Study Hacks: Amazing Study Techniques Every Student Must Know!

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Studies are the most important part of the life which builds the strong knowledge base. From childhood to the adulthood, we have to study different courses, different subjects to build our career. Studying can be fun while it can also be hard and hectic. However, there are some fantastic study hacks which will make studies so much fun!

Not all people are able to understand the same methods and system of studies and thus, these simple study hacks will help them to study in a more exciting and joyous way! Here are the most widely preferred and magical study tricks which will give you great results!

Study Hacks

Study Hacks

1. Read Out Loud

How annoying it is if your roommate shouts and read! Ever wondered why people read this way? This is because; it is proven that reading out the things louder can get it into our memory more easily! When you speak the things, you grab them better and thus, reading out loud would make you remember things more easily! This is one of the coolest study methods you must try!

2. Teach Your Invisible Student

The simple meaning of this hack is to pretend that you are explaining things to a student or a fellow person! Teaching someone simply helps you to learn a lot. While you teach someone, you can memorize the topic more easily. Also when you teach someone, you will get to know that how much you have remembered and how much you have missed! Thus, make an imaginary student and teach the student to learn more!

3. Ready Early Morning

Morning is proven to have an amazing energy and freshness which will make you memorize things more easily! Any day try to wake up early morning and read the complex subjects. Your brain will work more efficiently and you will feel boosted with energy! This is because, the morning freshness and the energy you regained after sleeping makes you more capable of memorizing and understanding things!

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4. Make Abbreviations Of Long Terms And Sentences

The word Rainbow is a very easy and understandable example for this trick! Instead of remembering all the colors of the rainbow, just remember the initial letters of all the colors. Through this, you will easily be able to remember the colors! If you get any hard term with such complexity, follow this trick which works miraculously!

5. Chew a Gum

This is the most well-known study hack everyone must beware of. The reason behind the power of this hack is the focus and concentration we get. It is believed that chewing the gum can improve focus and will help you grab the subject topics more easily!

It is believed that if you chew a gum having the same flavor same as you did chew during reading time, you are most likely to remember the things you learned! Simply utter joy!

6. Download Your Favorite Study App

In today’s internet savvy world, we have some awesome study apps which are exceptionally built to make studies more interesting and easy! The apps are built with extraordinary information and with interesting content which will help you learn in a better way! Search for the best apps and if the teaching style impresses you, download it!

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7. Practice Apart From Your Material And Books

When you get explored to more techniques and more questions, you get more information and additional information. Type ‘site: edu your subject name exam’ in Google and you will get access to different tests conducted by different universities and schools on the same subject. This we, you will learn a lot and will also get a lot of extra information!

8. Plan A Study Routine

Believe it or not, studying on the same time daily has a great impact on your brain! Our brain is simply addicted to patterns and when we build a pattern for anything, it sets in our mind as never before! Thus, set a routine and daily on the same time, go for reading the complex things! This will give you magical results for sure!

9. Rewrite And Practice The Work

If you think that while reading the books, you will be able to memorize things, it is completely wrong! If you want to read and completely memorize the topics, you need to rewrite them. Reading can make you forget some things while writing the topics will simply make you remember it for a whole long time! Especially, for the subjects which consist of calculations must be done while writing! This will make you grab the topics more easily!

10. Listen To Music

Music is considered as a very powerful element for sharpening memory. When, you listen to music your concentration and grasping power increases. This helps your mind to get peaceful and focused and thus, hear to some peaceful and your favorite type of music to get more focused!

11. Focus On The Lightings

Lights play a very important role in boosting the brain. When you study under natural and bright lights, everything will appear clearly to you and you will be able to focus without getting your eyes damaged! If you have wrong lightings, you will get distracted with burning eye sensation, unclear words which can turn into severe issues. Thus, make sure the lightings are correct!

12. Eat Healthy Foods!

Your brain uses the highest amount of energy which you consume and thus, to make your brain work efficiently, you will need to fill it with the bets nutritious foods! Fuel it up with some healthy and nutrition-rich foods and improve the brain power!

13. Study With Your Friend And Divide Studies

This is one of the study techniques which you must try. If you have less time and want to learn more, divide the topics learn those topics and explain the topic you learned to your friend and vice versa. This will help you learn 2 topics while saving time. This technique ensures you will remember more!

