Learn Homemade Deep Conditioner Recipes Step By Step For Shiny Hair!

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Frigid and dry hair that is prone to breakage demands deep conditioning. Going for a spa is not only time consuming, but also expensive. Moreover, you need to do it time and again. A homemade deep conditioner may do the same job sitting at home. You just need to follow the recipe and get the conditioner bottled for future use.

Homemade Deep Conditioner Recipes

Homemade Deep Conditioner Recipes For Dry And Frizzy Hair

There are many ingredients found in the nature that can deeply condition your hair. The result may be stunning and at even with deep conditioning spa, if not better. Let’s learn some of the DIY conditioner recipes for deeply conditioning your dry and frizzy hair.

1. Coconut Based Conditioner

Coconut has long been regarded and used as a very good DIY conditioner for hair and scalp. The spectacular quality of coconut oil to penetrate deep into the hair strands and moisturise each and every hair strand is long accepted. With regular application it leaves the hair soft and shiny. It also contains a class of proteins which have the potential to strengthen your hair.

By strengthening your hair you can prevent breakage to a large extent. Moreover, due to deeply moisturising every hair strand, coconut oil can prevent friction between hair strands and prevent hair damage. You can make an excellent homemade deep conditioner with coconut oil as the base! Let’s learn how to make a deep conditioner DIY with coconut oil.

Ingredients, Process And Application

You need 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil, 4 drops of any essential oil from lavender, peppermint, rosemary and a small bowl. Put the solid chunk of coconut oil in the bowl and stir it until it forms a creamy texture. Now add the jojoba oil to it and stir again until you get an even mixture. Now add the essential oil to the mixture and stir well until the whole thing is combined well. Now you need to apply this to your hair thoroughly from root to tip. If there is any dry area on your scalp, scrap and rub that area thoroughly. Now you need to keep your head covered and create a warm environment. So cover your hair with a plastic bag. You can use the hair dryer to warm the hair bit more. Leave it as such for around half an hour and then use shampoo to wash it thoroughly.

2. Olive Oil Based Deep Conditioner

Dry and frigid hair is also prone to tangling. With an olive oil based deep conditioner, you can make tangling of hair a history. Olive oil has been used for centuries to moisturize scalp and hair. It makes your hair strong, healthy and shiny. You need olive oil with some banana. Yes, banana is also good for your hair. It makes your hair soft and smooth. It also helps in preventing hair loss to some extent.

Ingredients, Process And Application

Mix one banana with a tablespoon of olive oil and mash it thoroughly until the banana is pureed. This is important. It must be completely pureed otherwise you will end up with chunks of banana in your hair. Now massage it all over your hair and scalp thoroughly and just leave it there for about half an hour. Rinse thoroughly with shampoo. It can make a great DIY deep conditioner for your hair.

3. Olive Oil And Lemon Juice Conditioner

Olive oil can make a good homemade conditioner. It has all the properties of a good conditioner for making your hair look and feel good. However, if you are suffering from dandruff, which is normal with dry, flaky and frigid hair, you need to add something to olive oil. Lemon juice can be a good companion of olive oil in this respect. The acidic nature of lemon juice helps in cleansing the scalp and removing the flakes of dry scalp.

Ingredients, Process And Application

Mix one tablespoon each of olive oil, lemon juice and water. Mix the three and massage your scalp and hair with this. Do wet your hair before applying the mix. Now leave it there for at least 20 minutes and then rinse with shampoo and wash.

4. Honey Based Deep Conditioner

Don’t like the idea of applying honey on your hair! You think it will make your hair sticky! But if you are losing your hair by the day then honey can be a saviour. In fact, honey has been known to be beneficial for hair loss and scalp moisturization for generations. Honey also has strong germicidal and fungicidal properties. When you are suffering from dry hair, dry scalp and dandruff, your scalp is full of dead cells. It may have become a nesting place for some fungus and germs.

Ingredients, Process And Application

These are adding to the woes of your hair. So you need something that can not only remove the dead scalp tissues but also cleanse the scalp of these germs and fungus. To this end honey can be a good element. However, honey alone cannot do the whole job. Just mix it with some lemon juice and see the result. Mix one tablespoon each of honey and lemon juice, mix well and thoroughly apply it on your scalp and hair. Leave it there for at least 15-20 minutes, rinse with shampoo and wash.

5. Coconut Milk Based Conditioner

Coconut milk can make a good DIY deep conditioner. It offers wholesome nourishment to your hair. It is in fact a miracle liquid. It contains electrolytes, sugars, saturated fatty acids, ample amounts of potassium, a variety of vitamins and a host of mineral including selenium and zinc. Both Selenium and Zinc are very important minerals for the health of your hair. So a coconut milk based hair deep conditioner can be a very good one for your dry and frigid hair. It can restore dry and damaged hair, promote hair growth, and condition your hair.

Ingredients, Process And Application

Applying lukewarm coconut milk seems to be even better for health. So warm a small cup of coconut milk and apply it thoroughly to your hair and scalp. Now cover your head with a plastic and leave it like that overnight. In the morning rinse it with shampoo and wash. You will feel the difference.

6. Coconut Oil And Honey Based

While coconut oil can moisturize, strengthen and condition your hair, honey can be useful in removing flakes, removing bacteria and dirt. So a combination of both can be a good one for your hair. Combine one tablespoon each of coconut oil and honey and mix.

