Okra Health & Beauty Benefits Will Surprise You!

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Some Myths And Facts Related To Okra

1. Myth- Okra comes with very less nutrition


Okra comes with bundles of nutrients like fiber, Vitamin B5, folic acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Proteins, and various minerals.

2. Myth- Okra should be stored in the refrigerator


Keeping Okra in the freezer is the best way of its preservation as in this way it would retain its nutrients. But make sure you freeze the Okra that has started turning soft or changing into brown.

3. Myth- You can only have fried Okra for gaining all its nutrients


Okra can be cooked in various other ways without losing its nutrients and adding some extra flavors with corns, tomatoes, onions, shellfish, etc. It can be baked, steamed, stewed, boiled, as well as used in making pickles.

4. Myth- Make sure you wash Okra thoroughly and cut them completely before preparing it


Okra is a vegetable that is ready to use without washing it as it is slimy. It is not also cut completely as the more you cut it, the slimmer it gets.

5. Myth-Okra is a flowerless vegetable


Okra is not only a nutritious vegetable, but it also comes up with a bunch or energy through the beautiful flower it is surrounded with, similar to the hibiscus.

Okra Health Benefits

What Is Okra? What Nutrients Does It Come With?

Are you familiar with what Okra is? It is quite a common vegetable; however, it is popular by some other name. Okra is one of the staple cuisines in West Africa, similarly, it is also popular in some other countries like England, Spain, U.S., Portugal, Malaysia, and India. People know it well for the taste it adds to the cuisines, but there are people who look for Okra health benefits too to get the best out of it.

Still confused? Okra is nothing but Lady’s Finger, what we are familiar with. Other names of Okra include Abelmoschus Esculentus, Hibiscus Esculentus, Gumbo, Kacang Bendi, Guino-Gombo, Bendakai, Bhindi, Gombo and many more. It is known with a different name in different countries. The fact also includes that it is used as a vegetable in various dishes like broths, salads, stir-fries, and stews. One of the unique features of Okra which makes it different from other vegetables is that it comes with heavy mucilage content in it. Due to this high amount of mucilage, it is too slippery as well as slim.

Meanwhile, did you know the health benefits of Sage leaves?

Thinking what nutrients are found in Lady Fingers? It is widely used for obtaining minerals and vitamins, but very few know that it also comes with some other nutrients too. Some of the nutrients it serves with are:

  • Both Soluble and Insoluble Fibers
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Magnesium
  • Fat
  • Calcium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Folate
  • Thiamin
  • Vitamin B6

With these nutritional features, Okra serves you with various health as well as skin benefits too in various ways. It also comes with a heavy content of linoleic acid and oleic acid which are quite essential for health.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Okra?

As mentioned above, Okra comes with various nutrients due to which it has various Okra benefits too. It is one of the best food on the earth, that serves not only with health benefits, but beauty benefits also. Yes, consuming Okra can also be beneficial for the growth and glow of your hair, skin, and nails.

1. Okra Health Benefits

Okra health benefits have turned the eyes of the scientists towards Okra. It is also used as a home-remedy for various health issues, which are still unknown to many of them. Here are some of the health benefits of using Okra in your diet.

a. The Best Medicine To Malnutrition

Okra is bunched up with all the natural nutrients like the vital vitamins, fiber, protein, iron, calcium, zinc, etc. Having Okra in your meals would surely complete all the nutritional requirements of a day. So, next time if you are asked is Okra a superfood? Say a big YES as it is an economic ingredient that comes with the capability to fight against malnutrition globally.

b. Helpful In Controlling Hunger

Can you lose weight eating Okra? This question is often asked the dieticians by those looking for some weight loss. Okra is filled with soluble fibers that feel your tummy faster as you have your meals. It also takes long hours to empty your stomach. This helps in controlling the intake of calories which indirectly helps in reducing some weight. The long-lasting satisfaction will help you in controlling your hunger.

c. Serves As A Fuel To Your Body

Are you getting caught by fatigue every next day? This has been quite common among the youngsters these days due to the unhealthy lifestyle and struggles they are facing. One of the Okra health benefits is that it helps in delaying the fatigue. The seeds of Okra come with flavonoids and antioxidant polyphenols, that help in increasing the storage of glycogen in the liver. This glycogen serves as a fuel to your body and promotes energy delaying the fatigue impact for longer periods.

d. Want To Manage Diabetes? Have Some Okra.

