Rhinestone Nail Art Design Ideas for Short and Long Nails

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Are you a fan of Neil art? If yes then you must have heard about Rhinestone Nail Art.

Neil art is a very popular and creative styling ritual loved by women across the globe. It is a type of art where we draw pictures and designs on fingernails. It is a fashion activity that falls under manicuring. Your fingers and nails are one of the important points of beauty and nail art helps enhance their charm with creative designs.

Nails are one of the most prized possessions a woman can have. It is very tough to maintain the health and beauty of your nails while doing the day to day chores. One has to get manicure and pedicure done on their hands and feet to maintain the beauty of the nails. This is the time what you can give your nails a cute makeover.

Nail art is loved by all women from various age groups. This art form is found across many cultures and civilizations since ages. Modern women have taken this art to the next level with the evolution of innovative and unique designs and methods. Today it is not only about painting the nails with colors. You can apply glitters, stones and other decorative objects on your nails to make them look luxurious and stand apart from the crowd. Rhinestone Nail art is one such popular nail art type.

In this article we have compiled a beautiful collection of Rhinestone Nail art designs. So you can surely bookmark this page and come back for inspiration and nail art design ideas.

Beautiful Rhinestone Nail Art Design Ideas

1. Rhinestone Nail Art with Glitter Gel

Pink Rhinestone Glitter Nail Paint Art

Source – claudianails

Take a look at this pink shaded Rhinestone nail art that fits well on the beautifully carved long nails. Last nail has been intentionally painted with sky blue and that compliments with the rest painted with pink. The small beads flower on the nail look just gorgeous. Glitter gives these nails the perfect charm and the needed gloss. If you paint this art on your nails then you will see that the shiny glitter gel will work its wonders on your nails to give you a unique glam look. The glitter shines on the cuticles of the middle finger look quite royal.

2. Brown Glossy Rhinestone Nail Art

Brown Glossy Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Source – claudianails

Brown color doesn’t look too shiny but the gel applied on the brown nail paint make it look shinier and bright. The subtle fine Rhinestones carefully arranged in curvy style on the nail look just classy! These small colorful stone beads make the nails look too pretty. Brown color is never out of fashion. The colors of the stones are perfectly complimenting the brown tint. Also have you noticed the light brown shade on the last finger? It just make it stand out differently from the rest.

3. Embellished Royal Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Embellished Rhinestone Beaded Nail Art Design

Source – Pinterest

This is a real Royal look of a Nail Art Design. A collection of various sized Rhinestone beads is beautifully arranged to form the jewelry style nail art. If you want to flaunt your long and well maintained nails in a party or a special event then this is the Nail art you should go with. A small beaded ring in the finger is adding up the charm of this Rhinestone nail art. The small flower design on one of the nail is adding more beauty to it. The color of the entire nail art is absolutely feminine and charming.

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4. Sharp Pink Nails Rhinestone Nail Art Design

Sharp Pink Rhinestone Nail Art Design Idea

Source – Pinterest

The pink color always look and the baby pink shade looks cuter! When it comes to nail art, the possibilities are endless. In this design the nails are carefully carved and the artificial pointed long nails ae carefully stuck on the top of all the fingers. The Rhinestone beads are then carefully stuck forming a traditional design on the two fingernails. Rest of the fingers are embellished with the glitter and gloss. You should certainly try this nail design if your party theme is pink.

5. Baby Pink Plain Nails with Minimalistic Rhinestone Work

Baby Pink Nail Paint and Minimalistic Rhinestone Nail Art

Source – Pinterest

These cute pink / orange nails will surely win the hearts because of its simplicity and rich look. These are the uniform shaped artificial nails with pink / orange gel nail paint on it. Notice the minimalistic ornamenting that has been done with small Rhinestone beads at the bottom of the nails along the cuticles? The glow appearing because of the gel and plain solid color are making it look more pretty and royal. It is because of the simple and sober design, this nail art is looking like a perfect mixture of modern nail art and a classic retro touch.

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