Karen Haircut? 12 Example Hairstyles to Avoid

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Are you familiar with the term “Karen”? It’s a term used to describe a certain type of woman who is seen as a demanding, entitled person. From their fashion choices to their hairstyles, there are certain looks that are deemed as “Karens.”

In this article, we’ll explore the origin of the term “Karen” and dig into the 12 hairstyles that should be avoided in order to keep from becoming the subject of an internet meme. You’ll also get a better understanding of what a Karen is, and why it’s important to keep from becoming one. So sit back, relax, and let’s explore the world of Karens.

What and Who is a Karen?

The term “Karen” is often used to refer to a middle-aged Caucasian woman who feels entitled and uses her privilege to get her way.

This term has come to represent the personification of white privilege. ‘Karens’ often go out of their way to exercise their superiority and entitlement, often disregarding the well-being of others in the process. They demand extraordinary service from restaurants, break rules when they feel inconvenienced, and target racial groups without cause.

The term “Karen” has become widespread due to the surge of viral memes featuring a white woman demanding to speak to the manager for outrageous reasons. However, it is important to note that there is no single incident or behavior that jumpstarted Karen awareness. Rather, it is an attitude of disrespect and degradation that has been largely perpetuated by people who benefit from white privilege.

… And What is a Karen Haircut, By the Way?

Karens are often recognized for their distinctive hairstyles. A Karen haircut is typically hairstyle that is outdated, unattractive and generally draws negative attention. It often consists of bangs that are cut straight across, with the hair on the sides and back cut very short. Additionally, it is often styled with a lot of hairspray and curling iron, making it appear even more exaggerated and unfashionable.

Karen Haircuts to Avoid

Don’t let yourself be mistaken as a Karen — stay ahead of the trend and avoid any hairstyle that’s too close to the classic “Karen cut”. We want to help you stay looking your best and totally avoid any negative associations with the “Karen” label. Here are several hairstyles you should stay away from and keep your style looking modern and fashionable.

1. The Reverse Mullet: The Most Well-Known Karen Haircut

Introducing the reverse mullet – the quintessential Karen haircut sure to turn heads for all the wrong reasons. This style features super long side-swept bangs and short piecey layers in the back, and can be worn with chunky blonde highlights or mix-matched colors (blonde in the front and brunette in the back).

The reverse mullet became a talking point when Kate Plus 8 star, Kate Gosselin, sported it in the early 2000s. Her demanding and demeaning personality fit the Karen profile to a T, and the style soon became associated with her character.

So if you’re looking for a statement cut that will make you stand out from the crowd, the reverse mullet is the one for you!

We think it’s safe to say that there’s something about this particular style that just doesn’t work. From the 90s-inspired spikiness that has long since been out of fashion to the bangs that have too much volume and not enough shape, this haircut does nothing but make the wearer look worse.

No matter how much you try to make it work, this is one look that will always scream “can I speak to the manager?” Avoid it at all costs and opt for something more flattering instead.

Which Haircut Should You Try Instead?

If you’re looking for an edgy, modern hair style that requires minimal maintenance, a pixie cut or a short bob is a great alternative to the reverse mullet. These cuts are perfect for any face shape, from heart to square to oval, and they look fabulous on most people. Plus, you can add a few shorter bangs to keep your look fashion-forward without the risk of entering “Karen hair” territory. Give these styles a try today and experience the freedom of easy maintenance and chic style.

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2. Too Much Volume

If you’re looking to avoid the “Karen” look, it’s important to know the difference between voluminous and too voluminous when it comes to your hair. Investing in the right tools and products, such as volumizing mousses and hairsprays, can help you achieve a full-bodied look without piling on too much volume in the crown. Additionally, avoid over-teasing, lifting, and blow-drying your hair. While long hairstyles can give you the desired volume, too much height in the crown can give a Karen-like vibe.

Which Haircut Should You Try Instead?

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that adds more than just a few inches to your height, then you have a Karen cut on your hands. To really show off the extra volume, try tousled waves or a curly bob with choppy bangs. If you have natural texture, then a twist out or braid out is a great way to go. Whatever you do, stay away from Bumpits! With a Karen cut, you’ll definitely add some height and of course, style.

3. Stiff Curls

Karens everywhere love to rock super-defined, stiff curls. To achieve the perfect “Karenified” curls, start by taking thick sections of hair and curling them with a curling iron. Once curled, spray them with oil sheen and spritz to keep them firm and in place. With this easy styling routine, you’ll be able to rock the signature Karen look in no time!

Which Haircut Should You Try Instead?

For the perfect curls with natural movement and shine, use a curling wand to curl medium sections of your hair. After curling all the hair, lightly run your fingers through the waves to break them up and give them body. To keep the curls from becoming stiff, spray them with a light holding spray. This will help keep your curls looking great all day long!

