15 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair!

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Whether you are looking for a long-awaited romantic date or preparing yourself for the best ethnic look, the long hair hairstyles have always been the best to carry in a presentable manner. With a number of undoing styles, buns, and a half updo styles, the easy hairstyles for long hair have now become quick to go with for any occasion. They come with all kind of hairstyles according to the seasons also to make you comfortable while moving out.

15 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair!

Here are some quick hairstyles for long hair you might not like to skip out for getting that appealing look.

15 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair!

1. French Braid Into Messy Bun

French Braid Into Messy Bun

French braids have been the most adopted hairstyle for long hair. This hairstyle, when mixed with a messy bun, gives astonishing look. It is mostly carried out by the brides for giving their bridal look a perfect judgment. The hairstyle suits the best to thick hair women with circular face cut or oval. Here are some steps to this hairstyle.

  • From the right side of the hair top, take 2 strains of hair and divide the strains into three parts.
  • Start forming a French braid by taking small strains from the side and combining it into the braid.
  • Form the braid from the top to the opposite lower side of the head till the ear.
  • Now complete the braid from the ear portion as a simple braid.
  • Tie the end with a small rubber band.
  • Take the remaining hair and form a low ponytail out of it giving it proper grip.
  • Roll the ponytail forming a bun with complete firmness.
  • Place the braid over the bun and use black pins to fix the tail of it properly.
  • Pull some strains out of the bun to make it messy.
  • Gently pull the messy bun downwards for giving it a loose look.

2. Classic Ponytail With Braid

Classic Ponytail With Braid

This comes as the simplest and stylish hairstyle for long hair when you are in a rush. The hairstyle is a combination of a braid and ponytail which together gives a classic touch. The hairstyle is also carried out for a professional look as well as occasional look too. The hairstyle suits best to every face cut for a trendy appearance. To get this hairstyle, carry out the following steps:

  • Comb your hair properly on backward direction.
  • Take few strands of hair from the right or left side of the face and prepare a braid out of it.
  • Tie a rubber at the end of the braid and leave it aside.
  • Now gather all the remaining hair and form a ponytail which is neither too high, nor too low.
  • Take the braid after getting a firm ponytail and mix it with the ponytail.
  • Join both open hair and braid and tie rubber band.

3. Thick and Step Hair Ponytail

Thick and Step Hair Ponytail

This is the simplest hairstyle for long hair, which gives required volume to the hair. The easy to wear ponytail also makes your hair look thick, and is also the best recommended for women having a layered haircut. To get this bouncy ponytail, follow the following steps:

  • Comb your hair backwards using a thick toothed comb.
  • Divide the hair into two different parts horizontally.
  • Tie the upper part using a rubber forming a ponytail.
  • Take the remaining hair of the lower portion and form a ponytail with it below the first one.
  • Bring the upper ponytail down and using your fingers mix all the hair giving curves.
  • Dress the front flicks using fingers on the forehead, or you can also pluck them using hairpins.

4. Criss Cross Half Updo

Criss Cross Half Updo

This hairstyle is loved by the teens especially, as it gives you the best look for occasions with a traditional touch. You can decorate the hairstyle with different clips or accessories, and even leave it simply plain. In both the forms, it gives your face a new look. For adding more beauty to the hairstyle, you can use two different hair colour shades also. To get this blonde hairstyle on your long hair, start with the following steps:

  • From the corners of the forehead, pick some hair section and bring them back straight towards the crown top.
  • Twist the strains for making them cross each other from right to left and left to right and fix them using pins.
  • Now take another section form the left side in between the ear and the first strain and wrapping it, position it on the over the pinned part securing it with another pin.
  • Similarly, take the portion from the right side, wrap it, and pin it over the top side.
  • Now pick a new section from the left side over the ear, cross it from over the top and pin it downwards.
  • Again, take another section from the right side and carry out a similar process.
  • When all the crosses are fixed on the centre portion, place a hair accessory in the middle portion of it.

5. Half Up Mermaid Braid

Half Up Mermaid Braid

Half Up Mermaid Braid gives you that desired finishing look, that would remain the same for hours. The hairstyle is mostly found worn on Summers while preparing for beach tours. It best suits the women with round and oval face cut, on all kind of outfits. Here is how you can try it on your hair.

