8 Tips for Choosing Right Dresses in Summer!

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As summer approaches, you need to make some fashion choices. This time around, do not slave over fashion, make comfortable work for you. Here are some tips on what to wear in summer to look trendy without sweating it. With these tips you will surely master the art of Choosing Right Dresses in Summer!

1. Natural Fibres are Always Good in Summer Season

Tips for Choosing Right Dresses in Summer
Simple Tips for Choosing Right Dresses in Summer…!

There are loads of really fashionable dresses found in most wardrobes that are made of synthetic fibers. But now that the dog days of summer are fast approaching, it’s time to push them to the back of the wardrobe and bring cotton, pure chiffon or linen dresses to the fore. These fibres help absorb sweat better and evaporate quickly too. Linen is a good conductor of heat and so is silk. So you can experiment with cotton dresses in summer.

2. Go Casual with Shirt Dresses This Summer

Shirt dresses are in this season. These are billowing, large dresses are low maintenance and trendy at the same time. You can choose different prints and colors. Whether it is a BBQ party or a rooftop candlelit dinner – this is one of the great summer outfits.

3. Rich Look of Lace for Summer Parties

If you have to attend an outdoor wedding or cocktail evening party, don’t go with your normal choice of party clothes. It is best to choose a lace dress – it is elegant, light and looks great in almost every color. If you choose a light colored lace dress and are worried about sweat stains, use sweat guards on the armpit area.

4. Maxi Dress for the Beach

Summer means long days of lounging on the beach – well, perhaps only for a lucky few who happen to live near the beach, but nonetheless, it calls for special attention. When you go down to the beach and you don’t want to wear a swimsuit, maxi dresses are perfect. The large folds can catch breeze and blow, but it withstands the heat and sand and acts as the perfect cooling system.

5. Bold and Vibrant Colors Look Cool!

Gone are the days of black and white- when its spring, break out the colors. Summer is all about looking bright and vibrant in the swooning heat. Another advantage of bright colors is that it hides sweat stains well.

6. Break Out the Stylish Big Hats to Prevent Summer Heat

While you may feel that a hat makes your head feel stuffy, a large summer hat with wide brims can protect your face from harmful UV rays of the sun. Opt for droopy hats that don’t fit too snugly on your head. Hats with small holes as design have their own natural circulation systems.

7. The Shoes Matter Too in Sweating Season

Flats or sports sandals are the best choices for summer. In fact, even runway models these days have braved the sensible fashion choice and are pairing them with trendy summer dresses. You should also buy summer shoes half a size larger than your feet because your feet swell in summer. If you’re wearing a hard top shoe, it should be broken in before summer because this is a surefire recipe for disaster (read violently painful blisters).

8. Patterns are camouflage

Sweat stains are a big problem in the worst days of summer. Stripes, checks and such patterns hide these very well and are quite attractive too when everyone is wearing simple colors. This is the reason you see the summer collection of any designer have plenty of patterned trendy summer dresses.

Summer is a time to enjoy, do not let the scorching heat get to you. Dress in light colors that will not just lift up your spirits but also keep you cool. With these simple tips, you too can look like a diva this summer!

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