Amazing Hair Hacks Everyone Should Know!

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If someone would question me about the most gorgeous and attractive feature in human body, hair would be my answer! Imagine how many women can carry the bald look with the same grace and beauty! Hair is the most attractive and flattering feature of women which can drive anybody crazy! In this modern high tech world, we have some drastic inventions for hair care and also we have some lazy ladies who still keep searching for more advanced options for hair hacks!

For all those ladies who want simple and effective methods for hair care, here is an interesting guide which you can follow!

  • Does healthy hair exist? If yes, how they are?
  • Take up the hair makeover quiz.
  • Amazing hair hacks which you should know.

Hair Hacks

Does Healthy Hair Exist? If Yes, How They Are?

  • Ladies, healthy hair is not a myth and beautiful healthy hair exist! It is not always the beautiful and high tech salon products which make the hair look gorgeous
  • Women have voluminous, damage free, thick, strong and glossy hair which is considered to be healthy!
  • Also low hair fall, quick hair regrowth, no issues of hair graying etc are the features of the healthy hair!
  • The healthy hair has features as shine, smoothness, thick and voluminous ends, amazing strength, perfect shade, flawless texture and much more. You must have watched your mothers having such hair and yes, those are the perfect example of healthy hair!

Take Up This Hair Hack Quiz

Well, before you get this amazing treasure of hair hacks, here’s a little healthy hair quiz which would test your knowledge on hair health and makeover! You surely need this amazing hair hack guide if you score less!

1. What do you on a bad hair day?

  • Wash your hair, apply serum and straighten them.
  • Brush the hair, add some spray and get a messy hairstyle.
  • Accept your fate and bad hair day!

2. What do you think about forks and hair styling?

  • Forks are amazing for beautiful and different curls!
  • I have never experimented with forks but need to try!
  • I always use the curling iron to curl my hair!

3. What time do you wake up every morning?

  • Hours and hours early to make your hair look perfect.
  • An hour early so you can shampoo and step out.
  • On the regular time! I have quick fixes for my hair!

4. How you get smooth heatless curls?

  • With a sock.
  • By braiding.
  • What are heatless curls? Does this method exist?

5. Do ever you follow Pinterest or YouTube for quick hair fixes?

  • Always! I learn a lot about how to make the hair look best!
  • Yes sometimes!
  • Only can invent quick fixes for my hair!

6. In your free time do you experiment with different hairstyles and hacks?

  • Yes I love to!
  • That’s such a waste of time!
  • No, I try hairstyles only for some occasions

7. Do you ever use leave in conditioners and dry shampoos?

  • Yes, it saves a lot of time.
  • No, these products are the waste of money!
  • I don’t need them.

8. Do you own bobby pins?

  • No I choose some funky hair accessories either!
  • Yes, booby pins are a quick solution for all the hair issues!
  • I use bobby pins just for hairstyles!

9. What is your favorite hair accessory?

  • Bobby pins
  • Hair bands
  • High profile hair accessories! Always!

10. What do you think about hair sprays?

  • They always make my hair more frizzy.
  • They can save me from a bad hair day!
  • Hair sprays are for beautiful hair do’s.

Your Score Is

Between 85-100 –

Wow! Seems like you are a queen of hair hacks and know how to manage your hair with some unusual and crazy hacks!

Between 65-85 –

You manage to make your hair look awesome with some high-end products and salon treatments! Though, a little self-hair care would cause no harm! For emergency conditions, these hair hacks would help you!

Below 65-

You definitely need this hair hack guide! The quick solutions and hacks would help you get beautiful hair in less time and would save you from a bad hair look! Ditch your hair stylists and salons and experiment with these cool tricks to stay ever ready!

Amazing Hair Hacks Which You Should Know

Now that you have gone through an interesting quiz, here are some amazing hair hacks which you must know! These hair hacks are for all the hair types and would help you save time and money! Thank us later!

1. For Pony Tail Lovers

  • If you love the flattering, formal and iconic ponytails and love to tie your hair into a dazzling ponytail, here is an awesome way to make it look trendy, stylish and mesmerizing!
  • Instead of a regular ponytail, section your hair into two parts and perform reverse teasing on your hair.
  • Take the upper section, tease the hair upwards and apply hair spray. Now do the same for your lower hair. This would give an instant lift and natural bouffant effect on your hair!
  • This ponytail is simply iconic and extremely trendy version which would make you look as a style icon! This also works if you have a bad hair day and your hair gets unmanageable!

2. For Thin Haired Girls!

  • If your heart cries out when your hair strands look thin and sticky! We all hate the thin hair and especially when we tie out the braids, they look even thinner.
  • In such cases, consider your hair as a stunning cake and decorate them as the icing. Your braid, if looks thin and lifeless, make it a gorgeous thick braid by pan caking it.
  • This is a very simply technique in which, you just need to pull out your braids a little and make them look thicker.
  • Also, tease your hair and back comb them while teasing a braid to make them look beautifully voluminous ad messy!

