Styling Tips for Wide Hip Females : Plus Size Clothing Tips

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Every woman is endowed with a unique body shape. While some portions of a woman may be assets that she can flaunt, while some portions of her body may not be very flattering and need to be covered or layered in a tricky way. If you also think that are limited clothing options for plus size women, we are here to prove you wrong. In such a case, we need to find best and beautiful dresses for wide hips females and ways to flatter those portions of our body, which can be considered as assets.

We are here to help you give plus size fashion a new meaning and definition. Some simple and amazing styling tips that can be of great help for females with a heavy lower body or you can say for ‘pear shaped ladies‘ are as follows:

If you have a pear shape body, then definitely-

  • Your shoulders are narrow and may be sloped
  • Given your bigger lower body, your waist is defined
  • Legs are likely full or muscular

Best dresses for wide hips

Styling Tips For Pear Shaped Body

Choose clothing that helps you to downplay your large hips. It may seem difficult to find best dresses for wide hips; but certainly there are ways in plus size fashion with the help of which, you can choose the right clothing, that aids you to divert the attention of the onlooker, towards the highlights of your body and dressing.

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We give a detailed guide on best dresses for wide hips, excellent styling tips for wide hip females.

Arenas that are problematic when it comes for dressing up Pear shaped body are

  • Choice of color and fabric for pear shaped body
  • Choice of necklines to opt for pear shaped body
  • Choice of tops, shirts and jackets for pear shaped body
  • Choice of skirts, jeans and trousers for pear shaped body
  • Choice of accessories for pear shaped body

And guess what! We give you a solution to all of these! Check out these simple styling tips for wide hip females to make them appear narrower or divert attention from them.

Colour and Fabric to Wear For Pear Shaped Body


Choosing the right kind of fabric and the perfect color for your body gets half the job done for apt best dresses for wide hips. The type of fabric you wear plays a very important role in defining your look.

  • If you have wide hips, choose a fabric which is form-fitting, loose and non-clingy for your lower body.
  • Choose a dress that has a pattern to give you a slimmer look, especially around the hip area.
  • To give Plus Size Women a slim look, use a monochromatic colour scheme. If you find it difficult to choose, try for medium-size prints with neutral colours.
  • Women with a Pear shaped body should opt for light and free flowing fabrics like Georgette, Crepes and Chiffons.
  • Heavy fabrics like Brocade and velvet are a big NO!

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Necklines for Pear Shaped Body


You might be thinking that a minuscule feature like neckline is of no importance but it is totally the other way round. A good neckline gives you structured shoulders that bring an overall balance and proportion to a pear shaped body.

  • When you have wide hips, choose clothing which can divert attention to the upper part of your body.
  • Choose such necklines that enhance your décolleté regions like straight neck or a Boat Neck.
  • V-necks give a taller, longer and a leaner silhouette.
  • Scoop necks create a balance between the upper and the lower body.
  • Sweetheart necks, Cowl necks, strapless, knotted fronts are a good choice to draw attention towards your upper

Tops, Shirts and Jackets For Pear Shaped Body


The right length, the right style, the perfect cut and the right detailing is the demand to be met when looking for the apt shirts and jackets for Pear shaped Body.

Plus Size Fashion offers a variety of these and other styling options that help in layering and building up an outfit.

  • The tops you choose for yourself should have some bold pattern, embroidery, and embellishments on it. This will help in drawing attention to the upper body.
  • Try to accentuate your top half by wearing some details like printed clothes polka dots, plaids, florals, ruffles, vertical stripes prints etc. on the top.
  • Use bright color tops and dark colors for the lower body.
  • Wear button-down shirts and keep your jackets short (the bottom of the jacket should fall just below the hip line).
  • You can also wear longer jackets with good fitting and which are not too tight.
  • Short leather jacket, cropped denim jackets and wide-sleeved and collared trench coat is some excellent options for best dresses for wide hips.

