Cashew Nuts (Kaju) – Amazing Health Benefits Of It!

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Some Interesting Facts About Cashew Nuts

  • Cashew nuts are found grown on the bottom and external side of the cashew apples.
  • The Cashew nuts obtained from the apple are used as dry fruits, while the apple is used to make juices, jams and an Indian liquor named Feni.
  • Cashews are widely known as nuts; however, they are basically seeds and not nuts.
  • The raw Cashews come with double shells on it known as urushiol, that can lead to skin problems as it is toxic.
  • The original or say raw Cashews are green in color, before they are sent for roasting and de-poisoning processes.
  • The poisonous liquid obtained from the shells of the Cashews are used in automobile industries for making brake linings to avoid problems like paints friction linings, resins, etc.
  • 23rd of November is celebrated as the National Cashew Day.
  • They are much beneficial for your heart, and help in reducing the blood pressure.
  • Having an adequate amount of Cashew nuts daily would help your bones grow healthy.

Cashew Benefits For Health

Cashew Nuts – A Widely Loved Dried Fruit

Cashew nuts are quite popular in the category of dried fruits. It is also known with other names like Kaju, Jeedipappu, Andiparippu, Munthiri Paruppa, Geru Beeja, and much more. They grow on trees, and are found below cashew apples, and are scientifically grouped as seeds and not nuts. The kidney shape Cashews are consumed in various ways globally as they provide with nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorous and many more in a good amount. Cashew nuts provide you with several health benefits when consumed on a regular basis with a well-balanced diet, for individuals of every age. Cashew nuts also play a vital role in the growth and development of the children.

Cashew Benefits For Health

Cashew nuts is a good source of various nutrients like protein, dietary fiber, folates, niacin, thiamin, potassium, carotene-B, riboflavin, etc., and compounds like anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, flavonoids, and much more, that provides you with a number of health benefits.

Here are some health benefits obtained by consuming Cashew nuts in an adequate portion on regular basis.

1. Healthy For Your Cardiovascular System

Cashew nuts hold a vital role in keeping your heart and cardiovascular system healthy. The reason behind it is that it comes with a good number of dietary fats that help your body in absorbing fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, E, D, and K. It also serves as an inclusion for fats like mono-saturated fats and polyunsaturated fats that are quite helpful for the heart. Having a moderate amount of cashew nuts helps in reducing the bad cholesterol from the body, and increase the good cholesterol that is quite beneficial for the cardiovascular system. This reduces the risks of heart problems like stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis, and much more. The cashew nuts are a good source of unsaturated fats, and hence, play a vital role in enhancing the HDL cholesterol levels, reduces the triglyceride levels, and also regulates the blood pressure as well.

2. Helps In Reducing High Blood Pressure

Yes, as mention in above paragraph, cashew nuts help in reducing the high blood pressure levels, and regulating it. Cashew nuts contain a good quantity of magnesium in it that is beneficial to avoid situations like high blood pressure, hypertension, heart disorders, strokes, attacks, and much more that can also lead to death in serious situations. Hypertension is a killing situation that leads to other health issues like diabetes and other heart problems. The silent killer can be limited to a great extent by consuming a moderate amount of cashew nuts regularly.

3. For Having A Healthy Nervous System And Muscles

The cashew nuts are rich in magnesium, which is quite needed for the growth and development of the nervous system and muscles too. It helps in making your bones, tissues, muscles, and other body organs strong and develop in a healthy way. Along with this, it also enhances the immune system and makes it strong. It helps in the smooth functioning of the nervous system, and also regulates you blood sugar levels.

4. Good For The Patient Of Diabetes

Yes, this might shock you, but a moderate amount of cashew nuts would definitely help you if you are suffering from diabetes. Cashew nuts come with a very low level of sugar in them, which indicates that it is a low glycemic index food. It also releases sugar in the blood stream with a slow pace. Cashew nuts are good sources of magnesium and hence, are much beneficial for the people suffering from diabetes, as it helps them in controlling their blood sugar levels in the body. Having a health portion of cashew nuts also reduces the chances of getting diabetes type2. Cashew nuts control the bad cholesterol and boosts the good cholesterol which is quite beneficial for the patients of diabetes.

5. Helps In Prevention Against Cancer

Having a qualitative amount of cashew nuts in your routine would also help you in lowering the chances of developing cancer. Cashews are good sources of anti-oxidants, flavonoids, and many such compounds that help in fighting against cancer. The anti-oxidants help in fighting against the free radicals and also helps in the stabilization of the ions, which helps in protecting the body from cell damages reducing the chances of developing cancer. They are also beneficial for the patients undergoing the chemotherapy.

6. Helpful In The Maintenance Of Cellular Health

Cashew nuts come with bulk copper in it. This important nutrient is helpful in maintaining your health. They are vital during the process of metabolism of iron. It is also helpful in the growth of red blood cells, makes the immune system strong, keeps your bones healthy, and is also beneficial for the functioning of your nervous system and skeletal. When your body lacks copper, it would be quite dangerous leading to problems like osteoporosis, anemia and irregular heartbeats. So, if you don’t want to have these problems, start having some cashews regularly.

