Amazing Benefits of Baking Soda for Hair That Will Surprise You!

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You must have to spend your precious time and money on getting your hair done at an expensive salon without even realizing that the best treatment for your hair is available in your home itself. Yes, we are talking about the ‘Baking Soda’– one of the best natural remedies for making your hair get the required shine and volume which you might have lost over time. Don’t get misguided by the fact that baking soda can only prove beneficial when used while cooking to improve your digestion; it can even enhance the quality of your hair in no time. If something natural yet effective is what you are primarily looking out for, then a baking soda for hair can prove to the best possible solution to your hair problems. Moreover, you can even make your own D-I-Y baking soda shampoo to give a boost to the hair growth.

In this write-up, you will get to know how you can use baking soda for hair and make it as an effective home remedy for treating your hair problems.

Baking Soda for Hair

How is Baking Soda Treatment for Hair Beneficial?

There are a number of factors which make baking soda a perfect choice for hair treatment out of which the ones listed below are the most common and useful ones.

1. It Removes Excess Residue in The Hair

Hair is exposed to a lot of chemical products and things like hair spray, conditioners, etc., which after some point start depositing on the scalp and weigh down the hair by making them greasy. In such a case, you can use baking soda as an effective treatment. Without affecting the natural excretion of oil on the scalp, it discards off the residue accumulated on the hair.

Additionally, if you have an oily scalp, then using baking soda for scalp treatment is probably beneficial. It absorbs the excess oil on the scalp and reduces this problem when used regularly.

2. It Removes Chlorine From The Hair

People who prefer swimming get their hair exposed to chlorine present in the water which can severely damage them. Too much exposure to chlorine can make your hair lose the natural shine and they may even start getting brittle. Moreover, it even affects the scalp making it dry. Using Baking soda for hair, in this case, can give beneficiary results.

3. It Promotes Hair Growth

Baking soda has cleansing properties and thus can help in removing the dirt, dust and pollution off your hair making them stronger and longer. It even helps to keep the scalp safe from flakiness and washes grime on the scalp thus making the hair strands soft and lively.Use baking soda for hair loss problems regularly and you will be stunned by the results.

4. It Helps in Treating Dandruff

Baking soda and dandruff probably counterattack each other and the former is one of the best home remedies to get of rid of dandruff as it is alkaline in nature and helps in balancing the pH level of your scalp. Moreover, hair disorders like dryness, itchiness, and oiliness also get under control after making use of baking soda. Inculcate baking soda for washing your hair routinely and get favorable results.

How Can You Use Baking Soda for Hair Treatment?

After gaining an insight into its benefits, you would also want to know about how to actually make use of baking soda for dandruff treatment and hair growth. Well, we have curated the procedure and techniques for you to know below. Go through them for polishing your knowledge on the same.

1. Rub Baking Soda Powder on Hair

Smelly and oily hair are huge turns off for anyone. And in this case, applying baking soda for hair treatment can prove highly effective. For this, make use of baking soda powder; wet your hair and massage it gently on the scalp for a few minutes. Baking soda has the tendency to neutralize the foul smell and absorb the excess oil on the scalp thus making it reach the normal pH levels.

It is recommended not use shampoo or a conditioner while you are up with this procedure. Now, rinse it off thoroughly with cold water. Your hair texture might feel a little dry at first but after subsequent washes, your hair will eventually start getting softer.

2. Baking Soda as a Hair Spray

Blend one part of baking soda powder and three parts of plain water and pour this mixture into a spray bottle. While you plan to apply this spray make sure to shake it well every time before the use; leave it for around 4 to 5 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

3. Baking Soda in The Form of a Paste

Add 3 tablespoons of baking soda powder in a cup full of water. Stir till the mixture gets a medium consistency. Now, apply this mixture on your scalp and massage it gently on your scalp for over two to three minutes. At last, you can wash off your hair with cold water.

At times, baking soda can even leave your hair texture a bit harsh. So, when this happens, you can choose to give a final wash to your hair with apple cider vinegar. Doing so will reduce the harshness and leave your hair soft.

4. Baking Soda as a Dry Shampoo

If you are thinking how to get rid of dandruff fast, then a baking soda shampoo can prove to be a good choice. As it is free of chemicals such as paraben, sodium lauryl sulphate, dyes, and others which are the main ingredients mainly used in the traditional shampoos, you do not have to worry about the after-effects of treating your hair with chemical substances.

Making a dry shampoo is an easy process. You just have to follow this process to make one for yourself.

  • Take ½ cup of baking soda and mix it with an equal amount of cornstarch.
  • Transfer this mixture into a container so that you can store it till whenever you need it.
  • Rub and massage your scalp with the mixture and after some time remove it with the help of a brush. You can even store this powdered mixture in a salt shaker so that it would be easy for you to distribute it evenly on your scalp.
  • Another alternative is to mix baking soda powder with oatmeal or bentonite clay and then apply it on your hair. Baking soda might cause an irritating sensation on the scalp at first so you should adopt combining it with these options to avoid such an issue.
  • If you are up for a scented smell in your hair, then add a few drops of some essential oils like lavender oil or rosemary oil, etc., to give a fresh feel.

The alkaline nature of baking soda makes it the most crucial compound for balancing the pH levels in case there are some imbalances on the scalp which can cause hair disorders. Who knew a simple ingredient present in your home kitchen can have that many advantages and save your saloon expenses? You can follow the above-mentioned tips for using baking soda for hair treatment and keeping them healthy. May you have a good hair day!

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