How To Organize Wardrobe by Doing a Clustering Of Your Clothes?

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Short Story – How Jane Learnt to Organize a Wardrobe?

Rita and Jane were discussing and chitchatting about their shopping habits. While Rita picked up clothes carefully and properly as per need, Jane was a spendthrift. Jane had the habit of swiping her debit and credit cards almost for all purchases. She never missed a sale, a stock clearance sale, or any discount offers at any shop. Her room had become a mini boutique comprising of new shoes, clothes and accessories which she used only one once.

Rita was amused with her shopaholic friend, Jane. Rita always had her senses on while shopping. She would decide beforehand what is to be shopped and buy accordingly. She was not attracted to the discounts and stock clearances sale like Jane. At the end of their shopping trips, Rita had only one or two bags in hand while Jane would have emptied half of her bank balance for all her shopping things.

But that Jane had a different problem. She was complaining about her shopping issue seriously for the first time in life to Rita.

“I am almost in debt due to my shopping addiction. My credit card bills have become overdue. Now, as I don’t have enough bank balance in my account and so, I cannot pay my essential bills and rent. My room is full of unwanted clothes and accessories which I don’t need now and in the future. When there is an occasion, I don’t feel like wearing any of those clothes and feel the need of buying another. Rita, how can you manage to survive on few clothes and still look confident and stylish?”

How To Do Clustering Of Your Clothes and Organize Wardrobe?

Rita giggled and answered patiently, “Jane, we don’t need the entire apparel collection of our favourite brand to look great. We need to apply some part of our brains and choose clothes carefully and style them in the best possible manner. In this way, we can save our time, space and money and manage to look stylish. We do not have to indulge in impulsive buying and end up emptying our bank account balance and funds.”

“Really? Is there any magic or mantra for shopping too?” Jane asked in disbelief.

“Yes. There is one. You must be aware of the mix-match method of clothes.”

“Yes. But that is used mostly by average stylish clothes who are lazy enough to look good.” Jane frowned.

“Well, we don’t have to use the same technique. We would be applying another technique known as ‘clustering of clothes’ to organize a wardrobe.”

So, later the conversation continued and Rita actually accompanied Jane to a nearby mall and showed her how a perfect cluster of clothes look like. For you, we have provided you in-depth information about this valuable technique to make your existing wardrobe amazing and rich. All you need is to make use of few clothes and accessories and apply your imaginative skills to organize a wardrobe. You need to know the go for a shopping spree immediately. If you are tired of your small and limited wardrobe, you can create a completely new one using this technique. So, let us begin a new era of conscious shopping using the technique of clustering of clothes and learning how to organize a wardrobe.

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What is Clustering of Clothes to Organize a Wardrobe?

Before we jump into the topic straight, you will love to watch this small video how to de-clutter and organize your wardrobe –

In simple words, a cluster is a group of the collection. Similarly, clustering of clothes refers to grouping of clothes, accessories and shoes that look great on a person when combined in a harmonious manner. A cluster of clothes is open-ended. It means you can keep adding or removing clothes from your cluster as per your choice or as per latest fashion trends.

Clustering of clothes needs minimal shopping of apparel and accessories and a lot of imaginative skills. You need to envision your wardrobe with the different style of clothes in a cluster and wear them in a stylish manner.

A typical cluster of clothes consist of the following essentials-

  • A top
  • A shirt
  • A denim jeans
  • A trouser or pants
  • A skirt
  • A short, cropped top
  • A full-sleeved shirt
  • A waistcoat
  • A full-sleeved shrug or jacket, preferably black
  • A wrist watch
  • A long silver or gold chain
  • A belt
  • A pair of studs or earrings
  • A neck-piece
  • A black handbag (formal)
  • A fancy handbag
  • A clutch or wallet
  • A pair of sneakers
  • A pair of fancy shoes or sandals

Though these items are included in a cluster of clothes, we can still keep on adding new and in-fashion ones such as palazzos, long ethnic Kurtis, ring, scarves and even bracelets. The list is endless. Similarly, we have different kinds of clusters of clothes such as travel cluster, office wear cluster, casual cluster, ethnic wear cluster and so on.