7. For Good Oral Health

Yes, cashews help in getting strong and healthy developed teeth. This happens because the cashew nuts come with a good amount of phosphorus in it. This vital element plays a good role in keeping your bones and the teeth healthy by helping in the synthesis process of proteins, in the absorption of carbohydrates and fats, and in the regulation of overall cellular health. It also helps in having healthy kidneys, maintaining balance of hormones and improves the functions of brain.

8. Reduces The Chances Of Getting Anemia

Have some moderate quantity of cashew nuts on regular basis and you would surely also reduce the chances of developing anemia. Cashew nuts contain a good amount of dietary iron which plays a vital role in improving the capacity of the red blood cells for carrying oxygen, and also looks that each of the cell gets adequate blood. Along with this, it also strengthens your immune system and makes the functioning of the enzymes smooth. Hence, cashew nuts help in avoiding health issues like fatigue, infections, anemia, sickness, and much more.

9. Eliminates The Chances Of Gallstones

A good number of cashew nuts on daily basis would surely help you in eliminating the chances of having gallstones. The gallstones are formed due to deposition of bad cholesterol which gather and form gallstones in the body. This leads to severe pain in the abdomen and also hinders the function of kidney and liver. Cashew nuts help in the process of regulation of the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol which helps in reducing the chances of having gallstones.

10. Have A Strong Immune System

Want to have a strong immune system! Start having a required amount of cashew nuts on regular basis. Cashews contain zinc and anti-oxidants in them which help in building your immune system strong. The anti-oxidants fight against the ions in the body that are not stabilized and also protects them from damages. Zinc too helps in fighting against the microbial infections, healing of wounds, and the synthesis process of proteins. Hence, the intake of cashews helps in fighting against various diseases and infections gifting you a healthy immune system.

11. For Reducing Weight

This might be shocking for you; however, cashew nuts also help in getting rid of those unwanted fats from your body. Merely having 100 grams of cashew on regular basis would help you in removing some kilos from your weight, as it comes with good cholesterol in it. It hinders the deposition of fats in the body and cholesterol in the heart which helps in managing an ideal weight. The cashews contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in them that are enough to manage your weight while you are on diet.

12. For Healthy Eyes

Eyes hold a vital role in the human body, and hence, it requires special care too. Cashew nuts would help you in caring for your eyes and keeping them healthy. They work as shield in protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, and also reduce the chances of having cataracts. Cashew nuts come with a good number of zeaxanthin and lutein that work the best in having healthy eyes. Not only for the health of the eyes, it also reduces the chances of having macular degeneration. Hence, if you want to keep your eyes away from damages, macular degeneration, blurred vision, blindness, etc. have some cashew nuts.

13. Good For People Suffering From Depression

Just move your head and you would find several people who are facing depression problems due to several reasons that hinder the peace of their lives. Depression also brings with itself other health issues like obesity, asthma, diabetes, cardio problems, etc., which makes it compulsory to get rid of depression or stress soon. Having a handful of cashew nuts would work like wonders for this. They carry anti-depressant features due to a type of amino acid in it. this element breaks into serotonin and niacin that helps in reducing anxiety and also brings peace of mind.

Hence, apart from all these, cashew nuts also come with a rich amount of Vitamin K, minerals and other essential nutrients that help in dealing with health issues like digestion problems, hypertension, dermatitis, stretch marks, hair issues, and much more. There are also products that use cashew nuts for getting that desired hair color in a natural way.

Word of Caution

Yes, just as there are benefits of having cashew nuts on regular basis, there are also some side-effects related to it. Here are some well known damages resulted due to cashew nuts:

1. Sodium

There are people who prefer to have cashew nuts that come with a good quantity of sodium mixed in it. Such salty nuts may lead to health issues like blood pressure, heart issues, strokes, kidney problems, and much more. Hence, if you are going for salty cashews, make sure you don’t exceed 1500 mg, as it may lead you slowly to something major.

2. Allergies

Yes, there are people who face allergies to cashew nuts. This problem is widely observed in children than in adults. If you are allergic to peanuts, there are chances that you would also be allergic to cashew nuts, which may lead to mild to serious health and skin issues.

3. Drug Interactions

Cashew nuts come with a rich amount of magnesium in it. This may lead to drug interactions issue if you are on medicines like Quinolone antibiotics, and others too. It may also lead to health problems if you are taking cashew nuts while taking medicines for blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes medicines, calcium tablets, etc. leading to problems like diabetes, nausea, retention, etc.

4. Increase in Weight

Confused! Yes, cashew nuts help in reducing weight and also increases it too, if you don’t have them in moderate quantity. The unsaturated fats, calories, cholesterol levels, etc. would bring health disorders like diabetes, cancer, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, strokes, etc. Obesity is also one of the reasons why you should not avoid having cashew nuts in bulk.

Hence, if taken in a moderate quantity, cashew nuts are the best to have a well-maintained weight and health. Have it in meals, or in salads, or simply have a handful and eat with other activities, you would surely be benefited with the surprising benefits it provides you with

So, when are you starting with it?

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