14. Make A Cheat Of Important Notes

Take some time to understand the important terms and search for them in the notes. While we have huge notes and books, it is quite hectic to find the important notes. Thus make a cheat just as you would carry it in the exam, this will help you find and remember the important notes and formulas easily! However, don’t use these cheats in exams!!

15. Take Enough Rest And Sleep Peacefully

This is not just for the best memory and to understand the things better. Enough sleep and rest is the basic necessity of human body which makes your brain more powerful. While you sleep, your body relaxes and next day, regains the work with intensity. Thus, fuel up your brain with the best sleep and rest!

16. Study In A Peaceful Place With No Distractions

Don’t choose a chaotic environment for studies. This will cause a lot of disturbances and will not let you focus. Also keep other distractions like TV, mobile phones and such gadgets which attract you, away from you. Make sure you are left alone with a peaceful environment and your books!

17. Study For An Hour With A 10 Minutes Break

This is considered as the most productive way of studying and remembering things. If you study for 60 minutes with a small break of 10 minutes, your brain will grasp more quickly! Now you know why the college lectures are conducted this way!

18. Use Different Colored Highlighters

Highlighters have a very interesting use in making your studies more efficient! You can use different highlighters which can make you mark the important notes. Use the red ones for very important notes, green for the notes which are tough, yellow for notes which you haven’t gone through but are important and so on! This will help you a lot while making studies speedier!

19. Exercise Regularly

The food we eat and the regular exercises we do have a great effect on our brain and thus, it is very important to do workout. When we workout, the blood supply increases in the body along with the brain which is necessary! With improved blood flow and activeness, you will feel fresh and energetic to study!

20. Use Sticky Notes

Sticky note is the best way to remember things and for studies, it can get some amazing benefits. Every student searches for the most important topics in the chapters and here, you can choose the sticky notes. If you have pending topics which are important, make a not in front of your study desk so that you don’t miss studying it before exams. Similarly make notes of high priority topics, formulas and such things!

21. Change Your Position And Learn

Ever wondered why companies like Google don’t have any specific sitting arrangement just like the common offices? This is because of the fact that changes in a pattern can make you feel more free and flexible to work. The same way, change your position, sit wherever you feel comfortable and learn! This will help you study more effectively!

22. Carry A Watch

Sometimes carrying a watch can be very beneficial. This helps you to know how much time you take to study a topic and how much time you will need to complete it during revisions. This even time distribution will extremely help you during exams. Thus calculate the time for different subjects and learn in a way that you can complete the paper during given time!

23. Use A Chalk Or White Board In Your Home

In case you don’t like to read out loud, you can use this amazing trick to study! Make use of the chalk board or white board in your study room. While you write the topics and sub topics, you will remember it more easily. Especially, for the subjects like maths and algebra you can perform the calculations on the board which will help you study each and every step efficiently!

24. Try YouTube

Videos are the best way to memorize and grasp things. This is one of the best Homework tips which you can use! In case you were sleeping in the class and homework is here, you can search for the YouTube videos on the homework topics. You will get easy and simple explanations through which, it will become easy for you to complete the homework and get full marks!

25. Ask Questions To Yourself While Reading

When you question yourself, you will also try to get the answers. Ask yourself the deepest and most interesting questions from whatever you learnt. This will help you study the topic more efficiently while focusing on the details. This is one of the best ways to study by your own and learn the topics from base!

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Here are the best 25 study hacks which will change your learning pattern forever!

How To Study For A Test?

We all study for tests. Sometimes In hurries, sometimes sincerely! However, studying for tests is very important not just for scoring higher grades, but also to remember the topics by heart! If you studied well during the tests, it will help you study less during the final exams and thus, here are some tips you can follow to study for a test!

  • Start studying few days before the test
  • Divide the topics with time you take to study
  • Emphasize more on the diagrams flow charts and images for better and quick understanding
  • Check the previous exam papers
  • Give more priority to the most important topics
  • Read while explaining the topics to yourself
  • Format and remember the topics just like a story
  • Take your test if you have time

These are the super quick Study Hacks which will save you from the last minute page flipping chaos and will help you swallow the notes better in your mind!

It is true that different methods work for different people and the more you understand what works for you, the more you will be able to build such habits! Along with these hacks, increase your efficiency, grasping power, focus during lectures which is very important!

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