Go Play Colours : Your Ultimate Guide on How to Choose Clothing Color!

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A Color is individual, natural, magnetic, influential, emotional, therapeutic and joyful and the emotions it stirs are a vital part of a woman’s beauty and charm. A Colour Guide is an absolute essential for today’s smart and edgy woman! Everyone’s hair, skin, and even eye color are different and hence how to choose clothing color and figuring out what color looks good on you can become a major task.

Colour Intelligent women look more in control, more confident, more self-assured and ultimately more attractive when you know how to choose the clothing color for yourself. If you know how to mix colors well, you will be one step ahead of the game, as a well-coordinated outfit colorwise always looks more harmonious and elegant than something worn at random, unless you are so lucky and pick your colors right at random!

How to choose clothing color

To know what colors look good on you, and which colors flatter your skin and make you look good, you need to have a deep and clear knowledge about a few things. To decide how to choose clothing color the following parameters can be taken into account –

  • The color of your skin
  • The color of your eye & hair
  • The Shape & Height of your body
  • The Weather
  • The Trends of the season
  • The Makeup & Accessories

How to Choose Clothing Color According to Color of Your Skin?

Colors of your clothes when matched with your skin tone form the basis of impeccable styling. Your skin can fall under any of the following tones.

  • Fair/Pale skin
  • Olive/Brown /Medium skin
  • Deep/Black skin

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Confused about your skin color? It’s fairly simple to know your skin color. All you got to do is check your wrist if. The layer of skin is the thinnest at the wrist area.

  • If your veins appear bluish purple then you are Cool Toned and belong to the Fair & pale skin category.
  • If your veins appear Green then you are Warm Toned and probably blessed with a medium or brown or Olive Skin tone.
  • And if you can’t figure it out then you simply are fortunate to have a Neutral Skin Tone and have the best of both the worlds.

Warm Skin tones have earthy undertones like Yellow, Olive. Golden, Copper, Orange, Bronze.

Cool Skin tones, on the other hand, have jewel undertones like Pink, Red, Blue, Rose, Magenta.

But which color flatter your skin tone the most? Which color brings out the natural radiance of your skin?

If you belong to the pale skin category and have a fairy-like fair skin some things work and some do not. Your beautiful English Rose complexion will mean that earthy colors will suit you best. Browns and greens will really make you glow, and don’t be afraid to wear red! For more chic and less “colorful” options, Navy blue, Dark grey and Ivory will look amazing.

Say NO! To colors like black, white, marl grey, sky blue, bright pink, neon or purple. If you do want to wear pink, go for one with a yellowish, golden undertone like coral.

For women of Clear, Olive, Medium, brown Skin Tones clear colors will compliment your clean complexion. Berry, wine, and other deep reds will look stunning as evening wear. Whereas cream, turquoise and aqua will really look phenomenal. Gold, Bronze, and Copper are a great way to bring out the colour of your skin.

Colors that won’t look as good are bright yellow, lilac and pale blue and Lime Greens. This is true for most African-American and women of Indian descent. Look for colors that make your face really glow, and pay attention when people say you’re looking well – you are probably wearing a color that really suits your skin tone.

Black or Deep Skin Tones can feel awesome when wearing warm colors (yellow, pink, orange etc.) when you are wearing browns, blues, and dark greens, you should make sure that they make a contrast with your skin tone, even if the contrast is quite small.

How to Choose Clothing Color According to Your Eye Colour and Hair Color?

The color of your eyes and hair also add to a major part of coloring your clothes. The right color clothing, when paired with the correct eye and hair color, can make a strong yet subtle impact.

Cool skin undertones in the skin are characterized by the skin leaning more towards pink, red or blue. Hair color shades that look good for cool skin tones include shiny raven-wing blacks, cool blondes and ash browns.  Match the color of your outfits to that of your hair and eyes.

Warm undertones are common in skins that are more golden, peachy or yellow. Sky and sea shades work excellently with darker skin tones and those with grey or blonde hair. The clear, blue tones will really enhance your features, bringing out the fabulous color of your eyes and hair.

Here are a few quick tips on how to choose clothing color complementing your eyes and hair.

  • Blond hair and blue eyes- Blues, blue-greens, light greens and turquoises are very flattering.
  • Blond hair and green eyes- Greens, oranges, and blues are cute.
  • Blond hair and hazel/brown eyes- Browns, purples, reds, pinks, and oranges are ideal.
  • Blond hair, gray eyes- Any color except light yellows will look great.
  • Brown hair and blue eyes- Reds, oranges, pinks, and yellows are nice
  • Brown hair and hazel/brown eyes- Earth and dark tones and light blues will look good.
  • Brown hair and gray eyes- Any shade of blue, purple, black and grays are awesome.
  • Red hair and blue/gray eyes- Light oranges, purples, black and green are flattering.
  • Red hair and green/hazel/brown eyes- Any shade of purple, dark and light greens, black, and earthy colors are cool.
  • Dark hair- You will look good in almost any color!

How to Choose Clothing Color According to Your Shape and Length?

