How to Choose Winter Boots : Comfy and Stylish Boots This Winter Season?

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In a matter of few weeks, fall will say goodbye and we will get ready to welcome winters of 2016 with our favourite comfy and warm clothes. But, hey are you forgetting something? Something that needs more attention when it comes to the comfort during the winter season. Yes, you guessed it right, how to choose winter boots? Boots are without a doubt the best footwear for winter weather travel. No matter if you have ankle length boots or knee high equestrian boots, we all know that we just cannot think about winters without them. Boots have the special ability to transfer your look and add more style to your outfit on cold winter days.

So, if you are planning to buy boots this season, you need to choose the perfect pair after considering some important points like how to shop for boots? type of boots for women?and other ideas to let your feet enjoy the comfort of boots.

Let us first start with how to shop for stylish and comfortable shoes. So, what are the ways you can get shoes that can give you happy feet? Filtering out of hundreds of styles, heel length and material can become a challenge. Always keep comfort as your first priority because walking with shoes that do not fit you well is not only uncomfortable but also and for your physical health. You have to look for both style and comfort and we present you these tips to consider while shopping for comfortable and stylish boots.

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How to Choose Winter Boots?

How to choose winter boots

1. Foot Type

Do your new boots fit your foot? Understanding the type of foot you have will help you find the perfect and comfortable match. If you have flat feet or arched feet, do you need insole? There are the basic questions one need to be sure about while buying boots. For many girls, super high hell can be an issue socially if they also have foot problems. Avoid wearing more than one and a half inch heel because that will end up putting extra pressure on the forefoot. This is also applicable for other shoes except for the one with platform because the platform sole raised the forefoot. You can choose from wedge heel boots to platform boots to add some weight and still be completely flat on the ground.

2. Shape of Legs

To begin your retail boots therapy, know your leg shape if you have narrow, wider calves or athletic calves. Depending on the size of your calf, you need to look for some fittings. Most boots come with elastic goring with the leather pattern and some have buckles to loosen up for the correct fitting. Some boots have extra adjusters around the calves area to give you additional room without making it look wrinkled. These days many brands design boots specifically for the narrow and wider calves. If you are more into online shopping, you will easily get options for wider calves as commerce websites have started to devote specific sections for different shapes. You can always measure your legs and match the measurements for women’s boots to find the perfect fit for yourself. If you are looking for a sleek look,  get the boots with stretch panel to have enough adjustable space for both pants and skirts.

3. Padding You Boots

If you are someone with problem feet, consider adding extra padding to your boots to keep away from the pain. Boots are made as per the standard fitted area around ankle and foot as per the size so adding insole will give you more challenges. Always check the boots for removable insoles. If you are buying your boots inline, the manufacturer will add the information if the boots come with a removable insole. Padding your boots will give you extra cushion and will help you stand and walk for hours in a comfortable manner.

4. Room For Warmth

Another important thing to consider while shopping for boots is warmth and the sole. Look for the boots with traction for cold weather condition such as rubber outsole that can handle your walk on the slippery ground. Also, you need to make sure that you buy boots that are warm for outdoor but not too warm for regular wear at work. The easiest method for buying such boots is to look for boots with warm covering on the top and easy on the inner side so that your feet do not end up sweating but keep it warm and do now allow cold to enter in. Also while shopping for boots, check the word non-skid friction.

5. Add The Socks

Always remember to wear boots with tights and socks. Try wearing thick socks to confirm the fitting of boots around them. To get more rooms around the calf area, you can wear shorter ankle length socks than wearing the knee length socks. Wearing the socks inside the boots help in covering the space and make your boots look filled.

Types of Boots

Now that you understand the basic points that you need to keep in mind while shopping for boots, it is also important to learn about the types of boots for women. As per the fashion experts, boots have been in the fashion world for thousand years and thanks to their ability to protect ankles and feet. Boots are available in many styles but with specific functions. When shopping for boots it’s very challenging to find stylish, functional and comfortable at the same time. Let us take a quick view of the different types of women’s boots which will further help us on how to choose winter boots?

1. Fashion Boots

The biggest category of ladies boots belongs to fashion boots. They started trending in popularity for adult women from 1970s and have come all the way ever since during the winter season. You will hear many girls and women saying that they feel most comfortable in boots and the reason is quite simple, your ankle is well supported and there is no feeling of twisting like other shoes. These boots are made of suede, artificial stuff or leather. They can range from pull up style to zipper style. Fashion boots also offer extra detailing like buckles, laces and fringes. They come in the different form of heels such as last sole, spike heel and platform heels. For every girl or women, knee length fashion boots are a must in the wardrobe which they can pair with skirts, dresses, tunics and leggings for both work and play. Equestrian boots reach upto knees or upper calf and are usually low heeled.

