Hairstyles To Ensure You Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again!

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Not one of us has got those perfectly styled hair as the women in televisions and magazines have! We are all normal women with hair which gets frizzy during humid climate, have hair issues like dry scalp, oiliness and much more! These are the common hair issues almost every one of us faces. Though we have numerous styling tools, shampoos, conditioners and products which can transform our hair but yet we are not able to fight all those bad hair days which come up suddenly!

Waking up with a bunch of greasy hair, watching your hair getting wavy and frizzy on the beaches and unmanageable hair are some of the worst nightmares our hair can give us! These nightmares can get worse when you need to rush to your office or parties and your hair denied staying managed!

In such cases, just some beautiful hairstyles can help you! Want to look gorgeous even with your bad hair? Here are some tips, bad hair day hairstyles and faces which would surely help you!

Bad Hair Day Hairstyles

Why Do You Suffer From A Bad Hair Day After So Much Care?

1. Your Diet Lacks Something!

Food and diet has a direct relation with your hair health. If you do not eat enough nutrients which can enhance your hair, it can attack your hair and make them thin, frizzy and shine less. This is one of the prime reasons of constant bad hair days!

2. Hair Wash Water Is The Culprit!

Washing hair with extremely hot water can cause your hair to look really bad and different as never before! Keep an eye on the temperature while you wash your hair as it can prevent the impact of shampoos and conditioners and make your hair dull.

Here are some cool natural conditioners which are the solutions for how to fix split ends like never ever!

3. You Switched Your Regular Shampoo

Switching your shampoo can surely lead to a bad hair day. You wash your hair with the same shampoo every time. It is suitable to your hair type and gets you amazing results. All of a sudden now you change your shampoo and this, can act as a reason for bad hair day!

4. Your Hair Wash Pattern Is Not Proper

Either you are washing your hair more or are washing it quite less. There is no rule for hair wash. It purely depends on your hair type. If your hair is extremely greasy, you need to wash them more while if you have dry hair, try to wash it once or twice a week. Understand your hair type and how your hair looks after washing. This may be one of the reasons for frequent bad hair days!

5. You Don’t Go For Regular Trimming Or Hair Cut Session

When hair damage increases after a certain limit, your hair would stop making you happy! Your hairs are just another delicate part of your body which requires nutrient, fluids and care to remain healthy. Hair trimming and haircuts helps you in chopping off those split ends which would ultimately make your hair look voluminous and shiny! Expect gorgeous hair after you care for them with regular trimming!

6. You Treated Your Hair Harsh While They Were Wet!

Wet hair can sometimes become seriously tricky! Try not to experiment much with your hair when they are wet. Hair is fragile and super easy to get damaged when wet. Also, tough behavior with your hair can pull them off from your scalp. Drying harshly your hair with a towel, using a blow drier with high temperatures, and not using natural ways to dry your hair can too, make them unmanageable!

7. You Use A Lot Of Chemical Products And Styling Tools

We understand that perfectly styles and gorgeous hair is all that we want but, at the cost of the natural beauty of your hair? No. while you use all the chemical based products, styling tools and such elements, your hair becomes more dry and rough. If you want beautiful hair naturally, try using these elements less and emphasize on natural treatments which can make your hair look stunning.

Now that we have already known the reasons for a bad hair day, it is obvious to not make these mistakes again! But, meanwhile, if you are having constant bad hair days, here are some awesome hairstyles which would not make your hair look sticky and unmanageable. Try these awesome bad hair day hairstyles to look confident in your bad hair day look!

Awesome Bad Hair Day Hairstyles To Look Confident

1. Beautiful Twisted Hairstyle

If you already are suffering from a bad hair day with greasy and unmanageable hair, this is an awesome hairstyle which you can carry. The twisted hairstyle can be done with beautiful variations of bad hair day hairstyles and would make your hair look settled.

