Hair Growth : How To Grow Hair Faster In A Natural Way With Ease!

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Craving for a long, luscious and gorgeous hair? For centuries it has been a personification of beauty and growing long hair is something that has never been out of fashion. No doubt, the short, modern haircuts are trendy these days, but nothing stands in comparison to this feminine grace. Of course it is going to take time to get such beautiful tresses.  If you are following the correct hair care methods, the hair is going to be part of your repertoire without much fuss. A lot of debate has centred on how to grow hair faster and whether natural or over the counter products suit the bill.  Before we get into the depth of the subject matter, we need to understand some facts about hair growth.

Hair Growth

Does Hair Grow At The Rate Of Knots?

Before proceeding on how to grow hair faster, we need to figure out the process. The speed of hair growth is dependent on the stature of follicles along with genetics. Hair growth revolves around 0.50 inches on an average per month, and it may sound a lot. But it is isn’t! Not taking good care of your hair, bad diet coupled with over usage of styling products, leaves your hair in a bad shape. This is bound to decrease the length and cause some significant damages to your hair.

Hair And Scalp Treatments For Hair Growth

1. Massaging Scalp

Blood circulation increases when you massage an area and scalp does follow the golden rule. When the scalp is being massaged, blood flow to the area increase encouraging growth of hair follicles. It is a simple and easy way on how to grow hair faster.

  • When you take a shower massage your hair. The tips of your fingers in a circular motion should rub the scalp. Do cover the front, back and side portions of your hair.
  • Continue the process as long as you can. It helps you feel calm and reduces emotional turmoil as well.

2. Essential Oils

Some oils are empowered to stimulate on how to grow hair faster. Ideally, 5 to 10 drops of oil should be poured on your head and the scalp needs to be massaged. Some of the popular essential oils are

  • Peppermint is known to improve circulation
  • Lemon oil encouraging a steady hair growth.

3. Oil Conditioning

A couple of advantages are associated with this method. On one hand how to grow hair faster is assured, and secondly the present hair is kept strong and sturdy. For a conditioning treatment, the following steps needs to be followed

  • The hair needs to be wet and then a couple of teaspoons of oil should be put on the scalp
  • With the help of your fingers, the oil should be distributed in an easy way from the roots to the tips of your hair.
  • The hair should be covered with a shower cap as it would allow the oil to soak in for a couple of hours
  • Then shampoo your hair as you normally tend to do. If there is excess oil, then you have to wash it more than once.

4. Bristle (Boar) Brush Technique

A special brush formulated of natural fibers replicating patterns of human hair. Sebum (naturaloil being secreted by your hair scalp) is pulled all the ways towards the tips of the hair. To understand on how to grow hair faster.

  • The brush must be placed against your scalp and it should be brushed to and fro as natural oil will be picked up.
  • In a single stroke try to brush your hair from the roots to the tips. Continue the process till the hair looks glossy.
  • Make it a point that this process does not work with metal or plastic brushes.

5. Soothing Hair Conditioning Mask

Is your hair dry or brittle? Then to make it look luster a nutritious mask would be an ideal .proposition. You may not be able to meet the target of how to grow hair quickly, but for sure it is going to protect the hair that you have on your head. To make a hair mask

  • An egg is to be cracked and put in  a bowl.
  • To it you can add a couple of teaspoons of yogurt and a single teaspoon of honey.
  • On your wet hair it needs to be applied and kept for 20 minutes.
  • Shampoo the hair in a normal way to wash out the mask.

6. Be Aware Of What Products You Are Using On Your Hair

When your prime aim is how to grow hair faster, you would need to pay due consideration to the products that you are using. There are products in the market that contain chemicals which can damage your hair way beyond repairs. Your aim should be to use products that are incorporated with natural ingredients.  To avoid hair products that contain

  • Sulfates- a common ingredient of shampoos which are cleaners ( harsh) removes the natural oil of your scalp.
  • Alcohol- part of hair gel and styling products. They will make your hair brittle by drying out your hair.

Dietary Techniques To Make Hair Grow Faster

1. Increase Intake Of Protein

Protein is a part of any hair, and make sure that you have lots of it in your diet. This will address the issue of how to make your hair grow faster and see there are enough proteins as part of your diet. If it is deficient in protein, then simply hair is not going to grow.

  • Increase intake of fish, meat and dairy products that are a rich source of proteins
  • Leafy vegetables along with beans are vital sources of proteins for veggies.

2. Supplement Vitamin A And C

Both these vitamins makesure thatyou have a healthy and glossy hair. When the body lacks in the supply of both these vitamins, the hair becomes weak and brittle. Do make it a point that it is part of your diet as it does help in an attempt on hair growth.