4. Tired Vintage Styles

Lately, many vintage hairstyles have been making a comeback, but some of them should stay in the past. Here are a couple of classic Karen favorites that are best avoided: the bumper bangs from the 1940s, Farrah Fawcett curls from the 70s, and the pageboy haircut of the 1950s.

Not only do these hairstyles signal the presence of a Karen, but they also look incredibly dated and out-of-date. If you’re looking to make a statement with your hair, it’s best to avoid these retro styles and choose a more modern look.

Which Haircut Should You Try Instead?

Vintage styles are making a huge comeback, and if you’re looking for a way to elevate your look, these three styles are exactly what you need!

  • The Short Bob – Not only is it a classic style that is sure to turn heads, but it also has a quirky vibe that will give your style a unique boost.
  • Curtain Bangs – Instantly see an increase in sex appeal with this style that is quickly becoming a favorite on social media.
  • Mullet – Bring back the ’80s with the super popular mullet that Miley Cyrus has made famous (again!). This style will be sure to keep you on trend.

5. Tiger Stripe Hair Color

Tiger Strip hair color is a bold and daring statement for the modern Karen. Featuring dark to medium brown hair with outrageous highlights of blonde and/or red, this bold look ensures you won’t blend into the crowd. The sharp contrast between the dark and light strands create the effect of tiger stripes, instantly grabbing attention.

However, this attention-grabbing style isn’t for everyone – it can be too outrageous for more conservative occasions. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on making a statement through bold highlights. There is a way to make an impact without making it too over the top. With a few minor tweaks, you can find the perfect balance between boldness and poise.

Which Haircut Should You Try Instead?

If you’re looking for highlights that won’t make you look like a Karen, make sure you are clear with your stylist about wanting a soft, blended balayage effect. A balayage will typically have a dark root, with a gradual transition to lighter tones at the ends. To get the most complementary highlights for your skin tone, choose colors from within the warm family if you have dark skin, ash or platinum tones if you have light skin and cool undertones, while someone with fair skin and warm undertones should opt for warm highlights.

It’s important to make sure the highlights don’t look too light in comparison to the rest of your hair color, and to keep the highlights relatively thin. Thick highlights can easily transport you back to the days of crispy, striped tiger look. Once you’re in the salon, always check the results in natural light and ensure the final result is something you feel 100% happy and confident with.

6. Over-layered Cuts

Karens may have a thing for layering up their hair, but it’s a style best left in moderation. Piling on too much hair can give your cut an unflattering, dated look. It can add too much volume, resulting in the top of your hair becoming unshapely and rounded. Plus, any attempts to style the layers further (by using pin curls and other techniques) will only make matters worse, quickly aging you and leaving you looking more ‘Karen-like’ than stylish and on-trend. So keep it simple and stick to the basics when layering your hair – your style will thank you for it!

Which Haircut Should You Try Instead?

Over-layered hairstyles can look outdated, so steer clear of choppy or chunky cuts. Instead, opt for subtle layers to keep your hair looking modern and fresh. Soft layers are always flattering – be sure to start your layers low, so as not to overwhelm your hair. With these tips in mind, you can create an on-trend look that will be sure to turn heads!

7. Brassy Color Jobs

Karens, don’t let yourself get stuck with brassy hair! Hair brassiness can occur when you’re experimenting with at-home hair color or neglect to tone your hair after bleaching. It is also possible to get brassy tones after a lightening session when the toner has worn off. Brassy color isn’t a flattering look for any skin tone or undertone, so think twice before going for it!

Which Haircut Should You Try Instead?

Unavoidable brass tone is a common side effect of lightening and lifting your natural hair color. To keep unwanted orange, golden or yellow tones away and ensure a seamless color transition, it’s essential to use the right toner for your hair. Blue toners are great to get rid of orange tones, while purple toners will take away yellow and golden tones. Keep in mind that some toners may be ineffective on brown hair, so make sure to read the packaging before use.

After a professional hair treatment, you’ll need to keep up with a certain level of upkeep to prevent brass from sneaking back into your locks. Remember to stay away from the sun, chlorine pools and hot wash water. This will help preserve your desired hair color for a more lasting result.

If you want to maintain your hair color and keep brassiness at bay, then all three of these steps are essential. Start by reducing hair washes as much as possible, only washing your hair when it’s visibly dirty. Excessive washing will cause your hair color and toner to fade quickly and reveal brassy tones. Secondly, resist the urge to use heat tools and styling products as they can damage the cuticles in your hair, which accelerates toner fade. Lastly, choose shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated for colored hair in order to preserve the color of your hair.

8. Pixie with Deep Side Part

While not all pixie cuts are considered Karen haircuts, one style does epitomize the “Karen” look: the deep side part pixie.

This look is easy to recognize—it’s a pixie with a part near your ear. On some people, this style can look chic and modern, but in the wrong hands it can become a painfully obvious Karen-style ‘do. So, if you’re going for an edgy pixie look, we recommend steering clear of the deep side part, or risk looking like a self-important, opinionated Karen.