  • Take a portion of your hair from the centerline on the front.
  • Divide the portion into three equal parts and start forming a braid.
  • While moving downwards with the braid, pull some section of hair from the sides in the braid.
  • Continue the braid similarly, till you reach down on the back side of the crown.
  • Take some hair from the sides and cross it around and enter it in the braid.
  • Take nearly 4 or 5 such portions on both the sides and fix them inside the braid.
  • Continue making the braid a little more and use an elastic band to tie the end.https://i.ytimg.com/vi/LBZ2eA4O6f8/maxresdefault.jpg

6. Faux Shave Dutch Braid

Faux Shave Dutch Braid

Want to have that sharp edgy look for a cool avatar? Here is a hairstyle that would complete your wish. The Faux Shave Dutch Braid hairstyle comes with quick braid steps which are accompanied by side hair left open. The hairstyle suits best to the women having diamond face cut or small forehead. Here are the steps to this beautiful hairstyle.

  • Part your hair deep on the side.
  • Take some hair section from the ear side and divide it into three equal parts.
  • Start making a Dutch braid till the back side of the ear.
  • After that point, continue with a normal braid till the end.
  • Tie the braid using a rubber band take it to the other side of the back head.
  • Fix it there using a pin on the lower side.
  • Cover half of the braid using the open hair and bring them on the side opposite to the braid.
  • You can also add some curls to the open hair in the front to add some charm to the hairstyle.

7. Braided Headband for Long Hair

Braided Headband for Long Hair

Braided headbands have proved to be the best for getting that chic look. This not only gives you a relief from the slippery headbands but also gives your hair a firm look from the front for a long time. You can also give your remaining long hair some curls to give it a trendy touch. The headband can be made in various different ways too. Here are the steps to this beautifying hairstyle.

  • Comb all your hair properly making sure there is no loop left in it.
  • Take a tail comb and take a good section from the right side of the head just behind your ear.
  • Make three portions of the hair section and start forming a braid out of it.
  • Take small 1 or 2 inches of hair strand from the forehead section and mix it with the braid while forming it crossing from right section to the middle.
  • Make the complete braid from the right side to the left side simply forming a braid.
  • Tie the braid tight using a rubber band.
  • Secure the braid using a pin on the lower side of the ear.

8. Pompadour with Full Ponytail

Pompadour with Full Ponytail

This classic hairstyle gives a fabulous look at the women having straight and bouncy hair. Easy to make, this hairstyle is carried out in parties with both casual and ethnic wear. The hairstyle suits the most to the women with small and long faces. Here is how you can get this hairstyle on your hair.

  • Divide your hair from the forehead hairline section. You can also part your section from natural corners of the forehead.
  • Pull the hair in the upward direction with a comb to tease the hair for getting required volume.
  • Use some hairspray over the roots of the hair.
  • Take a comb and make the top layer of the hair smooth by pushing the hair back straightly by giving the hair a major poof.
  • Take 2 or 3 pins to hold the puff section firm in the right place.
  • While placing the pins, if any section of the hair goes flat, simply pull the strain gently to level the poof.
  • Not gently comb the remaining hair and make a high ponytail out of it.
  • Take a small strain out of the pony and over the rubber band with it.

9. Brigitte Bardot Half Updo

Brigitte Bardot Half Updo

This would really be something new for getting a jazzy look on casuals. Inspired by the beehive updos, this hairstyle gives a messy yet neat appearance for that girly look. The loose updo simply needs a bow strand that needs to be tied for a flawless look. Here is how to get this dynamic look.

  • From the crown of the head, separate the hair and comb them back to give some volume.
  • Take some hair and gently pull them from the top side of the ear to the centre side of the head.
  • Tie the hair using an elastic rubber and pull some hair from the top gently to give soft look with the desired volume.
  • Using a ribbon tie the rubber band to give it some firmness.
  • You can also curl the remaining hair ends.

10. Long Spiral Curls With Single Side Braid

Long Spiral Curls With Single Side Braid

Is your secret wish to become a Barbie doll? If yes, this hairstyle would surely give you your dreams look. It includes every desired ingredient to your hair like a small braid, curvy curls, and open hair. Widely carried out for parties and outings, this hairstyle is perfect if you are having an oval shape cut. Follow the steps to make this on your hair.

