Peppermint (Pudina) – Reasons Why You Must Eat It!

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Did you know that Peppermint is the medicinal herb that offers various benefits for the treatment coughs, colds, asthma, allergies and tuberculosis etc. Let’s see the benefits of peppermint in detail.

Some Quick Facts About Peppermint

  • The biological name of Pudina or Spearmint is Mentha piperita.
  • Also known as peppermint, it is a hybrid of two plants – spearmint and water mint.
  • To grow the plant, you don’t have to plant the seeds, but spread its rhizomes.
  • Peppermint also carries some antiseptic features, which makes it beneficial for dental care.
  • Peppermint oil is used in various therapies to treat symptoms like depression, stress, mental exhaustion, restlessness, anxiety, etc.
  • External application of peppermint oil is helpful in problems like migraine, headache, dyspepsia, fever, etc.
  • Having a cup of peppermint tea twice in a day during periods would help you in healing the pain of cramps, menses pain, and relax constricted muscles.
Benefits Of Peppermint

Peppermint (Pudina) – A Short Introduction

The list of healthy foods would remain incomplete if the herbs are not included among the fruits and vegetables, as they provide you with a good number of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other nourishing elements. However, when thinking of a healthy diet, people generally ignore the delicious and fresh herbs, which come with a wide variety and a lot of health benefits too.

Peppermint is one of the healthiest herbs that comes with a bundle of healthy nutrients. It is known by several names in different languages like Menta, Gamathi pudina, oka chettu, Podino, Spearmint, mint, etc. out of which, pudina has been quite popular. Pudina ranks the top in containing antioxidants compared to other food ingredients, used to add some delicious taste to your recipe, as well as, to cut off some sodium intake. It is formed from around 15-20 plant species, among which peppermint and spearmint hold a major portion. It is used in making toothpaste, candies, gums, beauty products, and much more. Not only the fresh leaves, but the dry leaves are also helpful in making herbal tea. Once included in your diets in any form, you will get various benefits of peppermint.

What Are The Benefits Of Peppermint (Pudina)?

As mentioned above, peppermint is filled with various nutrients that includes vitamins A and C, essential minerals like magnesium, copper, potassium, calcium and iron. It is also low in calories and fats while it includes a good amount of protein as well. Thus, just as it provides you with a good dose of nourishment, it is quite healthy also.

Here are some secret health benefits of peppermint in any form.

1. Want To Get A Relief From Indigestion! Have Some Pudina

Peppermint is filled with various phytonutrients and antioxidants that would magically treat nearly all your tummy problems. It serves you with menthol that provides your digestive system with enzymes. The enzymes are helpful in soothing the muscles in the stomach, that reduce the risk of indigestion and spasms. Pudina helps in activating the muscles and helps them to work actively for an accurate digestion process. Having some pudina in your ingredients would also help in calming down the cramps that harass your gut along with acidity. In case you are looking for some Ayurvedic option, they also contain pudina as it is much beneficial for the patients having irritable bowel syndrome. Pudina is used to coat up various Ayurvedic medicines that help your stomach to relax and boost up digestion. For maximum stomach benefits, you can consume pudina on a regular basis with your morning tea.

2. Benefits Of Peppermint To Cure Your Ache

Have you ever checked the ingredient list while purchasing or applying any balm! If yes, you might have noticed that some of the balms contain a peppermint or say pudina in them as their key ingredient. The reason behind this is that when it is applied to the area of pain, it gives you a cooling sensation that makes the area of pain numb for some time. When the area becomes numb, it would lessen the pain and provide you with an instant relief. Another way to cure your body ache problems is by inhaling the vapors of the mint. This would calm the nerves and provide you with a feeling of relaxation for the entire body. Hence, it reduces your pain and aches along with nausea and headache.

3. Hate Those Popping Acnes On Your Face? A Soothing Paste Of Mint Would Surely Help You

Pudina is gifted with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that work with magic on your skin problems. It helps in getting rid of the itching and infections on the skin. Due to its magical properties, it is used in various skin products like toners, cleansers, lip balms, etc. that repair your dull skin, hydrate it and give you a natural glow. Mint also includes a rich amount of salicylic acid that helps with issues like pimples, dark spots and blackheads. It serves your skin with nourishing compounds that remove the dry and dull skin and also prevents from the blocking of the pores for a pimple free face.

4. Dental Issues? Go For Some Benefits Of Peppermint

The leaves of pudina come with a good stock of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial features that are quite advisable for your dental health. Having mint in your toothpaste would kill all the bacteria in your mouth and also protect you from tooth decay, keep your tongue and teeth clean and fight against bad breath. Even if mint leaves are not included in the ingredient list of your toothpaste, you can simply take some leaves of mint and chew on a regular basis to keep the dental problems away from you.

5. Feeling Dizzy Due To Cough And Cold? Why Not Add Some Mint Leaves To Your Solution?

The strong aroma of peppermint when passes through your nasal open all the blockages and passages and allows you to relax well while breathing. It is also a widely prescribed medicine that aids in the eviction of phlegm at the time of a productive cough. The healing properties it contains helps in relieving the respiratory organs from infections. While having a cough, inhaling the warmth of the mint with hot water through your mouth and forcing it towards your nose would provide you with quick relief.

