Oil Pulling Is One Of The Greatest Trends And Here’s Why…

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If you believe in the ancient techniques of removing toxic substances from your body, you would love this awesome therapy called oil pulling! In today’s hectic and fast life if you do not get enough time to free your body from toxic substances, this is the easy and comfy way to flush out all the toxins and lead a healthy life!

Peep in this traditional Ayurvedic technique for removing toxins from your body with this awesome guide! Here is all you need to know about this awesome and unique technique!

  • What is Oil pulling?
  • Which oils are used for the traditional oil pulling technique?
  • What are the benefits of oil pulling?
  • How to perform oil pulling at home?
  • Oil pulling task and its impact
  • FAQ about oil pulling

Benefits Of Oil Pulling

What Is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is simply an awesome technique which is hidden in the ancient secrets of Ayurveda! For removal of toxic substances, this is one of the traditional and promising techniques which have now gained fame! Ayurveda has an amazing treasure of treatments for each organ and different benefits in which, oil pulling is the best one for improving oral health!

It is a technique in which natural and herbal ingredients along with oils are used to make the teeth while, improve oral health and to also improve overall body health.  It is helpful in fighting the bacteria hidden in your gums, teeth and mouth!

Swishing oil in the mouth for a certain time period and leaving it in the mouth to fight the bacteria, toxins and harmful substances cleanses the gums and teeth effectively!

This technique is also known as kavala graham or gundusha treatment for a gorgeous smile and amazing oral health! Plague is a harmful element which can worsen your oral health and thus, this amazing treatment can be sued to brighten up your smile and make your mouth beautifully cleansed! Detoxify your mouth with this amazing traditional method and improve your health!

Which Oils Are Used For The Traditional Oil Pulling Technique?

Oil pulling is a technique in which are oils are used for mouth cleansing. There are different question regarding the usage of oils in this process. Generally, coconut oil is considered as the perfect oil for mouth cleansing and to fight bacteria

This is a method in which, the oil is not absorbed but is swished in the mouth and then removed. Thus, coconut oil is considered as the prime choice for oil pulling treatment

Coconut oil has lauric acid, antioxidants and minerals which can help in improving gum health and thus, give coconut oil the first preference!

Extra virgin olive oil is also used to cleanse the mouth and improve the oral health using this awesome technique. Sesame oil is traditionally used for this treatment along with sunflower oil and ghee! These are the possible options which you can use but consider the steps and effects of using oils before you proceed. Also, people use baking soda along with coconut oil to get more effective results and improve the throat and other organs in this process!

What Are The Benefits Of Oil Pulling?

People go for various therapies to extract its benefits while oil pulling is a technique which has uncountable benefits on your body! Not only on the mouth but for your overall body, this technique works magically! Here are some promising benefits of this ayurvedic treatment which you must consider!

1. Whitens And Brightens Teeth

  • This is the most amazing benefit of oil pulling for which, this technique is widely used. Oil pulling brightens the teeth and makes them glow!
  • The oil pulling treatment promotes antibacterial and anti viral benefits on the teeth and makes the teeth clean, bright, healthy and strong
  • If you always dream of gorgeous white teeth and an adorable celeb shine in your smile, you must try oil pulling once and get people crazy about your smile!

2. Helps In Detoxifying The Body

  • Detoxification is a process of removing all the harmful bacteria and substances out from your body. This is an amazing detox process which can fight the toxins and flush them out of your body!
  • Germs and bacteria in your gums can make you ill. While you consume food, these bacteria gets in your body along with the food and make you ill
  • Your mouth is the basic platform for the bacteria and germs to get in the body and thus, this mouth cleansing process is considered as the best detox treatment for your body!

3. This Process Fills You With Energy And Freshness

  • We all know that various detox processes and treatments are effective in bringing amazing energy to the body. While your body gets detoxified, all the germs and harmful bacteria get thrown out of your body and you feel energetic and light!
  • Germs can make you ill, lazy and tired which are battled with this amazing process.
  • From mouth and from the entire body, the toxins get removed which would make you feel instantly light, energetic and refreshing! Thus, undergo this cool oil pulling method to get energy and to fight laziness!

