Very Effective Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair Growth!

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Healthy and gleaming hair always add a charm to your beauty. Hair  is an integral part of your personality. It defines your look and beauty as it is one of the most eminent facial feature. An unhealthy and damaged hair spoil one’s looks. Hence hair care is of paramount importance. If you need to look beautiful, you ought to have healthy and shiny hair.

But how to take care of health of your hair? Especially, if you have excessive hair fall problem?

Here comes a veracious solution for the hair loss problem. That’s – the Argan Oil. Yes, Argan oil is a boon for treating the hair problems and get enhanced hair growth. Come, let’s take a look at the benefits of argan oil for hair growth. 

Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair Growth

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is obtained from nuts (25% of the total weight of argan fruit) of argan fruits from Mediterranean Argan tree from Morocco. During earlier days, this oil was used for healing and also to boost up one’s individual beauty. Argan oil is also known as “liquid gold”, as it benefits your skin and hair.

The beneficial properties of argan oil are due to the presence of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. It improves the well-being of your hair by just promoting cell production. It also hydrates and nourishes hair and skin. Hence it’s included in most of the hair care and beauty products and gained its popularity among people with its proven results.

Why Argan Oil is Necessary for Hair?

Argan oil is an excellent remedy for hair growth and hair treatment. This is due to the existence of certain nutrients which is essential for hair growth.

1. Vitamin E –

Vitamin E contains natural antioxidant effects which support healthy scalp and hair, assists in hair growth. This antioxidant property removes the free radicals that cause the scalp’s hair follicle cells to break down. Vitamin E prevents hair fall and replenishes shine which is lost due to heat and other styling agents.

2. Antioxidants –

Antioxidant offsets free radicals which restore the health of hair. It prevents follicle from shrinking and promotes hair growth by preventing hair loss.

3. Omega-6 fatty acids –

Omega? 6 fatty acid restores the growth of hair, manages the water loss in hair and controls the scalp infections.

Hence argan oil is essential for hair. Try to reap its benefits immediately by using argan oil for hair. 

How to Use Argan Oil for Hair?

Argan oil for hair growth can be put into effect by its proper usage. You can apply the argan oil on hair for various purposes. Let’s have a glance at its usage.

1. Argan Oil As A Conditioner

Argan oil is packed with the essential nutrients which nourish your hair. It acts as the best conditioner as it is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. This helps to nutrify your hair, treats the split ends and detangles it. The nutrients present in this oil prevents the scalp inflammation which is the root source for dandruff, scalp itching, and irritation.

2. Argan Oil Hair Mask

Suffering from the damaged hair? Difficult to treat it? Then go for the argan oil hair mask. The presence of vitamin E and omega fatty acids helps to strengthen your hair and also repairs damaged hair by sealing split ends, soothes the frayed hair. It is essential to have an argan oil hair mask for about 15 to 30 minutes to get an efficacious result.

You can also leave it overnight to completely absorb the nutrients present in the oil. Apply warm argan oil and massage it on the scalp and over hair till the end. Massage it for about 15 minutes and wrap your head with the towel. Leave it overnight and have a wash with regular shampoo, the next morning.

3. Argan Hair Oil

Argan oil nourishes your hair and promotes hair growth. Application of this oil over the scalp acts as a moisturizer that fights with dandruff, dry scalp and prevents scalp infection.

Antioxidants and vitamin E boosts up cells which aid in the production of healthy hair and hair regrowth. Argan hair oil treats split ends, replaces thin and brittle hair. It even contributes to soft and glossy hair.

4. Argan Oil Shampoo

Knowing its importance in hair growth, argan oil is widely used as the main ingredient in many shampoos. You can use this argan oil shampoo like other shampoos.

Apply this shampoo over the scalp and to hair strands till the length of your hair and give a gentle scrub. You can use this shampoo twice in a week to improve your hair’s look.

Argan oil shampoo combats the dryness, friable hair by improving the strength and soothes it.

5. Argan Oil As A Styling Product

Feeling difficult to set your hair? Here comes an incredible styling agent, that’s the argan oil. This oil provides you with excellent shinning and softness. It gives you an immediate and instant gloss which comes to the aid of styling your hair for any parties.