You can wear the top along with the skirt making one outfit. Or with the denim jeans to make another. Third outfit will be wearing top with the black trouser and blazer. Similarly, you can create multiple outfits out of these clothing pieces.

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Advantages of Clustering to Organize Wardrobe

1. You Can Create More Number Of Outfits From A Specific Set Of Clothes

You just have 4-5 clothes in your wardrobe. Yet, you can create more number of outfits out of it by pairing them harmoniously.

2. Harmonious Working Of Clothes In Your Wardrobe

When you apply clustering technique, every single clothing piece in your wardrobe is utilized. Nothing remains unused in it. In the past, you must have purchased blue jeans and a black jeans so that it matches with all colours of tops. Clustering is an advanced version of the mix-match abilities.

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3. Saves Money

Well, this is really useful for women. You can save substantial amount of money that goes wasted in discount and sales. In the discount sale and stock clearance sales, you buy clothes that don’t fit you properly and look attractive only in the display. With clustering of clothes, you can buy only the best ones from branded shops.

4. Reduction In Impulse Purchases

Women often make impulse purchases. No one can challenge it. An impulse purchase is one in which a woman gets unreasonably attracted to a clothing piece and buys it without thinking whether it will fit her or suit her irrespective of its high price. Clustering does not allow you to make impulse purchases.

5. Enhances Your Creativity In Styling Clothes And Accessories

Clustering does not mean that wearing the same repetitive clothes and feeling bored and dull. In fact, clustering is a creative technique by which you can wear and style clothes beautifully and with elegance.

6. Brings Simplicity To Your Life

No one life their life to get complicated and entangled with numerous unnecessary apparel. We always wish to have the best and simplest wardrobe that brings uniqueness to our lives.

How To Organize a Wardrobe?

We have understood in detail about the clustering of clothes, its advantages and how a typical cluster consists of. Now, let us move towards the next segment of this topic – Steps to do clustering of your wardrobe clothes. Ladies, after reading this, just evaluate your wardrobe and you can create clusters on your own and add few more clothes in it.

If you think you have sufficient clothes in your wardrobe, then you do not have to shop much. But if your existing wardrobe lacks good clothes, then you can do clustering right from the scratch by shopping clothes first. Does this seem disheartening for all the ladies that you can’t shop anymore? Obviously, you can enjoy shopping in the future but you would buy accessories and clothes that fit into your cluster properly. In this way, you will indulge less in impulse purchases and make use of conscious shopping methods.

So, here are the steps-

1. Finding A Clothing That Is Your Source Of Inspiration

Does this look odd? Let us simplify. First, you will have to select a piece of clothing such as a top or a dress or a bottom wear to create your cluster. It could be either a striped shirt, or a plain top or a black trouser. It depends entirely on you. We call this piece of clothing as source of inspiration.

2. Select 5-8 Clothing Pieces

The next step is to plan and select 5-8 pieces of clothing – tops as well as bottoms. For example, if you have chosen a black trouser, then you can add a formal white shirt, a black shirt, a casual top, a blue denim jeans and a fitted jacket.

3. The Pieces Of Clothing Should Be Basic

When we mean basic, we refer to clothing that can be mixed and matched with other pieces of clothing. For instance, a white shirt or a black shirt is a basic piece of clothing. Always, go for basics because they can be easily and beautifully paired with clothing and accessories. Do not choose clothing that is too funky, or too busy. It should be simple with respect to style and pattern. You do not have to really go for the common clothing but go for classy ones.