Are you having diabetes? Want to manage it naturally? It is one of the ladyfinger benefits too. The peel and the seeds of Okra are helpful in lowering the blood glucose levels in the body. This is much used in the management of diabetes mellitus. They make this possible with the help of carb-breaking enzymes that increase the sensitivity to the insulin. The more insulin body gets the less your carbs would get broken, which reduced the blood sugar levels.

e. Recommended For Stabilization Of The Cholesterol Levels

The Okra nutrition is capable of degrading the levels of cholesterol in your body. Along with the degradation process, it also discourages the fat production in the body. In this way, it reduces the cholesterol levels in the body along with triglyceride and increases the excretion of the bile acids that are made from the cholesterols in the feces. This process of stabilizing help in protection against serious diseases of the heart as it reduces the chances of artery clogging.

f. Makes The Bones Strong And Reduces Excessive Bleeding

Okra is stuffed with Vitamin K. Along with this, Okra is also helpful for getting the daily requirement of calcium in the body. This helps in making the bones stronger as well as it also helps in quick clotting during bleeding. In this way, Okra is helped in the prevention and curing of health issues like Osteoporosis, excessive bleeding during injuries, fractures, etc.

g. Good For Your Immune System And Eyes

Okra serves you with a good quantity of Vitamin A. This nutrient is helpful in promoting the white blood cells, which are the main elements for your immune system. They help in fighting against diseases and a number of infections that weaken you. Vitamin A is also helpful for healthy eyes. If you are having weak vision, or even if you are having a family history of the same, consuming Okra can help you in an effective way.

h. For Prevention Against Gastritis

Gastritis is caused by some bacteria called H. Pylori that leads to inflammation of the stomach lining. The benefits of Okra also include protection against Gastritis. The juice of Okra comes with compounds like anti-adhesive which increase the float of bacteria to the gut. The anti-adhesive compounds when reaching the stomach lining, it reduces the bacteria and prevents the stomach from gastritis and H. Pylori infections.

Along with all these, the list of Okra health benefits also includes prevention from liver infections and diseases, reducing the chances of Neurodegenerative disorders, relief from constipation, relief from asthma, prevention from sunstroke, for curing anemia, healing cough, and sore throat, easing diarrhea, etc.

2. Beauty Benefits Of Okra

The Okra benefits also come with a section of beauty benefits which includes the hair and the skin too. The nutrients it serves with are also helpful for various skin and hair problems. Some of the popular beauty benefits include:

a. Best As An Anti-Aging Ingredient

Okra is the best supplier of Vitamin C, which is among the prime ingredients to fight against aging. The skin care industry relies to a great extent on Vitamin C for providing the skin with required nourishment to eliminate wrinkles from the skin. Including Okra in your daily meals can enhance young looking and glowing skin providing the face with a firm and supple skin naturally.

b. Helps In Getting Thick Hair

Okra benefits for hair list contain this benefit also. Along with the skin, this green vegetable promotes thick hair growth as it nourishes the hair with required nutrients in bulk like the antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, etc. It also helps in the proper nourishment of the scalp resulting in the thick and healthy hair.

c. For Glowing Skin

Hate eating Okra? Read this and you would start loving it. Okra nutrition list contains elements like Vitamin A, Folate, Vitamin C, Protein, and Calcium, that are important in the promotion of healthy skin cells. Other than eating in meals, Okra is also used in the form of an applicant for getting that moisturized and glowing skin naturally.

d. For Stronger Nails

As mentioned above, Okra is rich in Calcium and other important elements that are helpful in the growth of healthy and strong nails. You can include Okra in your meals daily or use it in any form on daily basis for providing your nails with a thick and strong texture.

Some of the other Okra health benefits in the beauty section include for getting rid of acne, for shining hair, natural hair conditioner, and much more.

There are henceforth a number of reasons why Okra should be included in your menu list. Forgetting the utmost natural benefits from Okra, it is either used in the form of a vegetable in meals or powdered for adding to oatmeal, drink up, smoothies, salads, etc.

So, looking for a proper ingredient for your health, skin, and hair? Why not give a try to Okra, and you are sure to get amazing and surprising benefits.

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