15 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair!

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Long hair has always been enchanting. Whether left simply open, given long curls or even when given a folding bun, they carry a different and elegant look for every occasion and every outfit. As they come with long length, it is also easy to get any kind of stylish hairstyle for ordinary or occasional days.

This is one of the reasons why the ladies are moving towards growing long hair. Similarly, women are now looking for easy hairstyles for long hair on the internet that give them the best look without spending hours on getting that look. But are all the hairstyles made for you? No, the hairstyle depends on the face cut also.

15 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Here are some quick and easy to make hairstyles that would help you in getting that desired hair look by saving your time, nerves and efforts.

15 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

1. Outward Curls With Sided Tuck Hair Behind Ear

Outward Curls With Sided Tuck Hair Behind Ear

This starlet looks with long curls dropping down on one side with a swooped ear back look on the other side would surely turn a number of eyes on you. The hairstyle gives the best look when carried out on freshly washed hair for evening parties and dinners.

  • Pick up two inches of hair section every time and make curls from the lower half portion of the hair. Make a point to rotate the hair for curling using a curling iron.
  • Make a partition of your hair and draw it to one of the sides.
  • From the side having less hair, draw your hair move the hair apart from the face and at the back of the head, pin it up.
  • Lastly, use some light hairspray to hold the hair and make sure they are frizz free.

2. Highlighted Updo With Messy Long Swept Side Bang

Highlighted Updo With Messy Long Swept Side Bang

Getting late for work? This hairstyle gives the best look when your hair is not ready for getting dressed. This simple hairstyle on long hair gives a simple, yet professional look in just a minute of time. Thought it carries a messy texture, it still gives an appealing look.

  • Leaving your side bangs aside, take the remaining hair and roll them behind for making a bun. Don’t comb it as that would not give it a messy look.
  • While plucking the bun using pins, make sure the hair ends remain in the outside direction giving a messy look
  • Using a comb, slide the bangs on one side of the face.

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3. Simple Pony With Hair Wrap

Simple Pony With Hair Wrap

Though this hairstyle is simple, it still gives a sleek look to the women with long hair. The hairstyle is carried out for regular styling and also for special occasions for a neat look by using the hair strip as the rubber band. For getting this sophisticated hairstyle:

  • Using a straightener, straighten all your hair by picking small strips of it.
  • Use a comb and make a ponytail on the back side.
  • Tie the hair using a rubber And how to pick a tiny strip of hair from the tail.
  • Wrap it around the ponytail while you hold the ponytail above.
  • Use a pin for fixing the remaining end of the ponytail.

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4. Side Ponytail With Mess

Side Ponytail With Mess

A simple ponytail in this hairstyle is given a messy look with bangs over for making that perfect look. The hairstyle comes with a number of fine curls and wraps that give your hair a stylish touch on one side. The hairstyle is a perfect match for evening parties, special occasions of weddings, etc. For getting this messed up yet lovely look:

  • Open your curls by using a brush for giving the curls a perfectly required volume.
  • Take your bangs on a single side.
  • Leave them open, and tie the hair after pulling them beside your shoulder or slightly above it.
  • Use your fingers for opening the curls on the hair slightly dressing them on the side of the ponytail giving it high volume.
  • For getting that puff on the head, use a comb or brush smoothing down the hair.
  • You can also use some hair to cover the rubber band making a loose messy look.

5. Beehive Hair Bun With Side Flicks

Beehive Hair Bun With Side Flicks

This hairstyle is adopted for retro themed parties. The bun gives you a flattering look from others giving you an inner twisted look for a mysterious look. With a wide number of wraps, this hair bun gives your hair amazing volume that is decorated with side flicks too. Simple steps for this marvellous hairstyle include:

  • Make sections of your hair from ear to ear direction on the horizontal side.
  • Take a teasing comb and use it giving your hair a downward fall at the back.
  • Leaving your flicks aside, and grab all the teased hair on the front towards the backside using a comb with the thick tooth.
  • Gather all the hair you have smoothed in the centre and pin them with the help of bobby pins.
  • Collect all the hanging leftover hair strips and roll them making a bun and pin it under the beehive you have formed.
  • Use some fine bobby pins to secure the formed bun firmly below the beehive.
  • Dress up your side flicks in the side centre giving it an outward curl.