4. The Pieces Of Clothing Should Suit Your Body Shape, Skin Colour And Face Shape

Yes, this is also one of our important guidelines. Do not go for ill-fitted clothing or which do not fit into your body shape. For instance, if you are short, do not go for big patterns or long tops. You have to choose very carefully after evaluation of your body shape. Similarly, choose colours that suit your skin tone and colour. Chose necklines that look good on you.

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5. The Pieces Of Clothing Should Not Be Similar To Each Other

For example, you liked the polo neck T-shirt which looks great on you. The next moment you buy all the three available colours in that pattern. Don’t you think it will create a uniform-based wardrobe? The point is you have to choose pieces that are different from each other. If you are buying one polo neck T-shirt, go for a cold-shouldered top. Choose patterns wisely.

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6. Select Basic Accessories

Accessories will enhance your outfit. So, go for the basic ones in the beginning. You need to have an elegant ring, a pair of studs, danglers, hoops, long chain and a pearl string. Incorporate these items in your wardrobe which can be paired with any outfit in the most elegant way.

7. Further Expanding Your Cluster

For meeting your wardrobe requirements and for your personal benefit, you should keep on expanding on your clusters. This is the stage where you will that funky neckpiece or a busy top for yourself that you liked on the display. Use your creativity wisely. You can also create different types of clusters for different occasions.

Types of Clusters to Organize a Wardrobe

Now, you all know the steps to be followed for creating a cluster of clothes. Let us check few of the clusters that suit different occasions.

1. A Travel Cluster

If you are travelling for work purpose, then you can have following items in your cluster:

  • Denim jeans, blue or black
  • A casual top
  • A fitted blazer or a jacket
  • A black trouser
  • A formal shirt
  • A formal handbag
  • A laptop bag
  • A long gold or silver chain
  • A pair of studs and hoops
  • A wrist watch
  • A pair of formal shoes
  • A printed scarf or a stole

Now, as you are travelling, you should carry light baggage. On the plane, you can wear denims with the casual top along with formal shoes, and the fitted jacket. It will all look perfect. When you in the meeting or an event, you can wear formal clothes and pair it with the same jacket and accessories.

2. An Office-Wear Cluster

  • A black trouser
  • A tan coloured trouser
  • A black skirt
  • A grey coloured skirt
  • A white shirt
  • A black shirt
  • A patterned and formal top
  • A fitted blazer or a jacket
  • A pink shirt
  • A blue shirt
  • A string of pearls
  • A long chain
  • A pair of decent earrings
  • A wristwatch
  • A formal black handbag
  • A formal peach handbag
  • A pair of black formal shoes
  • A belt
  • A printed scarf
  • A formal dress

These are only the basic items. You can expand it by adding a number of decent shirt, formal tops, skirts, blazers and jackets, and dresses. If your office permits, you can even add palazzos to your cluster which will look awesome. Remember to style it properly with scarves, cropped jackets, waistcoats and accessories. You can also add variety of formal shoes to your wardrobe.

In case your office allows casuals on Fridays, then make sure you wear those which look decent in an office. Buy dresses of solid colours and style with studs and long chain. Or wear your casual denim jeans, a tank top and pair it with a stylish jacket. You can even create a cluster of weekend clothes for office wear.

3. A Casual Cluster

This one can be wore if you are working as a self-proprietor or you are a housewife. This can be found in every woman’s wardrobe.

  • A black dress
  • A long dress
  • A denim jacket
  • A funky neckpiece
  • A belt
  • A white top
  • A black top
  • A casual top
  • A cropped top
  • A T-back shrug
  • A jacket
  • A wristwatch
  • A fancy earring and a bracelet
  • A shoulder bag
  • A pair of sneakers
  • A pair of ballerina
  • A printed scarf or a stole
  • A palazzo
  • A clutch

Thus, if you apply your imaginative skills, you can definitely create and organize a wardrobe for yourself. Well, after listening to this clustering technique from Rita, Jane has sat down to evaluate her wardrobe and divide it into clusters. It seems you are the next!

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