  • Get some dry shampoo or serum.
  • Get your hair little wet and section your hair.
  • Apply the serum or shampoo evenly.
  • If your face is round or oval, center partition your hair.
  • Twist your hair strands from the sides and tie with a bobby pin.
  • This is one of the simplest ways to manage your bad hair and look flawless!

2. Dutch Braid For A Cool Girl Look

Braids are one of the quickest and suitable option for bad hair. The best thing about braids is that you can tie your frizzy, oily, messy hair into braids and make them look neatly tied. The Dutch braid is the awesome example of bad hair day hairstyles and would make you look adorable!

  • There are numerous variations which you can try for Dutch braids.
  • You can get a single thick Dutch braid, double braids or multiple Dutch braids.
  • Get your hair center parted and apply some serum.
  • Brush up your hair in a little messy way and tie the Dutch braid.
  • Look super fabulous with this lavish hairstyle!

Let’s know the different ways to get easy hairstyles without any heat or styling products.

3. Top Knot For A Casual Look

This is an awesome trendy option t consider if you love to carry all your hair up! Top knots are immensely irresistible and look flawless. You can try different top knots and look vivid everyday! For a college girl look or for workplace look, we have top knots for all the types!

  • Get your hair little serum and section up your hair.
  • Brush the hair upwards from the roots and create a messy effect.
  • Tie up a cool top knot and leave some strands loose.
  • Apply some hair serum or spray on your top knot and leave them tousled and fresh!
  • Try this super cool hairstyle and look flawless.

4. Charming Lady Look With A Loose Bun

Loose buns are just our favorite for the bad hair day hairstyles! They are quick, simple and look flawless. If you want an elegant and simple hairstyle which can match the occasion, go for this awesome spectacular look with these bad hair day hairstyles!

  • Section your hair into two parts.
  • Horizontally from ear to ear, make a clear partition.
  • Make a ponytail form the lower partition and use a thick rubber band.
  • Now roll your ponytail into a huge bun.
  • Also, use the front partition to cover the bun and make it thicker.
  • Let some amazing hair strands flaunting on your shoulders and look picture perfect!

5. Ballerina Bun For A Svelte Look

Ballerina bun is a simple, formal and simple hairstyle which can make your hair look svelte and gorgeous. In this hairstyle, nearly all your hair would get covered into a decent bun and all the greasiness would get hidden easily. If you like a glossy and fine ballerina bun, here are the steps to make it raunchier an interesting on a bad hair day!

  • If your hair are dry, make them little wet.
  • Apply a refreshing glossy serum on your hair.
  • Comb your hair thoroughly until they look svelte and shiny.
  • Tie a high ponytail with a thick rubber band.
  • From the center of the ponytail start pinning the hair strands as a doughnut.
  • Tie each strand carefully with pins.
  • Also, you can enhance it while using a cool bow or ribbon.

6. Scarves Hairstyle For A Funky Twist

What can be more interesting and easy if you have a super cool scarf? Scarves can cover a lot of part of your scalp and look stunning. Also, it works as a cool accessory which can transform your hairstyle and make you look pretty! You can try this super stunning idea of bad hair day hairstyles to rock your bad hair day!

  • If you have fine wavy hair, keep them open and tie a bandana bow.
  • If you are having frizzy and unmanageable hair, go for a banana bun.
  • Section your hair for a regular bun and leave some bangs or flicks open.
  • Tie the bandana in a beautiful way and keep it stylish! This is one of the amazing ways to tie up the bandana and look beautiful with on your bad hair day!

Follow the easy instructions steps by step to see how to make a fishtail braid.

7. Braided Top Knot For Your Iconic Look

This is one of the awesome examples of amazing bad hair day hairstyles variations. You can get a stylish and cool look with this braided hairstyle. If you don’t want to keep your unmanageable hair open, tie it into a ravish braided up do and you will fall in love with your bad hair!

