How to Plan a Basic Wardrobe for Girls?

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Planning a wardrobe sounds like … ‘why it never come to my mind that I should have planned wardrobe?’ But when it comes to clothes it’s all about your lifestyle, personality and the latest fashion. So how does planning come into picture? If you have a planned wardrobe it means that you always have something to wear for every occasion. Yes, its true that planning a girl wardrobe is interesting and at the same time very challenging.

Having a planned wardrobe means you have everything in place which you like to wear and getting dressed everyday can be a fun event for you. Another benefit of planned wardrobe is that you shop wisely and your wardrobe doesn’t just get filled with unnecessary garments.

How to Plan a Basic Wardrobe?

Now, you have decided to plan your wardrobe the first thing on your to do list is to search for the ongoing fashion trends and find out what suits your body type, shape and figure. Also what you like to wear plays an important role. Planning is not only about having the right clothes but also your accessories and shoes which also needs to be in place. So while making a search for the latest trends you also have to check for all these details.

After doing this find out in which category out of the given one, you would like to place yourself. Are you a

  • College Going Girl
  • A Working Woman
  • A Professional

or a mix of few other things which are not given in the list? Your selection of clothes will depend much broadly on this category. You also have to take into consideration your personality and lifestyle.

Step 1 : Clean Your Wardrobe

This is the first and basic step of wardrobe planning. Take out all the clothes and make a list of all types of clothes present in your wardrobe. This will help you in –

  • Getting rid of your old and unfitted clothes from the wardrobe while leaving a room for your new clothes. Also take out clothes which you have not worn since long time, out of fashion and does not suit your present lifestyle.
  • Separating your casual, formal and traditional wears.
  • Putting the clothes aside which need mending and laundering.
  • Making your new shopping list for the things which you actually need this year and according to your present lifestyle.

Step 2 : Selection of Right Clothes

This does not mean that you should have the clothes which can fit your body measurement or what’s the latest trend. This means that you should have the right clothes to wear for every occasion. Consider these things when you invest in your styling and fashion.

Step 3 : Choose Classic Over Trendy Clothes

Invest your money in buying classy clothes which you can mix and match in every season rather than going for trendy clothes which will serve your purpose for only one season.

Step 4 : Invest in Quality of Clothes

Quality of clothes is one of the important and basic aspects of buying clothes. You have to shop for clothes which can last longer and not for few months and gives value for your money.

Step 5 : Selection of Colours

Always go for colours which will suit your body shape and type and not the ones which you just love or like. Colours play an important role when it comes to showcase your personality and style. Monochromatic, Neutrals (black, brown, navys, beige) and the colours which will suit your body type are the ones which represent your wardrobe.

Essentials of a Girls Wardrobe

As we have seen the basics of wardrobe planning now it comes to select your wardrobe essentials. This will depend on your day to day activity as mentioned earlier, but the few basic requirements of your wardrobe should include the list of below given apparels, no matter what kind of schedule you are working in.

1. Undergarments

These are your basic requirements and your wardrobe essentials lists starts with them on the first position. If you have good fitting undergarments, your each and every clothes will give you a perfect look and if they aren’t no matter how many good clothes you have, your shape may not look good. So do have a nice variety of well fitted bras and panties for every occasion.

2. Casuals

Your casual wear includes those apparels which you can wear in any season and can mix and match to create a variety of dresses. They are also your basic requirements.

3. Tanks Tops

You wardrobe must have 4-5 basic colour tank tops which will include black and white colours along with few other colours. You always have a choice to pair these tops with dark colour jeans and few skirts.

4. T-shirts

You should have wide range of T-shirts in your closet including all the basic colours and patterns. Do not forget to include black and white shorts and long sleeved T-shirts, 1 or 2 turtle neck T-shirts and the styles which suit your body type.

5. Shirts

Include two white button down shirts (1 cotton, 1 silky) in your wardrobe. They can easily fit in and gives you a perfect shape when left out. Also add one crisp and soft looking blouse.

6. Skirts

The range of skirts will include the ones which suits your body type. Your list of skirts should include pencil skirt and the skirts which are knee length and in floral prints. You can also add very short skirts, if you like but make sure they do suit you.

7. LBD

The little black dress is a must of everyone’s closet which serves as an evening or cocktail dress. You can choose your type from different cuts and styles.

8. Jeans

Jeans are a must of every closet and hence you should have atleast 4-5 pair of nice jeans which fits and suits you well. Do include one trendy and one stylish jeans like boot cut, skinny or wide leg jeans.

9. Black Pant

A black pant is considered as a wardrobe staple so include a black pant which is made up of tropical wool or viscose. Select a style which suits and can be worn in all seasons.

10. Khaki Pant

Choose a Khaki pant with flat front instead of pleats for a casual and comfortable look.

11. Cardigans and Jackets

They are also one of the essentials of your wardrobe. A Cardigan of neutral colour and which sits under the hip goes well with every style and body type. Don’t forget to include a dark wash denim jacket which offers a slim fit look.

12. Scarfs and Wraps

Do have beautiful and bold colour scarves in your closet to mix and match them with different styles to create a stylish look. Along with the scarfs also add one black cashmere wrap which you can use for the year around.

13. Accessories

This will includes different types of belts which can define your curves and the ones which you can tie in different styles. Do have different type of bags atleast 2 or 3 (leather, canvas etc.) of good quality for every occasion.

14. Footwear

The range of footwear includes ballet flats (which look better than sneakers), heels, black metallic pumps and metallic evening shoes.

Planning is good in everything and to achieve success in life. A well planned wardrobe saves you from lots of hustle and bustle and also adds to your intelligent quotient.

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