The color of your clothing that you choose also adds to the length of your body and helps to highlight the curves of your body just at the right places. Clothing when colored right can achieve the best of results in giving your body the appropriate, desired and attractive shape. You can also use black and light colors together, to balance up your proportions. For example, if you have a much heavier bottom then your top, you could wear a black skirt or pants and pair it with a light colored top.

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Wear All Black – Using one color to enhance a slender illusion is the oldest trick in the book, and for a good reason: It helps create a long vertical line. While wearing head-to-toe black is the most effective — and eternally chicest — option, other darker hues work well, too.

The trick to monochrome dressing : Keep each silhouette crisp and tailored, and stay away from pale shades like white.

Alternative Colors to Black

Wearing black all the time is not in trend. It could be depressing and it can make other people have a weird impression of you. So you can still achieve a similar and only so slightly less effect by mixing in dark colors. Colors such as Navy, Dark Brown, Dark Grey can play a good slimming effect to your outfit too. They are also neutral which means you can match them with other colors easily.

Bright colors are pinks, blues, reds, green, and orange.  These will make you look larger than you actually are. So if you are bottom heavy, you definitely do not want to be wearing a white pants or jeans. Although light colors can make you look bigger, you do not have to always stay away from it. Just mix them wisely!

How to Choose Clothing Color According to The Weather?

It is a bright sunny day or a dull and drab rainy day. Weather check your clothes too! The Thumb RuleLighter Color Clothes Are More Suited For Hot Weather.

Basic physics works here! Dark colors absorb more light. Therefore, they are going to be hotter. Light colors reflect light – making them cooler to wear in the summer. Light reacts to colors in different ways, depending on how much is absorbed or reflected. Since people associate the summer time with sunshine and heat, light-colored clothing may enhance moods in keeping with the season.

Perhaps fashion designers traditionally produce summer season collections in shades of white, beige, pink, and yellow, Lilacs, baby blues, grays, creams, yellows, and tans will keep you feeling cooler and people seeking to appear fashionable follow those trends.

Dark shades of blue, purple, green, marsala, Cadmium Orange are interesting to opt for a wintry and cool evening, as they bring in wonderful contrast for other hues, incorporate the warmth and richness. Since black naturally absorbs more light that it reflects, more consequent heat is retained. Light reflects more off of white than is absorbed, so white retains less heat, than blacks, navy blues, or any other dark colors.

Brighter colors like shades of Neon Feisty Fuchsia, Pop Oranges and Corals will also make you easy to spot in a crowd. Take advantage of the rainy weather and rock some color when there is a downpour!

How to Choose Clothing Color According to Season’s Latest Trends?

Every woman keeps an eye on what’s the latest trend and who is the trendsetter this season! Every season ushers in a new flavor, a new color, a new silhouette, a fresh design. Coloring your clothes in accordance with the season’s freshest trend is what every woman strives to do. Fashion week happens twice a year in the major fashion capitals of the world: Milan, Paris, New York and London. From January through April designers showcase their autumn and winter collections. Fashion week for spring and summer is held from September through November.

Spring and Summers often include Coral, Burgundy, Teal, Indigo, Hazy Taupe, Moonstone Blue, Lemon Chiffon; while Autumn and Winter calls for Forest Green, Scarlet, Marsala, Moss, Mushroom, Pale Pink, Navy Blue, Maroon, Wine, and Berry.

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How to Choose Clothing Color According to Your Makeup and Accessories?

It seems like just yesterday that being too matchy-matchy was a huge fashion faux pas. Today, the style set is matching anything and everything. Celebs and stylists have proved that, when it’s done correctly, color-coordinating your makeup, outfit and accessories can have gorgeous results.

1. Pick One Area to Spotlight

When color-coordinating your makeup and your outfit, it’s easy to go overboard. To strike the perfect balance, pick one area of your makeup to look to make a statement and keep the rest neutral. For example, if you’re matching a bold red lip to your red dress, opt for simple liner or mascara rather than an intricate smoky eye.

2. Don’t Get Hung Up on Creating the Perfect Match

You don’t have to find an exact shade match when color-coordinating your looks, especially if you’re matching your eye shadow to your ensemble. Simply look for shades in the same color family with similar undertones to get the right effect.

3. Start Small

You can easily get the color-coordinated trend by matching your manicure to your outfit. Polka dots on the dress and polka dots on your nails too! You can also try matching your nail polish to your lipstick, another trend that celebrities have been giving a go on the red carpet.

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4. Amp up Your Accessories

Try matching your accessories with your outfit for a look that’s color-coordinated from head to toe. Match your Peeptoes+hair accessories. Take that little black dress up a notch by wearing an oversized multicolored gemstones necklace and a multicolored box clutch. A gold ear cuff adds even more drama to your look. Oversized cocktail rings give your hands the needed oomph! A couture evening gown gets a new meaning when a pair of big diamond and emerald danglers are paired with it.

All your queries like what color look good on me? How to choose clothing color best-suited on my skin? What makeup with which hair?  have been answered in the best possible way!  Go out there and play and experiment with colors. Whatever you where ever you carry….follow color clothing with Confidence!

Have fun to splash colors on you!

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