  • Open your hair add some serum and make it moist.
  • Brush your hair from the roots to tips making it little messy.
  • Make an unclear and messy partition from side and tie a thick braid.
  • Do not use a comb and tie the rest hair into a messy bun.
  • Now roll the braid around your bun and pin it up with some bobby pins.
  • If you have bangs, let them flaunt over your forehead while if you have long flicks, go for some loose hair strands and look refreshing with easy to go hairstyle!

8. Mesmerizing Messy Ponytail For A Stunning Look

Yes, we know it is difficult to achieve a great and stunning ponytail on a bad hair day. But, while using some cool tools and products, you can get a perfectly messy ponytail which looks stylish! Try this simple yet attractive ponytail option and look gorgeous!

  • Section your unmanageable hair into two sections.
  • Go for a horizontal sectioning.
  • Tie up the upper half while.
  • Brush up the lower half hair into a high pony tail.
  • Use a thick rubber band to make it look huge, bulged and messy.
  • Now, for the upper half, get some serum and a bouffant holder.
  • Brush the hair roughly in opposite direction of your roots and create a bouffant feel.
  • You can place the holder or not as per your choice and pin up your upper half session of hair.
  • Pin up the remaining while covering the ponytail.
  • If you want a sleek look, you can add some serum and gloss to make it looks shiny.
  • If you want a messy look, you can try this method and let some strands free.
  • Brush up the strands with hair spray to ensure they are settled easily!

Let’s have a look at the kind of ways to manage and Styling Curly Hair.

9. Killer Gypsy Hairstyle Mix And Match

We love this trendy and iconic hairstyle which won’t need sleek, svelte and manageable hair. This is an awesome way to look super trendy with your bad hair! Also, you can transform your hair into a cool hairstyle while keeping it straight, curled, wavy etc.

  • Gypsy hairstyles are simply funky and for all hair types.
  • If you have wavy or curly hair, enhance the curls with a serum.
  • Also, you can blow dry your hair and create some volume.
  • Use a curler to make more crisp and tousled curls.
  • Now braid your hair into random sections.
  • Braid 2-3 inches sections and pin them up with bobby pins.
  • Leave all the hair open and tousled for a gypsy look!
  • You can also use a bandana or hair accessories to make it look more iconic.
  • This is one of the best hairstyles which won’t make you feel bad at all!

10. Unique Half Up Half Down

You can try this simply flattering hairstyle if you have sticky, frizzy, trough or undesirable hair. This is one a unique hairstyle with tons of variations which can transform your look. You can use it as a half top knot or as braided hairstyle or a bouffant up do and look dazzling.

  • You can make your hair look awesome with this iconic hairstyle.
  • If you have long hair, use a blow drier to make it little wavy and voluminous.
  • Focus on your hair ends specially. Make them more wavy and curls.
  • Tie a high ponytail with your upper section.
  • You can also use a bouffant to make the face look chiseled.
  • You can add a little bandana on your ponytail and make it look funky.
  • Braid some loose strands for a gypsy look.
  • Use any of the variation to make it look flattering awesome!

11. Waterfall Braid With Curls

Believe us; nothing would work as magically as this awesome hairstyle if you are facing a bad hair day! Generally, your bad hair day begins with oily, sticky, frizzy or rough hair. Such bad hair day hairstyles are the awesome solution for all the issues. Try this and you would love it!

  • Brush your hair and divide it into sections.
  • Use a curler to curl your hair.
  • The greasiness or sticky texture would fade away with this hairstyle.
  • Deep curl your bottom hair.
  • After you make deep and lots of curling sections, tie a waterfall braid.
  • Do not forget to leave some loose strands on your face and also, curl them beautifully.
  • Give it a finishing touch with little hair spray and make it look flawless.
  • Try this blissful hairstyle and look confident with your hair!

Here are some favorite bad hair day hairstyles exclusively for you. There is nothing like a bad hair day if we have enough bad hair day hairstyles options to carry and with these flawless options, we have some cool variations which would boost up your confidence! Play with some tools and products to settle your hair, get them a little messy twist and carry a gracious smile to look picture perfect!

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