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Skirt Guide For Pear Shaped Body


Show off your beautiful legs by wearing the right skirt for your body type. Although it may sound contradictory, but volume camouflages curves. Skirts with a shape that are wide at the bottom help in balancing out wide hips.

  • Choose form-fitting skirts for your pear shape body.
  • Invest in an A-line skirt. They look good on pear shape body.
  • Empire waist and wrap around dresses and skirts are also very flattering for wide hips.
  • High waist skirts draw attention towards your waistline and are hence recommended for pear shape body.
  • Wear a form-fitting tank top fitted inside the waistline with your skirt to balance the shape of your hips.
  • Maxi and Gypsy skirts that are long in length hide the wide hips and create a smooth silhouette

Jeans and Trousers For Pear Shaped Body


Pear Shaped Body can look great in denim if it fits properly in the right way. The secret to flatter a body that is heavier on the lower side is to visually elongate the legs and downplay the lower half of your body.

  • Wide legged trousers or flared or boot cut openings are the most flattering denim style for wide hip women. The slight flare at the bottom helps to balance out your wide hips.
  • Use back pocket jeans and avoid excess embellishment on the back of your jeans.
  • Try to wear jeans that are longer, as they tend to elongate and add length to your legs.
  • Choose dark wash jeans like Indigo and Black as they give a slimming look to your hips.
  • Pear shaped body can also pull off trendy colors like Forest green, Oxblood and Charcoal Gray in trousers and types of denim.
  • Keep the back pockets clean and simple and skip the elaborate detailing.

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Intelligent Use of Accessories For Pear Shaped Body


How to choose plus size accessories is not that big a deal as it may seem. It’s all about having fun! Any eye catchy accessory above you waist will help you a big deal. Here are a few handy tricks on how to choose plus size accessories.

  • Belts are extensively used in plus size fashion and help to highlight the curves in pear shaped A belted dress gives a stunning and more feminine look.
  • Choose belts that sit firmly around your waist. The list of belts includes options like fabric belts, loose drawstring dress closures, and structured pieces.
  • Wear edgy neckpieces such as beaded or the ones that show your skin in between instead of dense ones. Bands of pearls look beautiful on you. Try to choose the right pair as per the design or type of your neckline.
  • Chandelier earrings in gemstones and precious stones look stunning on Pear Shaped Body.
  • To add length to your figure, wear shoes with Choose the height of heels as per your comfort.
  • The latest trend-Feather earrings look great on Pear Shaped Body
  • Throw in a host of colors to a drab outfit with the help of a stylish scarf.
  • Go the bohemian way, and add a cute headband or a cool hat too!
  • You can also wear peep toes to create a sharp, lean look. Sturdy, pointy shoes are total keepers

Styles That Do Not Complement a Pear Shaped Body

When you learn what to wear, you got to learn what not to wear too! Here are a few styles that do not complement a Pear Shaped Body

  • Avoid wearing wide-cut clothing such as loose-fitting trousers with pleats. Such clothing gives a wider look to your hips.
  • Clothing for Plus size Women should not have dresses which have details such as embellishments, embroidery etc. on the hip area, as they will draw attention to your wider part.
  • While selecting, jeans Wide hip women should avoid low-rise versions and light colored jeans. They will only emphasize the breadth of your hips.
  • Plus size Women should never include horizontal stripes either on top or bottom portions of your body. It broadens and enlarges your hips.
  • Avoid wearing broad waist belts. They will only add bulk to your hips.
  • Do not go in for spaghetti or tank tops.
  • Flimsy, transparent and thin materials are a big NO!

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By wearing the right clothes that help you to balance the look of your wide hips, you should create a focal point on some other portion of your body. Correct dressing style can help you create a taller and leaner illusion.

You can do this, by adding delicate details to your clothes, where you want to direct people’s attention when they look at you. Styling tips and best dresses for wide hips females are all about creating an illusion of balance and still showing off your curves at the same time. We know the complete guide we have provided on best dresses for wide hips will help a great deal in creating a look that call for compliments.

Some famous pears include Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian…

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