Coconut Oil For Dry Hair Is The Miracle You Were Waiting For!

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People with curly dry hair have always been struggling with the tangles and fuzziness and have tried tons of hair care products and solutions. If you too have those curly locks you must have been browsing the net with queries like “what to do for dry hair”, “best dry hair treatment” etc. The coconut oil for dry hair is one of the best and natural remedies available to the human race in today’s time which is beneficial for both straight as well as curly hair.

Coconut Oil For Dry Hair

Many girls try using the hair straighteners, chemical-based shampoos, and conditioners to get a perfect hairdo for a couple of hours, but most of them do not realize what torture and damage they are bringing upon their hair. While the chemical based products in the market cause major damage to the hair, hot coconut oil treatment for dry hair works tremendously. You can say it is an elixir for the dry and curly. No matter what is the texture of your hair, the coconut oil can always be a helpful treatment to add an extra shine and bounce to your locks.

Surely the internet offers you various home remedies for the hair treatment, but since we have tried them, we know how messy these can be. Some examples of such treatments that you will find on the internet are the mayonnaise treatment,  the application of apple cider vinegar, and many more. The drawback with most of these home remedies is the pungent smell. You do not have to just struggle with the awful smell while you are doing the application, but it might embarrass you later at a party even. Yes, these procedures can give your hair a very unpleasant smell. The coconut oil hair mask for dry scalp, on the other hand, has a very mild fragrance which goes off very easily in just one wash.

Many of you might have an argument that the effects of the coconut oil for dry hair and scalp take time to show, but since this procedure has no extra mess, famous celebs also treat their hair with this secret remedy. As per the scientific facts, the coconut oil has the highest amount of wholesome fatty acids and antioxidants present in them which can be helpful to rejuvenate even the badly damaged hair.

What Exactly Does The Coconut Do To Your Hair?

Now after reading all the benefits of coconut oil you must be curious to know what miracles coconut oil can actually do to your hair. So, we gladly want to tell you that the list of the benefits coconut oil is quite big. Many ladies who have been regularly using the coconut oil, told us that it is very good for the nourishing the scalp.

The healthy antioxidants and fatty acids make the scalp soft which further makes your hair grow faster, makes them more dense and bouncier and even enhances the strength. The people who have the problem of split ends, hair loss, and dandruff, are often recommended by the dermatologists to use the coconut oil.

Not just the people who have these problems can use coconut oil, but even the people with healthy hair texture can maintain and improve it with this chemical-free blessing for hair.Coconut oil works out for most of the people but if you have extremely brittle or rough hair then the extra proteins from the oil can make your hair stiff and lead to breakage. If you are using the coconut oil for the first time, make sure you are not allergic to it.

How To Use Coconut Oil for Dry Hair And Get Effective Result?

1. Before The Treatment

If you are investing your time and energy in using this remedy, then you definitely want to know the results. So take a picture of your hair before you have started using the coconut oil for dry hair treatment. This will give you an exact idea of the amount of benefit you got from the treatment and if you want to share this tip with your friends, you will have to explain less and just show the picture of your hair before the treatment.

2. Making Of The Coconut Oil Hair Mask

The coconut oil has saturated fats present in it and thus it solidifies and has to be melted to begin the treatment. Take one or more tablespoon scoops of the solidified oil and add them to a saucepan and heat it till u see the oil come back to its liquid form. Add the liquid coconut oil to a clean bowl and add one egg and one tablespoon of honey into it. Keep mixing the solution until you are ready with a perfect blend of all the three components. The final solution should have no lumps and should be seamless.

3. Application Of The Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Now the final mask is ready and it should be a thick liquid. Keep few hair clips handy to make the application easy. Section your hair into four parts. First, create a centre partition, and then add two more sections into each partition. Clip all the sections with the hair clips. If you do not have the clips, you can use the hair tie as a substitute. Now when you are using the coconut oil hair mask solution make sure you apply it right from the scalp to the end tip of the hair strands. The mixture will not just nourish the scalp but also fight the split ends. Keep applying the mixture till you are sure that all the four sections have been completely drenched in the mix.

4. Sit, Relax, Or Even Take A Nap, And Let The Coconut Oil Hair Mask Do The Magic

After the application of the coconut oil hair mask, you need to let it rest on your head so it can condition your hair. To allow it to stay you must wear a shower cap over your head, with your hair wrapped inside it securely. The duration for which you want to allow the solution to be on your hair depends totally on your hair type and the amount of time you have. If you have soft and frizz free hair, even forty-five minutes to one hour can be sufficient. If you want to have a better conditioning done to your hair you may even keep it for the entire night. While the solution is in your hair you can watch your favourite tv show, bake a cake, or even take a nap. If you are planning to relax on your bed or couch, cover it with an old piece of cloth, newspaper, etc. just to avoid the stains from the dripping solution.

5. Wash Your Hair Thoroughly

Now after letting the coconut oil hair mask do its job, you will need to wash or rinse your hair. Since the solution is thick and has saturated fats, you will need to use a shampoo. We suggest using a mild herbal shampoo to wash your hair. Using the conditioner is totally up to you and your hair type. If your hair gets dry and very soft after the shampoo treatment, using a conditioner is recommended.

The Final Results

To see the change in your hair, ask your friends and family members to compare yours before the treatment photograph with the hair you have right now. Many people who tried this remedy, have shared a very positive feedback. After One use of coconut oil hair mask, you will be having softer ends. The hair will feel and look both healthy and shinier. The people who have curly hair always complain about having a dull appearing hair but after this treatment, you can surely make those curls look like they have been treated in a professional salon.

This treatment is time-consuming and needs a little extra effort for the preparation of the coconut oil hair mask but it is much more rewarding. Even if you do this treatment once in a week you will be able to see an actual change in the health of your hair. Once you are convinced with the results of the coconut oil hair mask you can even prepare it in large quantity and store it in a bottle or jar. Even if you cannot find time to prepare the mix hot coconut oil treatment for dry hair is also very good. The other ingredients of the mix are just for extra shine and bounce.

FAQs About The Coconut Oil Hair Mask

1. Is Coconut Oil Good For Dry Hair?

If you are looking for a remedy for dry hair which is natural, then coconut oil is not just good, but the best.

2. How Much Time Does It Take To Prepare The Mix?

It does not take very long to prepare the mix. The coconut oil melts very easily. Time will be consumed in the mixing of honey, egg and the coconut oil. If you are preparing a small quantity for single time use, it should not take more than 10 minutes to prepare the solution.

3. How Do I Know If I Am Not Allergic To The Ingredients?

Most of the people will not be allergic to the coconut oil hair mask as the ingredients used in it are natural, but if you are allergic to honey or eggs, you can just use the coconut oil for the nourishment. Do consult a dermatologist if you are using the coconut oil for the first time.

4. Can I Use It On My Coloured Hair?

Yes, you can surely use the coconut oil hair mask on coloured hair too. The hair colours have some chemicals present in them which take away the natural lustre of the hair. Using the coconut oil will simply protect the hair from the chemicals present in the hair colours and retain the natural shine.

Note that if you are using temporary hair colours, the colour might fade away after the wash.

Now since you know this secret for beautiful and healthy hair, try it out and if you like the results, do share it with your friends too.

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