  • Carrots, sweet pumpkin are all rich sources of vitamin A
  • Citrus fruits along with leafy vegetables are important sources of vitamin C

3. Being Hydrated

When you are hydrated, it rolls on to the overall wellbeing of your hair.  The hair is prone to breakage, being brittle and dry. When hair frays and breaks, it becomes a difficult task to grow into a long style that you have craved for. On how to grow hair faster, make sure that you drink plenty of water every day to stay hydrated.

  • Reduce intake of carbonated drinks and replace it with water when possible.
  • A water bottle is to  carried with you so that you are not thirsty during the day.

4. Consumption Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

They fall into the group of good fats. They promote the overall wellbeing of your healthy by supporting the health of your scalp. A steady growth of skin and hair cells is assured which helps to work towards on how to grow hair faster. Some of the food rich in this source are walnuts, flax seeds, sardines, salmon etc. if you do not have a liking for Omega 3 fatty acid foods you can always resort to the consumption of flax and fish oil supplements.

5. Eat Biotin

Essential for steady hair growth, it is a vital B vitamin. As it is a common part of animal products, veggies come across the fact they are deficient in the same. To makesure that you have a sufficient amount of this vitamins as part of your diet, consume the below-mentioned foods

  • Wheat bran, nuts, eggs along with meat products
  • If you feel that with food alone you are not able to meet vitamin B requirements, then opt for a biotin supplement

If your hair is falling out, seek help form a doctor

It has been observed that hair fall or slow growth of hair could be fixed by home remedies. There is an underlying cause for these facets and how to grow hair faster is assured if preventive steps are taken in a prompt way. If you feel that hair fall could trigger some serious problems in the future, visit a doctor. Once the issue is identified, hair restoration at a fast pace. Some conditions responsible for hair loss are

  • Skin disorders or infections of the scalp.
  • Over the counter medications.
  • Hormonal imbalances may also trigger hair loss.

Working On Your Hair Care Habits

1. Reduce The Frequency Of Shampooing Your Hair

If you wash your hair daily it is going to become brittle and dry. Every time you wash your hair, it removes the healthy oil (protective) that keeps the hair strong and healthy. You should not wash your hair more than twice a week.

  • During washing use a dry shampoo so that the roots do not look oily.
  • When you are washing your hair, do it with cool or lukewarm water. Hot water is  to be avoided at all costs, and  hair needs to be handled  in a gentle way.

2. Any Form Of Heat Styling Products Is A Strict No

In your choice of removing your hair air dryer tops the list. When you air dry the hair it damages and weakens your hair. How to grow hair faster should not be undertaken with any heat based products like hot rollers or flat irons

3. Brushing Your Hair When Wet Is Not A Sensible Option

When the hair is wet it stretches and breaks easily in comparison to when it is dry. Because of this precise reason brushing your hair when wet is damaging. It can pave way for fizz along with split ends. Opt for a tooth comb wide in size to detach the hair. You should start near the tips and make way towards the roots.

4. Harsh Hair Styles Or Treatments Is To Be Avoided

Bleaching, drying or any chemical leeway on your hair can lead to irreparable damages. This obviously has to cast a damp squib on how to grow hair faster. If you are planning to outgrow your hair, and then preferably leave it open. It is better to avoid hairstyles that tends to pull out hair in the form of braids or tight weaves

  • Learn to admire the natural make up of your hair. If it is curly or kinky, there is no natural method that is going to make it straight.
  • If you are planning to straighten your hair, then opt for a natural method as far as possible. You can dry honey or henna that are natural products on all counts.

5. Be Aware Of Environmental Hazards

Sun, pool chlorine and air pollution are environmental hazards that puts a stoppage on your goal on how to make hair growth faster. If the hair is fragile, like your skin, it would be a better idea to protect it.

  • When you go out in the sun, wear a hat to cover your hair
  • If you live in an area where the pollution levels are high, then wear a scarf or hat when you are out
  • During swimming use a chlorine cap to protect your hair.

To conclude, this pretty much sums up our discussion on how to grow hair faster in a natural way. Try to avoid artificial products as far as possible because side effects could emerge, cause irrevocable damage to your hair.

There is a not a single person out there who does not want to have long and beautiful hair. The key is to work on developing a healthy scalp and then hair is bound to grow naturally. Try as possible to keep the hair and scalp clean. To make sure it is squeaky clean shampoo it at least twice a week. Clean scalps ensure a healthy spurt of hair and invest in a good quality shampoo that suits your hair type. You can always rely on preparing your own natural shampoo as well.

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