3. For Conditioning Dry Hair!

  • When you apply a conditioner, tie the ends in a plastic bag and let it work for few minutes.
  • If you apply a leave in conditioner, for few minutes, tie the hair ends in a plastic bag and leave it for few minutes. The heat generated in the plastic bag helps your hair strands absorb more conditioner.
  • This helps in nourishing your hair and let all the minerals of your conditioner get absorbed deeply in your hair!

4. For Curly Hair Loving Hair

  • If you are just like me who loves her hair tousled, fine and wavy instead if needle straight, here is a quick and speedy tip using which, you can make your hair look perfectly wavy all the time.
  • Section your hair into 6-8 partition and twist the section. Now run the straighter or flat iron on the twisted hair just as you straighten your hair.
  • While you will open these twists, you will get finely tousled, glossy, fresh and mesmerizing waves!

5. For The Girls Who Love Aromatic Hair!

  • We all love the fresh and aromatic hair which smells super awesome! Though it is very hard to maintain the fresh fragrance of your shampoo and conditioner after few days!
  • In such cases, if you want your hair to smell mesmerizing, here’s a hack which you can use! Spray some low or non-alcohol based perfume on your comb!
  • The lingering fragrance of your perfume would settle down in your hair brush and while you comb your hair, it will make your hair smell awesome!

6. One Minute Makeover For A Gorgeous Ponytail!

  • If you think your ponytail never looks as mesmerizing and beautifully tousled as the models have, here is a stunning hack which you can try!
  • Section your hair into 2 segments and tie with a rubber band. Now use a curler to make your ponytail beautifully curled.
  • Take a little segment from the upper partition and curl it while holding the hair vertically.
  • Perform this for all the rest hair and watch your ponytail getting beautifully tousled, fresh and gorgeous!

7. For The Frizz Haters!

  • If you are frequently annoyed by the frizzy hair and baby hair which come out from the beautiful hairstyles and spoil the glory of your hair, here’s a cool solution.
  • Use your spare toothbrush and spray some hair spray on the toothbrush.
  • Now brush your front hair with this toothbrush and your hair would get beautifully settled!
  • Say bye bye to the annoying frizzy baby hair!

8. For Those Lazy Girls Who Always Wake-up Late!

  • If you are also the one who wake up late and rush for the college or work, here is a stunning hack which you can use to make our hair look gorgeous!
  • Apply a dry shampoo on your hair before you sleep and thus this shampoo would make your hair look fresh, gorgeous and lively next morning.
  • This shampoo would work on your hair overnight and would nourish your scalp beautifully!

9. For Smooth And Fresh Drying

  • If you want to dry your hair without damage, misplace your shampoo with a t-shirt.
  • We have lots of useless t-shirts in our wardrobe. The t-shirt fabric is one of the most smoothening and soft fabric which you can use to make your hair dry safely.
  • Also, you can make a turban out of this t-shirt instead of the towel to dry your hair without getting rough, frizzy or dry!

10. For Gorgeous Curls!

  • If you always love those perfect and stylish curls, here is an interesting and easy technique which you can try to make your hair look perfectly flawless.
  • Firstly, heat the end of your fork with a blow drier and roll your hair around the fork.
  • Remove your hair from the fork and pin up the roll with bobby pin.
  • In a similar way, roll all your hair with forks and pin them up. When you will open them, your hair would look perfectly curled and gorgeous!

11. For Girls With Extremely Silky Hair!

  • If your hair are beautifully silky, setting them into a beautiful hairstyle is simply hectic!
  • The bobby pins would slide down and keep slipping from your hair! Here is a trick which you can use and let them last long on your hair.
  • Spray some hair spray on your bobby pins before you use them. This would help them set a tight grip on your hair and make your hairstyle last longer!

12. For The Girls Who Love Different Hair Color Shades

  • When I look at my favorite eye shadow, always wish I have those stunning highlights! The highlighted hair never fails to look flawless. Even the simplest hairstyle on highlighted hair looks gorgeous!
  • Thus, if you do not want all those chemicals to affect your hair, use your favorite eye shadow to highlight your hair!
  • Wash and condition your hair and hold the strand which you need to color.
  • Dab and color the strands with your eyeshadow on the thumb.
  • Keep coloring the strand until you get the desired result and then, spray some hair spray on your hair, blow dry and get gorgeously highlighted hair!
  • This is one of the hacks I love! I keep flaunting beautiful unusual and eye catchy highlights and people always keep wondering!

These are some awesome hair hacks and which you can use whenever you don’t have a salon appointment, your favorite stylist in town and you need to visit a place where you want to look awesome! These hacks would help you in your daily life to use the handy products for making your hair look great!

Try these super exciting hacks and make our hair look party ready with these little and interesting hacks which would make your hair look flawless and make you feel experimental!

Look gorgeous and keep experimenting!

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