On the contrary, when age increases greying of hair comes along with Hair Loss too. Menopausal phase brings a number of changes in women and thus comes Hair Loss.

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8. Infections

Many a times we fail to shampoo and cleanse our scalp in a proper way. The endless amount is hairsprays, serums and leave-in-conditioners make way to our main. Naturally released oil in the scalp along with pollutants in the air like dust and chemicals, mix with sweat and make the surface of the scalp grimy, oily and greasy. With all of this collected residue on the scalp call for complete chances of Hair Loss.

No matter how much of care and attention is paid to your hair, some time or the other in life you are bound to fall in this trap of Hair Loss. These are some of the most common and widespread reasons for hair loss.  We know you are always in the search for reasons for hair loss & ways on how to stop hair, Loss? Endless treatments and home remedies can be used to treat Hair Loss.

So do not get disappointed and let down by the circumstances, there is always a way out of every situation and so is the case with Hair Loss.

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