4. Helps In Reducing Headaches

  • If you are the one who constantly suffers from extreme headaches, this is due to the jamming of toxins and bacteria. Sicknesses and bacterial infections can cause headaches and this treatment has a direct impact on headaches!
  • When your body gets filled with toxins and the detoxification process is not performed, it can result into various diseases, headaches, migraines and such conditions.
  • To remove the toxins from your body detox process like oil pulling is required. Once you perform this amazing process, all your toxins would get flushes off from your body making you feel light and energetic!

5. It Can Glorify Your Skin

  • Gorgeous and bright skin is no more a dream if you once try this awesome detox process. It is a very well known fact that the skin is the reflection of internal health and thus if your body is cleansed, your skin would glow!
  • If your body is free from toxins and germs, it would get reflected on your skin and would make it look pigmented, patchy, dull and rough
  • All the skin issues are due to low blood flow and due to the jammed toxins which make the skin look undesirable!
  • When your body gets detoxed, the blood supply gets boosted and your body gets free from toxins which would also glorify your skin! Thus, detoxification pores can make your skin look gorgeous radiant and bright as never before!

6. Improves Oral Health

  • Oral health is the first and primary benefit of oil pulling. From tooth to the gums, bad breath to cavities, there are different problems which can be battled with oil pulling.
  • There are various bacteria like mutant bacteria which can act as a trigger to tooth decay. Also, plaque can make your mouth and gums damaged!
  • If you have gum issues, teeth issues, bad breath, and cavities, you must go through this amazing process which can fight such oral health issues and improve your oral health!

7. Improves Digestion And Repair Stomach

  • Stomach issues like constipation, diarrhea, stomach cramps are triggered due to toxins and germs which make your stomach upset.
  • Toxins can clog your digestive system which is the basic and most important systems of your body. If this system does not work effectively, it can cause numerous side effects!
  • Removal of toxins from your body would automatically aid digestion and would prevent such stomach issues!
  • Thus, for overall health and to aid digestion, you must perform oil pulling at least once a month and make your body healthy!

Along with these benefits, oil pulling has the amazing impact on heart disease, cancer, skin disease, kidney issues, insomnia, hormonal issues, allergies, joint pain and such other problems.

Removal of toxins from the body is the key to healthy and fit life which is promoted with this ayurvedic treatment. Thus, try this multi-benefit process to heal your body and cleanse it effectively!

How To Perform Oil Pulling At Home?

Well for me, it was simply irresistible to try this amazing and promising ayurvedic detoxification process! After knowing its magical benefits over the body, here is the way to perform it at home! Try this amazing process and get all of its benefits!

  • Oil pulling is the process which needs to be performed with an empty stomach. Make sure you eat nothing before performing this treatment. Also, don’t brush or floss your mouth before this treatment!
  • Use the extra virgin olive oil or the best coconut oil for oil pulling. Swish around 2 spoons of coconut oil in your mouth and keep moving the oil in each corner of your mouth.
  • Let it pass through your gums, between the teeth and everywhere in your mouth. Remember, you don’t have to swallow this oil as it would also make you swallow the toxins. Thus, keep swishing the oil gently in your mouth.
  • Perform this activity for 15-20 minutes. Within this much time, the toxins from all around your mouth would gather and get stocked in the oil and get removes from your mouth.
  • Now spit out the oil from your mouth in your dustbin or handbag and throw it. Your mouth would feel sticky and oily for some time. To reduce this oiliness, you can gargle and wash your mouth with Luke warm salt water.
  • This would completely fight all the bacteria and germs from your mouth and also banish the oiliness which is caused due to oil wishing!
  • Brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste and cleanse your mouth with a splash of freshness! Here’s the easy and quick process of oil pulling which gets completed so smoothly!

After this amazing process, your mouth would feel fresh; your body would feel light and energetic. However, these may not be the instant results of this process. For knowing how you may feel right after this treatment and the experiences of different people with this process are given below!

Oil Pulling Task And Its Impact

Different people experience different things right after this session. Here are some side effects and instant results of this process which can affect you too!