6. A Good Source Of Treatment For Asthma Patients And Some Allergies

Yes, this might be a little strange, but spearmint leaves are also beneficial for people suffering from asthma or some kind of allergy. Mint gifts you with rosmarinic acid, which works as a strong antioxidant. The element is popular for blocking leukotrienes that produce allergies. As a result, they are helpful for the patients suffering from hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis. Similarly, the rosmarinic acid also works for people having asthma problems.

7. Hate Going Through The Menstrual Cramps? Get Rid Of The Pain with Peppermint

Have you ever noticed why mothers suggest having some pudina while you are on menses! The reason is that mint leaves come with a feature to sanitize the blood. They also include an antispasmodic effect that pacifies the muscles that work best on the pain during the menses. Some women suffer from nausea when they are on their periods. Pudina solves this problem along with the menstrual cramps. For dealing with such menstrual problems, all you need to do is have a cup of mint tea and take some sips throughout the day. It would help you feel better and would also soothe up your uterus.

8. Benefits Of Peppermint For Pregnant Women

Have you ever thought that mint leaves would help during pregnancy for morning sickness! Pudina is proved to be good for your tummy, which indirectly is helpful for the women suffering from morning sickness in pregnancy. Having pudina by chewing some leaves, or smelling them after crushing would be activating the enzymes that play a vital role in the digestion process, and gives you a relief from nausea. However, it is advisable not to continue the process after delivery as it may affect lactation.

9. Boost Your Immune System With Peppermint Leaves

The peppermint leaves are full of nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, phosphorus, Vitamin B complex, and much more. When all these compounds gather in your gut, they jointly improve the immune system of the body. In short, they protect you from harmful infections and inflammation.

10. Does Your Life Keep You Mentally Stressed? Peppermint Leaves Are The Perfect Solution

Peppermint leaves extract is widely used during the aromatherapy for reducing the stress and depression effect on one’s mind. During the aromatherapy, breathing the hazes of mint leaves would help your body in relaxing and bring your mind to a calm state. When the hazes are inhaled, they release a small portion of serotonin in the brain, which helps in fighting against depression. Hence, the next time you feel low, have some peppermint leaves through your nose as a vaporizer and feel the change in your mood.

11. A Secret Helper For The Patients Suffering From Cancer

Yes, you are reading correct. Pudina is also helpful for the patients of cancer as it helps in fighting against it. Pudina contains a potent named phytochemical that helps in the prevention of nearly all types of cancers. Also known as perillyl alcohol, phytochemical has the ability to fight against skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, etc.

12. Benefits Of Peppermint For Pain During Breastfeeding

Many times, women find breastfeeding painful nearby the nipple, which can cause some damage too. In such situation, the lactating mothers are advised to use pudina water for dealing with the nipple cracks and nipple pain too, especially for the first-time mothers. Hence, use this trick and enjoy the breastfeeding phase with your infant without any pain.

13. Allows Your Body To Circulate Blood Efficiently For A Healthy Heart

Whether you select the peppermint leaves or juices extracted from it, they are quite helpful in efficient blood circulation as well as, providing you with a healthy heart. They boost the growth of red blood cells along with hemoglobin that helps in the maintenance of PH levels of your blood and skin. As it is helpful for the circulation of blood, it also works magically for the health of your heart. It controls the pressure and discharges required pressure on your heart arteries, which help in regulating the cardiovascular disorders. Along with this, it also releases the stress on the blood vessels and arteries too.

Hence, consuming peppermint leaves in various forms would surely give you amazing health benefits of peppermint. They are widely used in herbal tea along with morning breakfasts on a daily basis for regular maintenance of health. The extracts from pudina leave or say mint oil comes with a very limited side effects. It is harmful only for the children when applied around the nose. However, doctors also suggest avoiding the oil if you are having disorders related to liver, gallstone and bile.

Best Ways To Include Peppermint Leaves In Your Regular Diet

Adding mint leaves or say pudina to your diet would add some mysterious flavor to your dishes by avoiding any extra sugar, calories or sodium. The tender herb has a gentle stem and is widely used in a raw state after cooking the recipe. In this way, it maintains the texture of the recipe as well as the taste of it.

The peppermint leaves are widely used to add some tang to dishes like soups, lamb, and salads in the Middle East. It can also be added to a glass of limeade to increase the taste and the benefits of the drink. Mint can also be accompanied with various fruits like apples, lemon, pear, jalapeno, honey, etc. while preparing fruit salsa. Adding some chopped leaves to chocolate chip cookies would zest up the taste of the cookie to a new level. It can be added to your regular tea in the morning to give it an herbal touch.

Hence, pudina is an herb that would suit all the dishes well and give a refreshing touch to the soft drinks. Whether used as a seasoning ingredient for salads or ground up while making chutney, it spreads its miraculous flavor every time to give you something tangy and spicy with a healthy touch.

So, what are you waiting for! Dress and season up your recipes and drinks with pudina and present yourself and your family a healthy lifestyle with the benefits of peppermint.

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