  • Pick a hair section which is 3-4 inches in length and get curls to every such section of your hair.
  • Part your hair on a single side.
  • From the side with less hair, take a hair section of around 2 inches from the front side and make a French braid out of it moving towards the downside.
  • As the French braid reaches to the top of the ear, make 2 to 3 more twists and fix it using firm bobby pins in a crossed way.
  • You can keep the remaining curls open on the single side or on both the sides are per your choice.

11. Highlighted Straight Layer Style Hair

Highlighted Straight Layer Style Hair

This is one dazzling hairstyle if you are looking for a smashing hair look in parties or even regular hair wear. The hairstyle is carried out in two different hair colours that include a different colour for highlighting the flicks or front hair. Here are the steps towards this sexy hair look.

  • Get your haircut with around 2 to 3 layers according to your hair length.
  • Wash and dry them.
  • Use some mousse for providing some volume to it.
  • Take a few strands of hair and straighten them using a hair straightener.
  • When all the hair is done, part your hair from the centre, or side.
  • Finish up using some serum on the hair to protect it from getting frizzy.

12. Layered Hair With Curly Side Sweep And Feathered Ends

Layered Hair With Curly Side Sweep And Feathered Ends

This fluffy hairstyle is quite clumsy for parties and weddings etc. The hairstyle suits any kind of face cut with lovely curls along with any length of hair. The main attraction of the hairstyle is the feather ends which would surely make anyone twist in it. Carry on the following steps to get this hairstyle.

  • Prepare your layered hair with some mousse after drying them.
  • Divide the hair into a single side.
  • Take around 2 inches of hair strands from your hair and straighten them.
  • After the straightening procedure, take the curling machine and curl the ends properly on the end giving a feather look.
  • Also, cover the front bangs while giving it a feather touch.
  • Use some serum to allow the hair remain frizz free.
  • Using your fingers, gently provide hair with some proper placing.

13. Updo With Fringes And Headband With Braid

Updo With Fringes And Headband With Braid

A completely charming hairstyle for the women who are in love with braids updos. The sporting hairstyle comes with a lower updo with a clean binding and a braid that adds flair to the hairstyle. The hairstyle can also be decorated with amazing hair accessories. Best for the women having oval and round face cut, here are simple steps to get this.

  • Comb your hair straight.
  • Leave a section of 2 inches aside and roll the hair neatly forming a neat and low bun.
  • Secure the bun using some bobby pins from all the directions.
  • Take the left-over section and form a braid from it and use an elastic band to secure it.
  • Place this braid as a crown over your head.
  • Use bobby pins to secure the braid on the opposite side on the back side of the ear.

14. Twisted Ponytail on Side

Twisted Ponytail on Side

Want to make a twist in a simple ponytail? Give it twists and side turn. The hairstyle is a regular wear hairstyle. The teens love to carry it colleges, parties, outings, etc. that would give you a new look, even if your hair is not properly combed. Here are some twisting steps to give you this cute look.

  • Divide the hair into four different portions that are two on the top side and two on the lower side.
  • Twist one of the top side part removing your flicks aside and hold it firmly on the side.
  • Twist the second top side of the hair and combine it with the first twist.
  • Twist the third portion and combine it with the two twists.
  • Twist the fourth portion and mix it with other twists.
  • Gather all the four twists and give it 1 or 2 twists and tie using a tight rubber band.
  • You can add some low curls to the pony to give it a bouncy effect.

15. Beaded Ponytail

Beaded Ponytail

Does hair disturb you even when you have made a pony out of it? Here is a comfortable and quick hairstyle that would prevent your hair from disturbing you. The hairstyle is carried out by the sportswomen and is suitable for every face cut. Here are the steps to this engaging hair look.

  • Comb your hair backwards and part out the flicks.
  • Make out a high pony out of the remaining hair.
  • Tie it using a tight rubber band.
  • Use some small rubber bands and tie your ponytail giving some gap of nearly 1 – 2 inches.
  • Carry out the same process until the end of the ponytail.
  • Comb your flicks on the proper position.

The easy hairstyle for long hair includes a number of ponytail, updos, poofs, braids, and much more. People can also experiment combining two of the hairstyles for making a unique hairstyle according to the length of the hair.

So, are your ready to give out your best look for a captivating look? Select one and go shake the ramp.

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