How to Make DIY Natural Conditioners To Fix Split Ends?

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Split ends are a sign of extreme damage and lack of proper hydration! This is a very common issue almost of us have experienced. We can’t imagine your hair without gorgeous and stunning styling while stepping out of the home. For parties, for shopping, for functions and for a casual day out, we would look for some trendsetting hairstyles and styling hacks which would make you look no less than a celebrity!

These styling crazes seriously and constantly damage our hair to a large extends. The basic causes behind split end in the hair tips are unhealthy foods, over styling, stress and depression, exposure to dirt, impurities and sun and many other! The hair has to suffer from such uncountable issues and all of this leads to split ends which would make you feel worried and conscious all the time! Here are some cool natural conditioners which are the solutions for how to fix split ends like never ever!

How To Fix Split Ends Using Natural Conditioners?

How To Fix Split Ends?

1. How to Fix Split Ends Using Honey Conditioner?

Honey is a stunning home ingredient which has numerous benefits for skin and hair. If you are tired with the split ends and want some cool natural fixing ingredient which can get your hair nourished and quench the thirst of your hair for moisture, use the refreshing honey conditioner and get flawless results. This awesome conditioner would simply make your ends and roots nourished and look shiny!


  • Honey


  • Open up your honey jar and get some fresh honey.
  • Apply this amazing ingredient in your hair after making the hair bit wet.
  • Apply honey from the roots to the tips and nourish your hair.
  • Cover the hair with a shower cap and let this mixture work on your hair for an hour.
  • Since with a shampoo.

This is a natural and cool ingredient which would never fail to make your hair repaired from split ends. This Honey mask would act as a cool conditioning mask which would smooth up, soften and glorify your hair!

2. The Miraculous Egg Conditioning Mask

Eggs are filled with minerals and essential elements like vitamins, protein, calcium and such amazing nutrients which are required by your hair for nourishment and to stay healthy! The more protein and nutrients you supply to your hair, the more gorgeous and healthy your hair would look. Try this extraordinary conditioning mask and get enviable results!


  • Egg yolk


  • Extract some egg yolk from 2-3 eggs.
  • Apply this natural conditioner on your entire scalp and hair.
  • Let this mask work on your damaged hair for 30-40 minutes and rinse.

Application of this mask would strength your hair, make them shiny and remove all the hair damage you are suffering from! What can be more exciting than an awesome hair mask which would benefit your hair without any side effects or chemicals used!

We will discuss here the various egg benefits for hair and how it can be used in hair masks…

3. How to Fix Split Ends Using Avocado Mask?

Avocados are the boon for damaged hair as they can work miracles and glory over your hair! If you have split ends, you are affected with huge hair damage and your hair can face other severe issues like hair fall, low hair density and much more. To eliminate and hinder such issues, go for this nourishing and rejuvenating avocado hair mask which would deep condition your hair.


  • Avocadoes, Milk


  • Get some fresh avocados and blend it in the mixture.
  • Add some milk in the avocado paste.
  • Apply this conditioner on your hair and scalp.
  • Let this conditioner work for an hour on your hair.
  • Rinse with a mild shampoo.

This natural conditioner would fight the split ends, get you thicker, stronger, shinier and glossy hair in few applications! Twice a week, try using this intense repair conditioner if you have high damage in your hair and want solution on how to fix split ends!

4. Hydrating Mayonnaise Conditioner

Wondering how mayonnaise can work on your split ends? Mayonnaise is enriched with nourishing properties which can repair the hair in just a few applications. This natural ingredient is filled with minerals, enzymes, conditioning agents which fulfill the need of nourishment for your hair. Apply this redefining mayonnaise mask on your hair for flawless and voluminous hair!


  • Mayonnaise


  • Get some fresh and cool mayonnaise straight out from your refrigerators.
  • Get your hair wet and applicable.
  • Apply mayonnaise to your scalp covering the entire hair and head.
  • Let it work for 45 minutes and rinse.

Mayonnaise is filled with enriching properties which would make your hair nourished and would fight issues like dry hair, undernourished hair, split ends and other hair damage. Mayonnaise would repair your hair and make it velvety smooth within just a few applications! Try this super hydrating and conditioning mask for enviable hair!

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5. High Impact Leave In Olive Oil Conditioner

Leave in conditioners are cool as they can nourish and transform your hair while working on them overnight. If your hair are deeply damaged and you need to nourish and pamper your hair, try using this flawless hair mask which would condition your hair in a gorgeous way. This nourishing conditioner would get your hair benefits like reduction of hair damage, improved hair growth, adorable hair volume and resistance towards dandruff!


  • Olive oil


  • Get some olive oil and heat it in a pan.
  • Massage this amazing conditioner on your hair with smooth rotations.
  • With your fingertips apply this cool conditioner on your scalp and tips.
  • Cover it with a shower cap and leave it in your hair overnight.

Next morning when you would rinse your hair, you would simply get amazed with the incredible shine, volume, and smoothness of your hair. This is the result of the first application. With the frequent applications of this conditioner, your hair would grow longer, the split ends would fade away and your hair would look super gorgeous and stylish!

These are some widely preferred conditioners which can work miracles on your damaged hair. If you are prone to styling and can never compromise with the health of your hair, try any of these masks for hydrating and conditioning your hair. Fill your hair with minerals, nutrients and all the essential elements your scalp would need to make your hair flawless!

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