6. Thick Braid With Twisted Bangs

Thick Braid With Twisted Bangs

If you love those interconnected braids, you are surely going to love this hairstyle. The hairstyle is made with simple braids with two different braids, which might look complicated, but is much simpler to carry on. The hairstyle is generally carried with ethnic dresses, mostly for weddings or similar occasions. Here are the steps to the chic look braided hairstyle.

  • Set some portion of your hair on one side.
  • From the other portion with more hair, pick up a strip with short hair and make a loose braid out of it.
  • Use a bobby pin and place the braid above the ear.
  • Get all the rest of your hair on the shoulder and make a loose braid out of it ending it with a tied rubber.

7. Messy Top Bun

Messy Top Bun

Top buns have already been the favourite among the ladies for every kind of function, or even in offices. It takes merely few seconds to get this crowning hairstyle and hence it hits among the top easy hairstyles. The top bun would also add some height to you for a heightened look. Here are some simple steps to getting this messy top bun.

  • Tie a top ponytail using a firm rubber band.
  • Now twist your hair in a circular shape till the end of your hair.
  • Use some bobby pins to secure your bun on the top from every side.
  • Let the ends of the short hair come out from the bun in various directions.
  • Bring down the side flicks and comb in on the side of the forehead.

8. Celtic Knot Half Down Hairstyle

Celtic Knot Half Down Hairstyle

The Celtic knot has given a romantic look for the long hairstyles. They are favourable for any occasion, which can be further decorated with curls and other hair accessories. The hairstyle is quite adopted for the straight and freeze free hair with similar length. Here is how to get that Celtic knot in your hair:

  • Take two stripes of the hair from both the sides with adequate length for forming a knot.
  • Using one side strip, form a loop.
  • Use the second strip and allow it to cross over the other part.
  • Take the crossed strip from under the loop.
  • Now pass the strip from the inner side of the loop and pull it.
  • After pulling it gently, allow it to a thread under the second hair stirp origin.
  • Now again pull the hair passing it through the loop.
  • Pull both the strands gently and you would visualize the Celtic knot formed in a perfect shape.
  • You can give the knots a loose effect that would give it a messy yet volumized look.
  • Comb the rest hair straight.

9. Half Bun For Long Hair

Half Bun For Long Hair

Looking for a combination of two different hair looks? Here are easy hairstyles for long hair, that would give you a top bun with half hair open look. The hairstyle is best for the girls having thick and good hair growth. The hairstyle is mostly carried out for outings, and other themed parties, which can be combined with slant side flicks and curves at the end. Here are some simple steps to make this quick hairstyle.

  • Using a comb, separate the hair into two parts, the top one different from the lower one.
  • Take a rubber and tie the upper portion of the hair, making a firm ponytail.
  • Gently tuck up the hair on the forehead forming some puff like look to give some volume.
  • Gather the ponytail twist it around the rubber band till you reach the end of the hair.
  • Use some bobby pins to make the twist bun firm on the top.
  • Remove some portion of the end to make the bun messy.
  • Give slight curves to the end of the remaining hair and front flicks on the outward side.

10. Downward French Side Wrap Ponytail

Downward French Side Wrap Ponytail

Want to give your doll a new look for her school functions? Try this hairstyle which is a combination of a French braid and a wrapped ponytail. The hairstyle can also be carried from the side or upper portion. The hairstyle best suits girls with oval shape face cut. It is carried out on both formal and casual outfits. Here are the steps to this sweet hairstyle.

  • Divide the hair into two different part, that is top and bottom.
  • Tie the upper portion away from the lower part.
  • Taking three strands from the lowermost part of the head, start forming a French braid in the sideways.
  • While making a braid, start taking few strands from the sides which would make the braid go thick.
  • When you reach the top, tie it using a small rubber.
  • Now combine the top half portion forming a ponytail in the side and tie a rubber band.
  • Take a small strip from the tail and wrap it around the ponytail forming a wrapped ponytail.
  • Give some fine and mild curls to your ponytail end.