Which Haircut Should You Try Instead?

The Karens haven’t claimed all of the pixies, so you can still achieve a stylish and modern look with a close-cropped style. Try a pixie with short bangs or an undercut pixie for a classic and effortless look. But be careful to not make it too layer heavy or over-styled, as you could wind up venturing down Karen Alley in no time.

9. Spikey Cuts

Spikes and Karens were made for each other, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good look! Karens can’t help but reach for the hair gel and hold spray and fashion those outdated, harsh spikes. Avoiding spikes is the way to go if you want to stay timeless and fashionable. Steer clear from creating spikes, as they’re likely to age you and make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. Separate yourself from Karen-kind and opt for a more modern, stylish hairstyle.

Which Haircut Should You Try Instead?

Revamp the look and put a spin on the retro style with some of the edgiest hairstyles of the current moment. From super high buns with laid edges to daring fauxhawks, undercut bobs and braids, these styles have plenty of attitude and will make sure you stand out from the crowd. So, if you’re looking to rock a fashion-forward hairstyle that oozes edge and sass, then these fresh and daring looks are just what you need!

10. The Plastic Bob

Experience the classic Karen-inspired hairstyle with the plastic bob! Its sleekness, sharp edges, and stiffness make it appear unnaturally perfect; the ideal look to complete the iconic Karen look. To achieve this look, you need to straighten your hair at high temperatures and then finish with products like oils and hairspray to hold everything in place.

Once your plastic bob is set and you’re ready to rock your look, it’s time to let your inner Karen out and recite some of her favorite lines, including “Go get your manager,” “How inconvenient,” or “I will sue your pants off.” Get your perfect plastic bob and start expressing your attitude today!

Which Haircut Should You Try Instead?

Instead of opting for a basic plastic bob, why not try something with more movement, subtle layers and natural body? Remember to use oil sparingly and not to overload your hair with hairspray. That way, you’ll be sure to get the perfect bob with natural texture and shine.

11. Contrasting Textures

Styles with contrasting textures are a big hit in Karen Land, giving you a signature look that sets you apart from the crowd. From curls in the front with straight hair in the back, to waves in the front with spikes in the back, or teased layers in the crown with straight bangs; these unique combinations create a head-turning style that not only makes you look like a Karen, but also exudes an air of mystique and intrigue. Whether you opt for subtle variations of contrasting textures, or go for something more dramatic and daring, the options are endless and your look will be sure to have people scratching their heads in confusion – just the way a Karen would want it.

Which Haircut Should You Try Instead?

Are you all about diverse hair textures? We get it—and we even encourage it. But for the best results and to avoid giving off any “Karen” vibes, we suggest picking one texture at a time. That way, your look will be more polished, put-together, and stylish. Let’s embrace the diverse range of hair textures that are out there—just one style at a time.

12. Super Flipped Ends

Forget the Karens—it’s time to bring back flipped ends! This cool trend can make any hairstyle stand out with its subtle but stylish flair. But don’t just blindly flip the ends of your hair—do it right! Take a little extra time to make sure you get the look just the way you want it for a truly unique ‘do. Flip away, friends, but make sure you do it with flair!

Which Haircut Should You Try Instead?

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that won’t make you look like a Karen, flipped ends should be off your hair menu. But, if you’d still like to wear this hairstyle, putting the flipped ends at the end of a long ponytail is a great way to keep things looking non-pretentious. To do this, use a comb to make the flipped section look messier rather than too coiffed to avoid an overly Karen-looking vibe.

Just Don’t Be a Karen

Your hairstyle may not reflect your Karen-ness, but your behavior does. Surprisingly, we may all have a Karen-esque side hidden inside of us that comes to the surface from time to time. Avoiding Karen-like behavior can help us be more understanding and compassionate of each other’s differences.

Don’t want to be seen as a Karen? Follow these useful tips:

  1. Control your temper. Take a deep breath and walk away from a situation rather than reacting with anger.
  2. Remain humble. Don’t think the world revolves around you.
  3. Tend to your own business. Avoid getting involved in things that don’t concern you.
  4. Let go of control. You can’t control every situation, so relax and let it be.
  5. Respect authority. Obey rules and regulations to maintain order and peace.
  6. Speak kindly. Always use courteous language, even when you don’t get your way.

Now that you know which hairstyles to stay away from, as well as which ones to try, and how not to become a Karen, it’s important to keep in mind that being a Karen is neither fashionable nor acceptable in today’s society. To ensure that you’re never caught in a Karen-like situation, take some time to familiarize yourself with the behaviors that all Karens typically possess and make sure you avoid them.

And if you’d like to continue your Karen-avoidance journey, there are plenty of resources available on the internet. A simple search on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube will bring you plenty of Karen memes so you can get a better feel for the types of behaviors and looks you should avoid.

Hopefully this article has been helpful to you in your Karen-avoidance journey. Good luck and may you never be mistaken for a Karen!

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