How To Make A Fishtail Braids Step by Step?

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In last few years, we saw the trend of fishtail braid catching up from red carpets to runways. Summer time showed us how we can wear our beautiful skater dress with sunnies and fishtail braids. If you could never learn how to make fishtail braid? Remember, you are not all alone. This intricate and ethereal style may look little complicated but in real it is quite easy and all you need is a hair tie and your fingers to do the miracle. That’s it!

This classy and romantic braided hairstyle is perfect for a brunch time and even for an effortless after party. So, let’s break the elastics and stretch out the fingers to unleash the inner stylist in you. Follow the easy instructions steps by step to see how to make a fishtail braid.

How to make a fishtail braid

Total Time Required would be 10-15 minutes.

Tools Needed: Tail Comb, Hairbrush, Hair serum, 5-6 rubber bands and Hold spray (optional)

We will see here few simple tips for how to take care of thin hair.

How to Make a Fishtail Braid?

1. Create a Smooth Base

  • Firstly wash your hair well and let them dry naturally. Make sure you comb well to have a sleek base because it is very easy to work with the smooth base with good grip.
  • Silky strands may slide out of the braid so it’s important that your braid has grip. For frizzy hair, apply a small amount of smoothening serum to let your hair texture even out.

2. Make a Ponytail

Once you comb your entire head, make a low ponytail and secure it with the help of an elastic rubber band. This will help in keeping your pony tight and at one position. Remember that you will be snipping away the band later at the end.

3. Divide the Ponytail

  • The next step would be to divide the ponytail into two even sections. You heard it right! There are only two sections, unlike the classic french braids.
  • Take a small section of hair from the right-hand portion of you right pony and pull it towards the front and join it with the left-hand side of the pony.
  • Similarly, now take a small section from under the left side and pull it towards the front and join with the right-hand side of the pony.

4. Begin Weaving

  • With your finger, separate the smaller section of hair from the outer side and cross it to the opposite side. This step is also called overlapping and it is similar to the regular braids.
  • Make sure you re-grip the hair to keep the braid tight, still holding both the sections. Repeat the same thing from the opposite side as well.

5. Keep It Even

While overlapping the hair pieces from both the sides, maintain the evenness all the way to the end. Try to pull smaller sections of hair from underneath the ponytail to crossover. Make sure it is of the same size and same sections each side.

6. Finish The Final Look

  • Once you are done weaving your hair till the end, secure the entire braid with an elastic.
  • Use a scissor to snip the elastic from the base of the ponytail.
  • Gently tug your braids with fingers. This way you will loosen it for a very effortless and chic look. Adjust your hair to avoid any crease. Finally, you have your very own fishtail braid.
  • Slide few bobby pins to tuck the loose strands from falling all over.

7. Don’t Forget The Crown

Once u are done with the braid do not forget the crown part. Gently pull out few strands from the front and let them loosen up. You can also tuck them to the sides of your ear depending on what type of look you want or based on the event you are planning to go to.

ADD Variations to Fishtail Braid

1. Side Fishtail

You can try this modern style by pulling your hair to the left or right side of the neck and make a low pony. Braid your fish tail as mentioned above and tie off using an elastic rubber.

2. Topsy Turvy Braid

Make a low pony near your nape and slip the fingers up your hair between elastic and nape. Pull the pony down from the hole. Once flipped, make a regular fishtail braid.

3. Boho Look

You can add small flowers in the holes of your braid to achieve a boho-cute look.

You can tie a satin ribbon in a bow style for more interesting look.

You can also roll the brain into bun shape at the side of your neck. Secure the bun using bobby pins. This is suitable for the girls with long hair who wants to instantly change their looks without dismantling their fishtail braids.

Do you know how to keep long hair tangle free? We bring you the solution to make it easier with helpful tips…

Quick Tips

It would take you maximum fifteen minutes to master the art of fishtail braiding and there are chances that you may not get it on first few goes. But don’t lose your hope because practice always makes us perfect. Here are few quick tips to remember while practicing the fishtail braid:

  • Don’t be Nervous: The style may look deceptively tangled but it is not complex. It is simply little time consuming than the regular braid.
  • Placement is Important: Since it’s not a French plait, it need not start from the top of the head. The braid starts from the center near the nape. The modern trends include the braids from the sides.
  • Accessories: Shiny beads, pearls or natural flowers, add the feminine look to your style by accessorizing your fishtail braid.
  • Variations: You can add a little variation to your hairstyle by opting for the messier look. This ca be done by pulling apart the section to create a loose and messy look.
  • Patience and Practice: Be patient while practicing to create braid for the first time. It takes a little time before your fingers start moving correctly. Sit down in front of the mirror and be relaxed. Start slowly and in case you forget the steps, you can always start braiding with three strands like the regular french braid.
  • The fishtail braid looks great on short and also the layered hair.
  • If your hair is super silky, try teasing your hair to give it little roughness so that your hair has good grip.
  • Start with a small section of hair to understand the weaving process and slowly go ahead with your full hair.
  • Spray some holding spray to keep your final look into the place.

Fishtail braids have become favourite among all the girls with medium and long hair. The trend was a major hit in 2016 with many models on runways to stars on the red carpet and not to forget beauty bloggers mentioning it on their blogs. It is all about the repetition and by now we are sure you would have known how easy it is to do at home.

And Voila! You have learned the basic steps on how to make a fishtail braid at home. You can play more with your braids with different colours, extensions and accessories. You can easily rock the hairstyle with any outfit and any event. Try at home and see for yourself how this style compliments your outfit and share your experience in the comments below. Have a Happy Braiding!

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