Hair Growth Hacks : How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

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Trim your hair regularly, pluck off the grey hair, use fish oil, brush your hair around 100 times… What of this are you trying for growing your hair? Yes, when you ask someone how to make your hair grow faster, these are some of the common answers suggested. But do they really work or are they merely a bunch of myths?

Be it through Ayurvedic treatments, hair treatments or particular medications, people and specifically women have been looking for quick ways for growing hair. Hair growth is basically divided into three basic stages. Firstly anagen, secondly catagen and lastly telogen. Every hair strand typically goes through the three stages and develops in a healthy way. The first stage, anagen is the growing stage which basically lasts for 2 to 6 years. The second stage is catagen, which is also known as a renewal or transition stage that basically involves the hair follicles. Last is the telogen where the growth of hair stops.

So, are you also thinking about how to make your hair grow faster in a week? Today let’s crack out some quick ways of quick hair growth eliminating all the chemicals from the process.

How To Get Your Hair To Grow Faster?

Here are some quick tricks of growing your hair quicker, stronger and thicker.

1. Stop Criticizing The Scissors

A major mistake carried out is avoiding the scissors. Trimming the hair is much beneficial for having healthy hair. Trimming the hair would help you get rid of the hair breakage or split ends. Trimming would eliminate all the damage to the hair ends and help in adding smoothness, volume and shine to the hair. Hence, it is beneficial to trim the hair on regular intervals to help your hair grow faster.

2. Say No To The Blonde Look

For getting that chic look, today everyone is running after the variety of shades available in the market. No doubt, they are sure to give you those platinum looking hair, but are they good for your cuticles or roots? Definitely not. When the hair is colored or bleaches, it damages the cuticles and roots giving you additional split ends. So, while looking for how to get your hair to grow fast, look for safe color options that come with few chemical ingredients or treatments that are mild for your hair. This would also boost your hair growth.

3. Do You Study Your Shampoos And Conditioners?

How many of you are aware of the ingredients in your shampoos and conditioners? The secret to your hair growth lies in it too. There are many shampoos and conditioners that contain harmful chemicals that can damage your hair from its roots. Ingredients like SLES, SLS, silicones, and parabens should be eliminated from the list of ingredients. They not only damage the scalp but also block the hair follicles and destruct your basic plan of hair growth. So, look for gentle shampoos that would clean your scalp and hair gently.

4. Don’t Forget To Distribute The Natural Oil Evenly

Another effective answer to how to make your hair grow faster is evenly distributing the natural oil on your scalp or hair. Do you brush your hair daily before going to bed? If no, begin with it today itself. Brushing your hair every night before sleeping would distribute the natural oil on the scalp and hair roots evenly. This helps in keeping the hair moisturized naturally. Again, it also helps in proper blood circulation which boosts healthy hair growth and scalp too. So, use a brush with boar bristles and brush your hair every night for healthy long hair.

5. Focus On What You Eat

For quick hair growth, the ingredients in your meals hold a vital role too. It’s not only the hair products you use that affect the growth of your hair. The food you eat and the nutrients your body gains from the food also plays a vital role. For promoting the hair growth, you need to fill your plate with proper ingredients like beans, fish, whole grains, and nuts that are helpful for quick hair growth. The protein obtained from these ingredients along with other nutrients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, etc. boost healthy hair.

6. Check Out The Hairstyles You Are Running After

When it comes to how to make your hair grow faster, the different hairstyles you carry also matters. Rather than going for tight hairstyles that would pull your hair tightly form the follicles or roots, better go for hairstyles that are loose. For an ideal match, lose, and low ponytails are the best for quick hair growth. This provides the hair with some space to breathe allowing it to grow properly without breaking from the hairline or neck nape.


Apart from all these, keeping a watch on the hair styling products, using home-made products for washing and rinsing hair, avoiding extensions, giving the hair proper rest, sleeping on silk material, etc. are some other ways that would protect your hair from damages allowing it to grow faster.

So, now that you are aware of some quick ways to grow your hair faster, what are you looking for? Take proper care of your hair and wait for the miracles to happen soon.


1. Would combing wet hair help in quick hair growth?

When it comes to who to make your hair grow faster, using a brush with gentle bristles would be a good way as the wet hair are easily going to break if force is applied.

2. Are cotton pillow covers good for hair growth?

No, sleeping on cotton pillow covers would increase the chances of tangles and breakage. For hair growth, use silk pillow covers.

3. How should I rinse my hair for proper hair growth?

When you finish up with your shower, rinse the hair using cool water which would help in hair growth as it locks the strength of the cuticles and prevents any kind of damage or breakage.

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