11. Half-Up Fishtail Braid

Half-Up Fishtail Braid

Looking for a new messy yet classy hairstyle for making your prom look more special? Why not try a fishtail braid with half hair open! This gorgeous hairstyle is a combination of a fishtail and half open ponytail. This is a hairstyle which is suitable for every face cut. Here are few steps to make this hairstyle.

  • Take some hair straps from both the sides and one from the centre with equal thickness of straps.
  • Start making a fishtail braid and continue until the end of the hair.
  • You can also leave the formation till the length you desire to keep the fishtail.
  • Tie a rubber at the end of the fishtail.
  • Give curls to the remaining hair for giving it a messy look at the ends.

12. Hair Bow For Long Hair

Hair Bow For Long Hair

This hair bow hairstyle is loved by the brides as it gives an elementary look. The hairstyle makes a bow in the centre which can be decorated with new hair accessories like pins, diamonds, etc. and the left half can be given lovely curls to make it more splendid. Here is how you can get that look on your hair.

  • Take some hair straps from both the sides with equal thickness.
  • Tie both the straps with the help of a rubber band making a half pony, but don’t remove full hair on the last knot creating a loop.
  • With the help of your fingers, divide the loop into two parts stretching them in opposite direction.
  • Push the loop making it flat towards your head forming a bow shape and insert two bobby pins to make the bow firm.
  • Take some hair from the left-over hair and tie them up in the middle of the bow to hide the pins and the rubber fixing them with pins.

13. Loop Waterfall Braid

Loop Waterfall Braid

Loop waterfall braid hairstyle is loved by the girls who want a firm hairstyle with fewer pins and bobbies on the head. The hairstyle comes with several straps falling from the top to the end, due to which it is named so. The loop waterfall is the best for women with oval or diamond shape face cut. Here are quick steps to the hairstyle.

  • Using your fingers take some portion of your hair from the back side.
  • Wrap them around your middle finger and form a small twist for getting an accurate loop.
  • Make the loop move downwards.
  • Take the two falling loop with the help of your middle fingers by pinching them.
  • Use the thumb to form a twist.
  • Similarly, carry out more loops with the middle fingers in circular shapes.
  • Repeat the process for few more loops and tie up the end of the straps using bobby pins on the opposite side after 4-5 loops.

14. High Messy Ponytail With Side Flicks

High Messy Ponytail With Side Flicks

This is one of the quickest long hairstyles which can be made within few minutes only. The hairstyle suits best for oval face cut or long faces. The hairstyle is also adopted by women having one side flicks for official as well as occasional look.

  • To make the hairstyle, use a curls machine to give your hair outward firm curls.
  • While the hair is wet, comb your hair using a thick toothed comb in an outward direction to give volume to the hair.
  • Remove the flicks and comb the rest of the hair forming a high full ponytail.
  • Using a banana pin, tie up the hair firmly.
  • The hair would give a layer like an appearance with clumsy curves hanging in different length.
  • Set the flicks on the side and give the top of the head some gentle pull for volume.

15. Simple Half Hair Braid

Simple Half Hair Braid

This is a traditional and simple hairstyle, which is carried out by the beginners. The hairstyle is more popular for school picnics, and functions, while the elder women love it on traditional wear. Here are the steps to this all face cut suitable hairstyle.

  • Dry your hair and comb them using the thick toothed comb.
  • Take some hair from the top portion of the head from both the sides and one form the centre to form a braid.
  • Add some more hair from the sides forming a half pony look and complete making the braid until the end, or till desired. hair length.
  • Tie a rubber at the end.

Hence, the long hair may look difficult to manage, yet there are some easy and quick hairstyles for such hair too which help in enhancing the look for various occasions. When it comes to long hair, braided and buns have been the mostly adopted hairstyles giving a variety of designs.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the easy hairstyles for long hair and let others go flat after you.

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