2. Work and Hiking Boots

The other major style of boots are hiking and work boots. These boots are made up of thick and hard soles with reinforced caps on the toe area. The boots are made of durable material and come in limited styles. But they still look stylish and give you a strong and rough look for the winters. Hiking boots have laces to make sure that they fit properly and support ankles.

3. Snow Boots

Snow boots are made with warmer lining and are also waterproof in nature. These boots are taller and can help you trudge through the snowy lane in winters. These boots are most comfortable during the snow time as they protect your feet from the cold and wet weather. Always look for the snow boots with high traction so that you do not end up slipping on the snow.

4. Rain Boots

Rain boots are made of plastic and rubber material and mostly waterproof. Regular rain boots do not have padding or insole for the feet towards the inner lining. But you can add your own plastic insoles. Since these boots do not keep your feet warm, do not forget to wear warm tights or thick socks to keep your feet comfy and warm.

5. Ankle Boots/Timberland Women’s Hill Chelsea Boots

In last few years, we have seen growing trend of booties that stops just below the ankle. They come with both high and low heel. Famously known as ankle boots, they provide good support and give the feeling of boots without covering the whole of the legs. Pair up with anything from the dresses to skirts to denim short or pants, they are to stay here for many years with classy and the sophisticated look.

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 Different Style of Boots

While your journey into the understanding the types of boots and basic requirements is on the verge of completion, we want to take you the final phase of learning different styles of boots that you can choose from: Here’s for you to take a look.

1. Grunge Style

The ankle boots look perfect with all types of the outfits like pants, dresses and skirts. You can pair up your outfit with the badass booties with studs and fringes to give yourself a biker chic look and add more rock-n-roll feel.

2. Knee High Style

Everyone wants to own that one out of the box pair of killer knee length boots that will give both tough and sexy feel at the same time. They look incredibly flattering and also make your legs look tall.

3. Glittery Style

Add some glam touch to your outfit with the fabulous boots with glitter design all over it. Opt for the dark tone to balance out the perfect dazzle and balance the glitter. Such boots are perfect for parties and clubbing.

4. Chunky Style

Add some height with chunky heels and platform heels. These boots are popular not only because they are super comfortable but also because they are trending every where.

5. Boho Style

Adding little boho touch to the entire outfit with the amazing fringed ankle boots will make you look like a trendsetter. Pair it up with a leather jacket or oversized sweater to nail the perfect winter boho look.

6. Chelsea Style/Classic Style

Closed fitted booties will never be out of trend. They have everything to make any outfit look sophisticated and classy. One Love!

7. Uggs

Find a girl who doesn’t agree to the fact that uggs are the cosiest pair of boots ever. If you have some serious cold feet issues, you will need these pair of uggs for sure.


Updating your boots collection for fall season can be hardworking because fashion keeps evolving every year and following the trend with comfort as your first priority, you are sure to get little confused at first. However, to keep it simple, there is a very easy way to weed out the less cosy contenders by skipping high heels. Think of all those important meetings, lunches ,conferences and outings in those heels. You surely do not want to trip or end up with sore feet for next day. The best boots are comfortable and this option is non-negotiable. To understand how to choose winter boots? here are few tips for women to wear boots comfortably.

  • It is always important that you buy branded boots have always benefited women in finding the good quality footwear which is not only known for the style but also for good comfort. So, always go for the good brand instead of cheap ones.
  • Always keep an extra pair of an insole for those emergency situations when your feet feel stretched or uncomfortable. If you already have a removable insole, try to adjust it at the area of concern.
  • Always wear boots as per the occasion. For example, if you need to travel or walk, look for flat boots with thick sole so that you can easily walk and feel super relaxed throughout the day.
  • Knee-high boots are known for the bold and sexy look. Do not over do your complete outfit with knee-length boots. You can pair these boots with long jackets or coats for more classy and look.
  • Always leave little room for air to pass in so that your legs or feet do not sweat more because that will make you really uncomfortable and hot inside.
  • You can pair colourful ankle boots instead of going with black and brown for a more fun look. They will immediately turn your outfit more unique.

After this, we are sure that you would not worry about the question how to choose winter boots? Still waiting? Grab your favourite ones before they go out of stock.

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