Along with the styling properties, it also enriches and repairs hair damage. You can even apply argan oil before hair straightening in order to protect your hair against heat damage.

Have few drops of argan oil in your palms and rub it over the hair evenly to get a long-lasting radiant hair.

Argan Oil Benefits for Hair

There are enormous Argan oil benefits for hair. It is beneficial for those suffering from hair loss. Scroll down to get a wide knowledge about the argan oil benefits.

1. Conditions Hair

Argan oil is the best hair conditioner, as it conditions hair to a softer and shinier one. This conditioner repairs split ends and nurses frizzy hair. It works as an effective conditioner which put together softer and dazzling hair.

Apply a drop of oil in your palm and rub it throughout the hair strands till the tip. Also, give a gentle massage over the scalp. You get an immediate result of glossy hair.

2. Improves Hair Growth

Argan oil boosts up your hair growth by nourishing hair follicles along with an increase in the production of cells by vitamin E. The antioxidant property revitalizes hair cells, promoting the growth of healthier hair. It also assists in the regrowth of hair with increased length and density, which gives you voluminous hair.

3. Moisturizes and Nourishes Scalp

Lack of moisture leads to the dryness of the scalp, leading to dandruff. Dandruff results in hair fall. Get rid of dandruff by moisturizing your scalp. Argan oil is a good moisturizer. The existence of omega-6 fatty acids soothes the scalp and its inflammation. Thus prevents dandruff and hair loss, promoting hair growth.

Nourish your scalp by applying warm argan oil on the scalp and give a gentle massage. Cover your head with towel or shower cap and leave it for few hours or overnight. Rinse with a mild shampoo, the next morning. Repeat this procedure twice in a week to kick off dermatitis, dry scalp, dandruff, itchiness, and burning.

4. Revokes Damage

Argan oil can be used to repair damaged hair which is caused by UV rays, styling products, harsh chemicals. Vitamin E and antioxidants in argan oil protect and repair damaged hair, split ends.

Argan oil revokes damage by improving the cell production, nourishes hair follicles and strengthens your hair.

5. Fights with Hair Loss

Nowadays most of the people are facing hair loss problem due to many reasons. Argan oil is the right option to prevent hair loss. This oil wards off the deprivation of hair follicles, leading to the increased production of hair.

Go with the application of argan oil on scalp and massage over it. This stimulates the blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles, kicks off hair loss. Try this thrice in a week to get a noticeable improvement.

6. Improves Glossiness

Argan oil is the best styling agent as it improves the glossiness of hair that makes it more manageable. This adds upon beauty to any type of hairstyles.

Argan oil defines curls and gives you a beautiful game. Do not apply too much oil as it gives you an oily look. Just apply a few drops of oil and spread it evenly to get shiny hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to determine pure and authentic Argan oil?

Best Argan oil for hair is essential for its growth and glossiness. It is better to go with the pure one. To find pure argan oil,

  • Check the ingredients list whether it is 100% Argan Oil without any additives like preservatives and fragrances.
  • Argan oil has a mild nutty smell which fades off when applied over the skin.
  • Pure argan oil is packed in a dark amber glass bottle, whereas light wards off its beneficial properties.
  • This oil has a smooth texture and it should be made in Morocco.
  • Also, check for the cosmetic grade and ECOCERT certificate which indicates its purity.

2. Is it right to apply the argan oil over dry hair?

The argan oil must be applied over the wet hair, as the dry hair tames frizzy hair. Just go with a few drops of argan oil through the wet hair to obtain its benefits.

3. Can we store the argan oil in the refrigerator?

Yes, you can store this oil in the refrigerator. This increases its shelf life from 2 years to 3 years. So that it extends its usage, as the argan oil is expensive.

Hope you have acquired sufficient understanding of argan oil for hair growth! As we discussed the usage of argan oil for hair, follow it accordingly to get an extra smooth, sleek and voluminous hair. Argan oil for hair growth paves a way to glam up yourself with glossy and dense hair.

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