Black Walnuts – Reasons Why You Must Eat Them!

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Some Secrets About The Black Walnuts

  • The black walnut trees are mainly found in the Eastern and the Central regions of the United States.
  • The black walnut trees are generally found alone in the forest, as the roots of the tree produce a toxic chemical named juglone, that is capable of killing other trees and vegetation around it.
  • There are some trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, ground covers, annuals, etc. that still grow around the black walnut tree as they don’t get affected by the toxic chemical it gives.
  • Plants that would be destroyed by black walnut trees are tomatoes, blackberry, potatoes, azalea, blueberry, mountain laurel, red pine, rhododendron, apple, etc.
  • Black walnuts are quite healthy for having a healthy skin.
  • They are also helpful in getting rid of various parasites.
  • Black walnuts are also beneficial in the treatment of various fungal infections.
  • They are also helpful in health issues like cancer, heart disorders, digestion, etc.

Black Walnut Benefits

Black Walnuts – Nuts With Magical Properties

Black walnut is widely remembered as the tree that is large and deciduous. This tree is majorly found in the Eastern United States, and the Southern areas of Canada. The female flowers of this tree bloom into a nut, that usually grows in a cluster of four to five nuts. At the time of harvesting, not only the fruit, but the trunk itself is also quite useful for medical terms. Also known as the English nuts, they are quite helpful as a natural ingredient for medicinal purpose, as well as food source. Black walnuts are considered as the main ingredient in meals like candy, ice cream, salads, pasta, poultry, pork and much more.

Black walnuts, also known as Juglone, is quite helpful in fighting against depression, for healthy heart health, boost brain health, and much more. The English walnuts are rich in Omega-3s, that have good and unique nutritional and organic compounds that are healthy for you. Apart from that the black walnuts are also rich in proteins, phytonutrients and healthy fats, that are also essential for having a healthy life.

Black Walnut Benefits For Health

The black walnut is a rich source of Omega-3s, Polyphenol, Anti-oxidants, Healthy Cholesterol, and Vitamin E. It helps to a great extent in maintaining your health. Not only the nut, but the trunk is also used along with the husk in the preparation of various herbal medicines in the form of oil.

Benefits of Black Walnut for Overall Health

Here are some well-known health benefits of having black walnuts in your diet list.

1. Carries Amazing Anti-Fungal Properties

The body faces yeast infections due to a common agent known as candida albicans. This agent deals with the candida fungus that easily enters the body due to poor eating habits. Black walnut comes with juglone and tannins that are very helpful for the gut to deal with the candida fungus. It protects your body from this fungus that can lead to weakening of the blood vessel walls and also increases the toxicity in the bloodstream. The anti-fungal properties it comes with also helps in the protection against fungal infections like ringworm, Athlete’s foot, jock itch, and many more. Along with this, it is also beneficial for warts, that is a manifesting growth of viral infections on the skin. When mixed with avocado, olive, coconut etc. for making a smooth paste, it would help you in getting rid of the warts when applied daily.

2. For Healthy Skin

The husk obtained from the black walnuts is used for various skin problems. The husk is grinded into powder, and its paste contains a rich number of anti-oxidants, minerals and other fatty acids that are beneficial for your health, especially the skin. IT helps in fighting against skin problems like pimples, blemishes, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and much more. The powder is quite strong due to which it is used with other natural salves or creams for getting required results. Even if you are looking for a natural remedy for acne, all you need to do is take some hull tincture from the inner portion of black walnut and apply it on your face directly.

3. For Boosting Your Digestive System

The black walnuts have some anti-inflammatory features naturally, that is very helpful for having good gut health. Having it in your meals helps you with problems like upset stomach, inflamed walls of gut, regulation of excretion, constipation and diarrhea. It soothes the gut and helps in maintaining the balance of the entire gastrointestinal system. Hence, it is ideal to include some black walnuts in your diet. Along with this, black walnuts are also helpful in dealing with other intestinal parasites like pinworms, hookworms, tapeworms, plethora, etc.

4. For Healthy Heart

Black walnuts give you beneficial compounds and Omega 3 fatty acids in a high level, that plays a vital role in maintaining the health of the heart. Having some more black walnuts than required would help you in the removal process of LDL cholesterol that is quite dangerous for the body. Regulation of the cholesterol levels is quite necessary for lowering the blood pressure, reduce the pressure on the cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis, etc., which helps in reducing the chances of having heart disorders like coronary heart disease, stroke, attack, etc.

5. Boosting Your Immunity

Not only anti-fungal properties but black walnuts are also a good source of anti-oxidants, that help in boosting the immune system. Both of these nutrients help in protecting your body from the free radicals that can lead to diseases like various kinds of cancer or chronic disease. It also protects your body by making a defensive like with the help of antiviral and anti-parasitic features. A healthy immune system would surely provide you with a healthy life further on long term basis.

6. Good For Your Respiratory System

Yes, the black walnuts are also helpful in the treatment of various respiratory problems. They are anti-inflammatory by nature, and hence, can give you a quick relief from respiratory problems like irritation and inflammation in throat, etc. All you need to do is simply gargle with black walnut extracts and feel the soothing effect it gives to your sore throats.

7. Fighting Against Cancer

Black walnut comes with juglone that is an organic ingredient, along with various polyphenolic compounds and fatty acids. These elements help in reducing the growth of tumors and prevents the development of various kind of cancers. They come with anti-tumor and anti-carcinogenic activities that are really promising.

8. Helps In Weight Loss

Are you facing the problem of diabetes type 2 due to overweight? Black walnuts can help you to a great extent in losing those unwanted kilos. Having the adequate amount of black walnuts in a day would reduce the fasting insulin levels that would surely work in reducing your weight. The more the insulin levels attack your body, the more you are going to store excess fat in your belly, thighs, hips, etc.

Yes, researches have also proved that having nearly 75gms of black walnuts would help in increasing the sperm count in men. It not only increases its count but also helps in increasing its mobility and morphology.

10. Reduce Excess Sweating

This might shock you, but having a good number of black walnuts help in reducing the sweating, mostly for those who face it in excess. The hulls in black walnuts contain a high level of astringent tannins that have a good impact on the sweat glands that are over functioning. In this way, you would surely sweat less than before, by starting the consumption of black walnuts regularly.

Hence, black walnuts are quite helpful in giving you a healthy lifestyle. It not only works on various heart and brain problems, but also if you have a good quantity of black walnuts for three days consecutively, it would also help in reducing your appetite, that is a beneficial point for those who are looking for weight loss. Isn’t it healthy for your health!

Black Walnuts – Some Side Effects

Normally, black walnuts have been much safe for intake. However, there are people who suffer from allergies from nuts, hence, some rare cases are observed with problems like red rashes, hives, swelling of the skin, skin irritation, etc. Apart from all these, other side effects that might catch the allergic people are chest pain, problem in breathing, tightness in the airways, etc.

The consumption of black walnuts is generally prohibited for the people who are having allergies from nuts, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women. Black walnuts are used with some medications, and hence, before taking such medicines, it is better to seek the help of any professional consultant, if you are looking for any specific medicines, vitamin tablets, or any herbal medicine. For more precautional steps, make sure you purchase black walnuts from a reputed or branded source or store so that you reach to the products that come from standard quality.

No doubt, black walnuts have become a prime ingredient in the countries like America, Vermont, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Florida, Texas, China, etc. it has maintained a good position in the ingredients of various people who are suffering from some specific health issues for getting quick results.

Want to enjoy all the benefits obtained from black walnuts! Use them either in the form of a nut, husk, or trunk and have a healthy and pleasant life.

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