  • In the starting phase, many people experience the headache which gets reduced with time. Within 1 day, this headache gets reduced.
  • This amazing detox treatment can help lose water weight and bloating. Many people have experienced reduced gas, digestive issues, weight gain and bloating issues!
  • Within 10 days of performing this ultimate body cleansing and oral health improving system. People have witnessed their skin glowing and radiant!
  • The oral health gets improved and gums become stronger day by day! Oral health issues and tooth decay gets significantly reduced!
  • The teeth become whiter and brighter! People would smile more openly to show off their stunning teeth!
  • The plaque and germs get significantly reduced and also it can be used as a mouthwash technique which fights germs and promotes healthy teeth!
  • Breath becomes fresh and the teeth become glittery white! Almost the given benefits are obtained through this process but it is suggested to consult your doctor before trying this technique.
  • If you are suffering from any disease or condition, you must perform it under guidance though; this method has yet not harmed people!
  • It is recommended to use continue brushing, tongue scraping and flossing as oil pulling is not a replacement for these cleaning techniques!

FAQ About Oil Pulling

1.  Who can perform oil pulling?

Ans. Oil pulling is a technique in which you need to swish the sticky coconut oil in your mouth. Sometimes even adults feel a gag like sensation in their mouth and thus, if your kids are performing this technique, it must be taken care of.
A kid or adult, anyone can perform this technique as it does not cause any harm and acts as a mouth cleansing process. Simply take care about gag reflexes!

2. Can I try oil pulling if I have tooth decay?

Ans. This is an amazing process for fighting oral health issues and gum problems. However, if the decay is extreme and is an infection which cannot be removed from oil pulling, you firstly need to consult your doctor and ask for suggestions. If there is no other issues in your mouth you can try oil pulling and can get rid of minor oral problems!

2. What is the best time to perform oil pulling?

Ans. The best time to perform oil pulling is early morning before eating or drinking anything. When you wake up, your mouth is filled with germs and bacteria. Oil pulling, during morning, would get you rid of all these bacteria and work as a detox process!
Also before you eat anything, this process removes the bacteria and germs from your mouth and prevents them from entering in your body!

3. Why must I swish the oil for 15-02 minutes?

Ans. While you swish oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes, the germs and bacteria stick to the oil from each and every corner of your mouth.  Also from the between of teeth and various places, germs are removed.
Thus, to flush off the toxins completely, younger to oil pull for at least 15 minutes while the oil texture gets changed into mild white!

4. Within how many days will I get the results?

Ans. Different people experience different benefits of this technique in varied time period. Some find it beneficial on the first day for headaches while some get bright teeth in 3-4 days.
Ideally within a week, you would get brighter and cleaner teeth with reduced bad breath. Performing it further for a month can make open you with some new benefits!

5. Is it safe to perform oil pulling during pregnancy?

Ans. Oil pulling does not harm anyone as, you spit out the bacteria and germs which get stuck to the oil. Nothing is consumed and thus, it is recommended to continue. It relieved tooth issues and sensitivity but if you are affected with oral health issues, consult your doctor and then go for it!

6. What are the side effects of oil pulling?

Ans. Oil pulling is a cleansing treatment which does not have any major side effects. Generally, people feel gag reflex due to the stickiness and greasy texture of coconut oil. In this case, you need to use a bit less oil and perform oil pulling. Also swishing hardly can make your jaws sore. Thus, easily and gently swish the oil in our mouth and spit after 15 minutes!

7. Does oil pulling improve overall health?

Ans. Yes. We all know that mouth is the first place from where the bacteria enter your body. Your mouth consists of billions of bacteria which if not cleaned, can reach your body causing bacterial infections. Oil pulling eliminated and flushes out the bacteria which significantly can reduce the chances of bacterial infections and minor oral health issues!

8. How to ensure complete cleansing through oil pulling?

Ans. It is very important to ensure that the oil is removed from your mouth. To reduce oiliness and completely flush out all the bacteria, use warm water to rinse your mouth. Gargle with warm salt water and flush out all the greasy remains of oil from your mouth.

Also, end up this session with brushing and flossing for a clean, fresh and healthy mouth!

I had a great time performing this amazing treatment for oral hygiene. People are crazy about this amazing technique which can improve your overall health by triggering the basic elements, bacteria!

This is an amazing practice which can give healthy results if performed for a longer period. If you believe in different ancient techniques for fitness and health, this is a promising therapy which is worth giving a try!


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