Do You Know the Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth and All Other Hair Problems?

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A healthy hair depicts the beauty in an individual. Maintaining a healthy routine through some essential oils for hair growth can prevent hair fall and other associated problems. Hair fall and dandruff is a prevailing issue and has become a part of life. In men, hair fall will ultimately lead to baldness. Hair has its own unique usefulness for the body and losing the same is not a good sign. About 22% women in the world suffer from this problem and the attitude to deal with same remains casual until a major consequence. Essential oils for hair growth and hygiene are readily available. Scroll below to more about the problem and its solutions.

What Could be the Common Reasons for Hair Fall?

essential oils for hair growth

Few top reasons for hair fall are:

  • Hereditary Genes: Often, hair loss is considered hereditary. The fact is also proven by experts and research. However, the same can be controlled through a lot of ways.
  • Stress: Hectic lifestyles and work schedules involve a lot of stress. Stress can be a potential reason for hair loss.
  • Other Health Issues: Various diseases and their medication often cause hair fall. For e.g. thyroid issues, typhoid, etc.

So, it becomes quite mandatory that hair care is to be taken seriously. Essential oils for hair regrowth and essential oils for baldness are available just next door. Go grab them! And solve the pressing issue.

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Essential Oils for Hair Growth

1. Lavender Oil


This natural oil is an essential oil for baldness. The oil is extracted form a flower called Lavandula angustifolia. The oil has a characteristic sweet smell and helps prevent hair fall. It promotes hair growth and also improves the blood circulation. Another advantage of this hair oil is that it can be used for both a dry scalp and an oily scalp. The anti-microbial property of the same prevents the growth of various microbes on the dry scalp and heals the scalp. This property in synergy to all prevents hair fall and promotes hair regrowth. It is definitely the best choice among the essential oils for hair growth.

2. Cedar Wood Oil


One stop for a complete solution to hair problems is cedar wood oil. This is an essential oil for baldness. Cedar wood oil when applied to bald spots will stimulate a rapid hair follicle growth that will in turn promote hair growth. The beauty of the oil is that it controls dandruff production to a large extent. How this is achieved? Well, cedar wood well will strike a perfect balance between the dry and the oily side of the scalp. Once the balance is arrived, the dandruff will stop reappearing. This oil when combined with other oils e.g. lavender, gives the best benefit.

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3. Rosemary Oil


With a minty odor, rosemary oil is extracted from a herb called Rosemarinus officinalis. The oil is a power package of anti-oxidants, hence maintains the overall health for the hair. Rosemary’s oil is anti-dandruff in nature and it prevents excessive damages through dandruff to the skin. This oil tones down the sebum glands and opens up the closed pores that can cause acne or itchy skin. Too much itching might damage the scalp and invite other problems.

4. Chamomile Use


This oil has a characteristic aroma and is very famous among females. The oil also possesses some calming and relaxing properties which will give your scalp a soothing effect. These components are also essential to remove the dead scalp and detoxification. If you have a normal and fine hair, then this essential oil for hair growth will be a definite solution.

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5. Clary Sage


This oil will have a characteristic herbal smell and is extracted form salvia sclarea. This oil is highly concentrated with phytoestrogen and is believed to be the most beneficial for hair growth and prevent hair fall. This oil has direct impact on sebum production and dandruff control. It can also be used for both dry and wet scalps.

6. Lemon Oil


Essential hair oil for hair regrowth, this oil is extracted from the citrus fruit of lemon. It is useful in the prevention of dandruff thereby protecting the roots of the hair. The lime content is also considered as an antiseptic and thus protects the scalp from infection and dandruff. Getting rid of that extra oil from your hair can also be facilitated by lemon oil.

7. Peppermint Oil


A very well-known ingredient of food is peppermint. The cooling effect provided through the oil improves the blood circulation under the scalp and relieves tension. Rejuvenating the hair follicles is an important aspect of hair regrowth. Due to a lot of dust and dirt accumulation the skin pores on the scalp gets clogged and hence there is a misbalance in the oil production. Peppermint oil will open up all the clogging and hence the life line will be opened.

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8. Ylang Ylang Oil

This common ingredient is famous in the perfume industry and is extracted from the Canoga Odorant tree. Due to clogging and sebum production, hair follicles suffer malnutrition and starts thinning, finally hair fall. This essential hair oil for hair growth fights the scalp dryness and beings back the lost moisture. The moisturizing effect of this oil is the main advantage and thus is used on a regular purpose.

9. Tea Tree Oil

This oil is considered to be the number one essential oils for hair growth. The tea tree oil goes deep inside the hair follicles to cure them and bring back to life. The fight with dry scalp is fierce and the lost moisture is also restored back. Furthermore, the antimicrobial property of the oil also protects the scalp and hair from getting infected.

You are now aware of a number of essential oils for hair growth and prevent baldness. However, the technique to apply those oils again is essential and must be followed strictly. Some of them will work best in the overnight incubation and some may work just before a head bath. Generally, the basic procedure is to rub the scalp vigorously with the oil and leave for some time before the wash. A few of them need specific points on the scalp to work on. For e.g. oils that promote the hair follicle growth needs special attention while applying for it to function.

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Hair is precious and you must take care of it. A healthy looking hairstyle will always leave a lasting impression.

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