Ingredients, Process And Application

Apply the mixture to your scalp and hair thoroughly so as to spread it to every corner of your scalp. Leave it there for at least 20 minutes. Now rinse it with shampoo and wash away. Do this at least twice in a week until you find the difference.

7. Olive Oil And Honey Deep Conditioner And Moisturiser

Both olive oil and honey are great conditioners for the hair. While olive oil can make your hair healthy and shiny, honey offers its own .benefits. A mixture of the two can not only moisturize the scalp well but also cleanse the scalp of all the dead cell debris.

Ingredients, Process And Application

Honey kills all the bacteria on your scalp and removes the flakes of dry scalp. So combine the two in equal proportion and heat the mixture until it is lukewarm. Now apply the mixture thoroughly to your hair. Cover your head with a plastic for at least half an hour. Rinse thoroughly after some time.

8. Avocado For Hair Conditioning

Avocado is rich in vitamin E and vitamin B which help in protecting and strengthening hair. While Vitamin B is good for growth, Vitamin E helps in repairing scalp damage. This is very useful since scalp damage can prevent hair growth and even lead to dry and damaged hair. Mayonnaise is another item in your kitchen that is great for healthy, shiny and smooth hair. You can combine avocado, mayonnaise, coconut milk, honey and banana to create an awesome mixture of all-round hair conditioning and moisturization.

Ingredients, Process And Application

Take 1 avocado, half a can of coconut milk, one-fourth cup of mayonnaise, one-fourth cup of honey and one half of a banana. Pour all the ingredients into a blender and blend until you get a uniform mixture. There should not be any chunks left. If there is any chunk it will stick to your hair. Now heat the mixture until it is lukewarm and apply it thoroughly to your hair and scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave it there for at least 20 minutes. Rinse your hair with shampoo and wash thoroughly to make sure there is no chunk left in your hair.

9. Egg-Based Conditioner

Hair is made of a type of protein called keratin. Damaged hair needs a lot of protein for repair. Egg can be a solution for your hair in this respect. Egg contains a lot of protein which may help in rebuilding damaged hair. Egg also contains selenium, a mineral that eliminates free radicals which prevent hair growth. If you apply egg yolk regularly on your hair it can promote hair growth, repair damaged hair and make your hair shiny. To make a deep conditioner DIY you can combine egg with some coconut oil, and you will get a super formula for your hair.

Ingredients, Process And Application

In one recipe you will get elements that strengthen the hair, moisturises the scalp, removes free radicals, promotes hair growth, repairs hair damage and makes your hair smooth and shiny. Take about half a cup of coconut oil and heat it in a pan. Remove it from heat and break an egg into it. Now stir the ingredients until you get a thick yellow mixture. Apply the mixture on your hair and scalp thoroughly and cover the head with a shower cap. Now take your hair dryer and heat your hair for at least 10 minutes. Keep it there for at least 15 minutes more. Now remove the cap, rinse the hair thoroughly with a good fragrant shampoo so that your hair does not smell of egg. Finally, wash your hair thoroughly.

10. Aloe Vera Based Deep Conditioner

Aloe Vera has excellent moisturising, microcidal, and antiviral properties. It can make an excellent DIY conditioner. It works on almost every part of your body, but it has been used for treating hair and skin for centuries. As a moisturiser and promoter of healthy skin and scalp it has carved out a niche for itself in the beauty therapy industry.

It also contains healing properties. These properties are attributed to the presence of proteolytic enzymes in it. These enzymes promote healing of damaged hair. It also helps in repairing the dead cells on the scalp. Moreover, it promotes hair growth. So it can be a good conditioner for your hair, prevent itchy scalp and reduce dandruff as well.

Ingredients, Process And Application

For best results you should scrap aloe gel from an Aloe Vera leaf. You can add some olive oil to it since it will add more moisturizing power and also promote shiny hair. So take the gel from an Aloe Vera leaf, put it into a blender, add some olive oil to it and turn on the blender. Wait for few minutes and switch off the blender. You will see a consistent mixture. Apply this mixture on your hair and scalp thoroughly. Leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Now wash your hair thoroughly. One application may be enough to show good result. But you need to do this at least once a week. This can be a really good homemade hair conditioner.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar Deep Conditioner

In ancient times, apple cider vinegar was considered to be the Elixir of life. Times have changed, but benefits of apple cider vinegar for hair and skin care are there for all of us to see. Being acidic in nature it acts as a microcidal agent on scalp. Therefore, it is able to do away with most of the bacteria and fungus. This helps in reducing the menace of dandruff and hair loss. Moreover, the pH level of this liquid is very close to that of human hair. So it does not disturb the pH level of your scalp and renders very good care of the scalp and hair. However, you should dilute it with water to make a good homemade deep conditioner. So mix water and apple cider vinegar in equal proportions and thoroughly rinse your hair with it after shampooing and washing your hair. You will get added shine along with smooth, tangle free hair.

Listed above are some of the best hair conditioner recipes that can be easily made at home and do wonders to your hair. You can stop looking for commercial alternatives and solutions for beautiful hair. The secret of great looking and beautiful hair lies in the comfort of your home.

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